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Wow.. It's Been A Hell of A Time!

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I'm sorry about that. I've been ignoring Gamespot for 2 months due to me being a total Gears 2 whore lol. Yeah that's all I play- Gears and loads and loads more of Gears haha.(But once I get Veteran Gear and Seriously 2.0 I'll stop lol)Well, two very good games are coming out soon. Pretty soon I'll be picking up Tekken 6, my second most anticipated game of the year. And, of course, 39 days from now, the Game Of The Year will come out. I'm pretty hyped up about that too. I seriously cannot wait till Modern Warfare 2. I have the Hardened Edition on reserve so, when I get it i will totallycream my pants :D. Man, so many good games coming out in November. But I'll probably wait until christmas to pick up Assassin's Creed 2 and Left 4 Dead 2. Yeah, I promised I would do a Gear 2 review, so I'll get that up soon. Yeah, so sorry about me being inactive again