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New Account

Hey everyone,

Due to various reasons I am creating a new account on Gamespot. It will be the same as my PSN, Silos911. If anyone wants to add me feel free, I won't add you, mainly just because maybe you decided you don't really need another friend on Gamespot or some other reason.

Thanks to all of you for all the fun times.

Oh and if you would like me to join a union, send me an invite, I'll be selecting a few to actually actively participate in compared to many that I poke into from time to time.

I'm going to be busy...

Hey everyone. Haven't written anything in awhile so I thought I'd write about what I've been up to.

I was working in a different city for the month of July but now I'm back, so I was busy in that regard. I recently got paid and have taken a vacation, so I've been hanging out with friends a lot. Just a couple nights ago I spent the night at my friend's house. It was him, his friend, and I and we all brought our PS3's over, hooked up a few tvs and played games all night. We mostly played call of duty just because it was a game we could all play together, but I also played a bit of Assassin's Creed 2, Bioshock, and Skate 3.

I started playing Kingdom Hearts; Chain of Memories again, I usually get to the very end of the game then quit playing. So this is my fourth time and I hope to finish it this time. I'm still working on Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 days, there's just something that always comes up when I start playing it again,so I'm focusing on Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories first and then will go back to playing 358/2 days.I've also been playing a lot of Bioshock. I loved that game but after playing a few hours never went back to it. I haven't been doing the missions but instead just fooling around. Lastly I've been writing a guide for Pheonix Wright, I know the game is old but I thought it would be an easy one to do as a first guide.

I also just bought Fallout 3 and Oblivion the other day. These will obviously keep me busy for awhile. I'm playing as a thief in Oblivion and haven't decided if I want to play as a bad guy or good guy in Fallout.

Lastly, the thing that I think is most important is my next purchase. I don't know if anyone else in the Kingdom Hearts union I'm in is doing this (by the way, sorry for not being active) but I will be buying the Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep bundle the day it comes out. It includes the PSP-3000 (I don't know if it has a design on it) a four gigabyte memory card, a downloadable movie which still hasn't been announced and the game. Super stoked to play this so I'm hoping I will be done 358/2 days and Chain of Memories by then.

Alright that's it for this post. Have a good week everyone.

Not being here.

Hey everyone, I thought that I'd make ashort blog explaining some stuff. First of all sorry to all the unions I'm currently active in for not being here, I've had a ton of homework recently (six hours a night) and I haven't had a lot of time to spend here on gamespot.

Second of all I'm thinking of starting to make paper crafts. They are print outs from the internet that have all of the colours on them, you glue it all together and it looks cool in the end, when I make some I'll upload some pictures.

Anyway I'm done for today (I told you it was short) So have a good week.

Good job New Orleans

I just thought I'd take a second and say good job Saints, you deserved this win (at least with that game) and I was cheering for you the entire time, I honestly thought you would have lost but you won, anyway the point is...


New Games

As everyone knows Christmas just passed, I got a PS3 and a handfull of games.

I got Uncharted, Uncharted 2, little big planet game of the year edition, assassin's creed 2, new super mario bros wii, and kingdom hearts 358/2 days. I have allready beaten all of them and I decided to rate them and I'll be reviewing one or two as well.

Other then the excessive gaming I did over my break I also visited some family and had a great holiday.

I thought I'd do an update and ask everyone how their holidays went.

EDIT: I just realised it's been almost a month since Christmas so I guess it hasn't just passed.


I don't really know the category but whatever.

I am happy that I have found out how to delete reviews and change game scores. I don't know if gamespot has had this for awhile or what but I remember a few times I felt robbed. They said I rated rainbow six vegas 2 a one when I never even went to the page, but then I found out how to change that so I was happy again.

Then I went to check out my mario kart ds review, I remember reviewing that game quite harshly and when I went back to play it I realised that what I said was pretty much untrue (except that I found it pretty easy and I wanted to delete it but I didn't know how, but then I found out and the world is just again (I know that end part was incredibly lame but a friend is over and I want to go do other stuff)


theme parks and game receipts

So today I woke up and chilled a bit on gamespot when I found out I was going to a theme park. I was pretty stoked to go hit a few rides, play a few games, and see a few shows (even though the shows sucked:P) it was preety sweet, the rides weren't anything amazing like disney land but they worked. My favourite ride was this weird one where you have no seat belt and your sitting in this little cage and go upside down, the most messed up thing I ever went on. It was a fun way to spend my day.

I get home and I was planning to go return my smash bros brawl copy because some of the things you unlock by doing certain tasks wouldn't unlock and the game sometimes lagged offline. But I look for my receipt (which is always behind the manual in the case) and it was gone, I asked my family where it might be and they told me that they think they saw and threw it out because they didn't know what it was for, same thing with my mario kart wii game, they saw it in the case but threw it away because they didn't know what it was, now if any game gets more screwed, I have to buy a new copy. Oh well everyone makes mistakes:)

Council of Gamers

hey, I'm wanting to start blogging more and this is important so I decided to start today, anybody who reads this please message me if you want to join a union, the council of gamers union that I have been a part of for awhile is starting to break down and we need more people to join and be active in the union, if there is something that you need to ask or would like to go on in that union just ask me and I'll see what I can do but we'd like to keep this union open and anything can help, thanks in advance for the help:)

my reviews

I wish you could change your reviews, the mario kart DS one I made after not playing it for like a month, I go back to play it afterwards and realize I was wrong and got hooked on the game again, rainbow six vegas 2, I never even clicked anything and it said I rated it a 1, I would have rated it higher if I could, oh well, at least I could chill at my unions while I think of what I'm going to do later


Have you ever met someone who you think does'nt deserve to play video games. I have. Some people just take any game and trashes it the day they get it because the people don't jump high enough. Honestly some people I know do that and they drive me bonkers. Those people just don't like a challenge or they only like killing people (Some people on COD3) It is fun yes but they find the cheapest way to kill people and use it. I'm not insulting anyone who like shooting games. I like them myself. But we have to draw the line somewhere to people who play cheap, and when they play cheap if they know how they become invincible. Power to every game (well almost every) but no power to cheapscapes. killing might be fun on some games but if that's all you buy a game for than don't