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i  never got reported , or at least no action was taken, and I flame hard all the time, yea coz everyone does it in the end anyway, and when people act retarded I'm gonna call them out on it.. friend of mine got reported and got a low prio queue (30-40 min queue times) after 10 games lol

then again I usually flamed back when noobs were talking crap, I rarely initiated

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because they are asking for it

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24 is great, it's very deep, there's no gimmick... unless you're artistically retarded person who only enjoys procedural shows.


btw there was no cliffhanger, get a clue people.... read some books

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they're not bragging, they just mention it as people do about their heritage, you're the one with an jew-jealousy issue.


oh yea btw im part jewish ;/

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im an old school gamer, I love deep RPG's based on tactics/party, not these action-rpgs with 3-4 skills.


that beeing said I didn't play skyrim or dark souls yet. from what I understand skyrim is a watered down version of oblivion which is watered down morrowind( which I love). I thought i'd wait some years for lots of mods for skyrim and then play it.


dark souls I heard it's hardcore and stuff but is it really? or is it one of those games where u do 1% dmg per hit to a boss, and a fight just means you need to "grind" him slowly while repeating the same stuff over and over again. which doesn't take much skill, just mental stamina.


I'm the type who couldn't stand fallout 3 but loved fallout new vegas.


So am I right about these games? I'd like an opinion of someone born before 1990 pls

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so many mixed opinions, when will the game have a trial or smth??

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just 2 action bars... srsly that is just a cruel thing to do, i'd rather have -50% xp

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nvidia shield - shielding nerds' virginity 4ever....

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I quit because it was sooooooooooooo boring.


gonna try it now, just hope free2p account doesnt mean, only 1 action bar and 10 inventory slots :/

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format windows and reinstall everything, use curse client for addons