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I Blame My Internet Connection...F***!!!

so yeah I was playing Horde in Gears 2. I was on Wave 50 on Hardcore, and then friggin my teammate had to be revived and then I kept on pressing X and then it wouldn't work. I shot a friggin Boomer and nothing happened. And then the screen said "CONNECTION TIMED OUT"

Me: " F***************!!!!!!

I was so damn pissed friggin 2 LOCUST AWAY FRO GETTING THAT DAMN ACHIEVEMENT!! I had 179 kills

What a waste of 2 Hours

Ima go try it again :P

Picked Up Gears 2.. Finally

Sorry for not commenting on your blogs.. I will get that done.

I picked up Gears 2 the otherday and I F---ING LOVE IT! It's so much better than the original. And right now, I'm addicted to Horde mode it's epic. Once I get a gold card again I will be playing Horde mode non-stop. i also got the redeem code for the Flashback Map Pack and it's pretty cool.

See you guys later and have a good one

I'm Really Sorry I've Been Gone Guys..

Sorry I haven't been here in a month. I just wanted to let you know I am fully operational again:lol:

I really enjoyed E3 this year.. I have to say this was one of my favorites.

I will post a blog on my E3 thoughts soon

NOOOO... The Freedom Is Over.. Did Any Of You Get The Emblem?

They're re-opening the school tomorrow, this kid was already cured from the Swine Flu. So, that means State testing tomorrow, THIS SUCKS, ONLY 2 DAYS OF FREEDOM??? MAN!

I saw that I got the emblem for voting for Gamespot at the Webby's.. So did you guys get yours:P

Just a short blog today...

I won't be active until Sunday( preparing for my Grandma's funeral:?)

See you on Sunday

Oh... Now This is Good/Bad

They closed down my school until May 18th because thisdude really has the Swine Flu.. But that's a good and a bad thing.

GOOD: No school for 2 weeks

BAD: Now, we don't get out of school until July, We have to remake California State Testing during summer, 1 less month of Summer Break..

I'm back to normal now, I'm not sick, and i do not wanna get the Swine Flu.

Some Good News

I went to the doctor today. I dont have the swine flu,thank you God. He said it's just a normal flu, not the Swine, because he said of I did have the Swine Flu, i woulda been in the ER lol. But thankfully I dont have it. More and more people have it here in San Diego county. First it was 8 ppl, now 18 people have it now. The Doc said I should be better by Thursday or FRiday, yesterday my temp was 102.4, now its only 99.6, a good sign. I hope no one gets the swine flu, and you dudes stay safe:)

Oh God...

I wasnt here that much on the weekend because I got extremely sick. And it appeared I had all the same symptoms I have when I get the Flu.

I started feeling sick when my throat started hurting like hell and I didn't eat all day. And I started having bad diarrhea which totally sucks. And then my skin felt like it was being pulled and my muscles ached. To me it sounded like the typical flu. I took flu medicine and Tylenol.

It was even worse today. We started Fitness Testing today, and you cant be absent. I had no choice, I had to do75 sit-ups, imagine that while your muscles are like dead lol. I couldnt even move. AND THEN WE HAD TO RUN A FRIGGIN MILE!

Are you kidding me??? It was pure hell. I'm not sure if I have the Swine Flu. This hot chick in my math class went to Mexico for spring break, she was absent for 3 days last week, I don't know if I caught it from her. 15 kids were absent today, I dont think the Swine Flu. Get this, 3 of my teachers were out today. I dont know what would happen if the Swine Flu spread all over the world.

Oh, and HAHA :lol: my brother called me and he's all "do you think this is a sign that the end of the world is near?"

LMAO i laughed hard, well it could be I don't know. I just want to tell you.. DO NOT EAT ANY BACON

100th Blog! + I Feel Bad For Mexico

Nothing special. Just noticed.

I feel bad for Mexico because of the Swine Flu or something. 4 people here got it, but were cured. I heard it was from infected pigs. This is a real mess. I just wanna say to stanhigareda: I hope you don't catch the Swine Flu brother and I wish you the best of luck and may you stay safe.

I found out Amazon doesnt have World Tour for $139.99 they have it at regular price now.. which sucks. I dont know about Wal-Mart.

I wish you all a good day and I hope none of you guys catch the Swine Flu, I'm already starting to feel sick myself.