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COD 4 Online

Wow, it's been almost five months since Call of Duty 4 came out, and I'm still lovin' it! I've been playing COD 4 online for about two months now. I just got promoted to Lvl. 49. The gun that I have right now is the M4 Carbine with Digital camo and red dot sight. I also unlocked the Barret 50 cal. sniper, which is a really powerful, really sweet sniper rifle so yeah that's what I've been playin.

Life on Gamespot

So I've been here on Gamespot for what,12 hours? Well anyway, I love being a member,even though I've known this site for years, I've been tryingto join for a long time. I'm now 50% away from being level 3 and working my way up this site is going to be cool. So, yeah I'm really liking gamespot ,even though I've only been a member for 12 Hours.

Three Games Now For June

Alright, now there's even more hype for June. We got MGS4 and GH:Aerosmith. Now we have Battlefield:Bad Company! So, please comment on which game I should get.

Army Of Two Review

So I beat AOT about three weeks ago. It's a really fun, bloody game that's mainly co-op focused.

PLOT:The game starts in a training facility where you will learn your tactics along the way,when you finisn that, you'll go to Mogadishu,then the game advances eight years later to 9-11. So, basically after Afgahnistan, you'll be around the world in no time.

STORY:The story in this game is quite average for a shooter. You know,someone betrays you and then you kill them in the end and that's about how far I'll go.

GAMEPLAY:This game has a unique gameplay system that lets you work with your partner either AI,or a live person. Some people say that it sucks with the AI. From my prospective, I like the AI,even though it can piss you off somtimes.

CUSTOMIZATION: The customization in this Game is spectacular. When your Salem or Rios, you can choose a number of different masks and you can change your armor sizes. Even on your guns, you can put gold plating, change the barrel,the magazine and heck! You can even add a shotgun,M203,and a grip for a side!

OVERALL: I give this game an 8.5 just because the campaign is really short(6 missions) and bad voice acting. But the graphics are somewhat beautiful and you'll be addicted for weeks.


Alright,so I'm all revved for June with two very special games on the line. MGS4 and Guitar Hero:Aerosmith. Its been really tough since I know these are going to be great games. Please comment on which game I should get.

Assassin's Creed Review

Alright, here's my review. I give Assassin's Creed a 9.5. This game is underrated by a few points. I think it at least need a little more score.

GRAPHICS: The graphics in this game are amazing! The textures are fabulous and they look like the real thing. When Altair climbs, he won't if there's no texture of brick, or wood, which makes it realistic.

GAMEPLAY: Gameplay wise, it's loads of fun. The fighting system in the game is incredibly realistic. It's simple button mashin at first, but then you get some bloody combos to play with. When a person's attacking,you hold R1 and square before the hit you and you will either dodge and stab him straight through the stomach or throw him to the ground. Climbing and running across buildings is extremely fum and awesome!

STORY: Well, the story, meh not the greatest ever. I really don't like the sci-fi twist and it's just really annoying. The game ends with a cliffhanger and leaving hopefully waiting for a sequel.

Alright so that's my review for Assassin's Creed.

Playstation Network

I'm sure all of you heard about the PSN security breach. I am soooo glad I wasn't signed in to Psn that day. Sony said that a million passwords and users were at risk. The only way I can access the Playstation Store is by having the ethernet cable through my mom's computer, which is a bummer, cause I want to have my own cable. Let me explain PSN, the only thing I don't loke about Psn is you don't have Playstation Points. The Wii and 360 do and on Psn,you have to pay with a credit card and waste your cold,hard, cash. What I'm triying to figure out is how do get a Playstation Card. If you know, please comment. Thanks.

Assassin's Creed

OK, so I just got Assassin's Creed for my PS3. Dang, what a game I tell ya! Combat is good, and bloody. Graphics will make you drool, and gameplay wise, it's really fun to jump across buildings and kill random civilians. The only thing wrong is when you kill civilians, your synchronization bar goes down far. This bar is your health/memory/alert bar. One thing they need to change in the sequel,(if they ever make one) is to kill as many civilians as you want. I'll post a review in my blog! See ya!