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Wow.. It's Been A Hell of A Time!

I'm sorry about that. I've been ignoring Gamespot for 2 months due to me being a total Gears 2 whore lol. Yeah that's all I play- Gears and loads and loads more of Gears haha.(But once I get Veteran Gear and Seriously 2.0 I'll stop lol)Well, two very good games are coming out soon. Pretty soon I'll be picking up Tekken 6, my second most anticipated game of the year. And, of course, 39 days from now, the Game Of The Year will come out. I'm pretty hyped up about that too. I seriously cannot wait till Modern Warfare 2. I have the Hardened Edition on reserve so, when I get it i will totallycream my pants :D. Man, so many good games coming out in November. But I'll probably wait until christmas to pick up Assassin's Creed 2 and Left 4 Dead 2. Yeah, I promised I would do a Gear 2 review, so I'll get that up soon. Yeah, so sorry about me being inactive again

Batman Arkham Asylum Demo Impressions

IT'S AWESOME! I am picking this one up. The graphics are amazing, I love the stealth, and the combat is so simple yet so brutal, the controls are easy. I've played it three times straight now, it's that fun to play. I seriously thought this game was gonna suck..boy was i wrong lol. I know this is a short blog, I just wanted to keep it short. Also I am excited for the Lost Planet 2 Co-op demo coming out next week thts gonna be awesome too


I know i haven't been here in a longshot and I'm sorry for that. But, I've been a complete Gears 2 addict for the past few weeks lol. So I purchased the All Fronts collection today and it's pretty awesome. The Dark Corners pack is the best Map Pack yet. Finally i can get more achievements, since they're so easy to get it's not even funny. (Out of having it for a month now I've been able to get 970 GS outta it)so I'll do a review soon.

As, for summer it's almost over sadly. 2 weeks and I'm back to hell :cry: Oh, and yeah the Korn concert was pretty badass I love seeing them play their good old stuff again and I've never seen so much people in my life lolz. So , lookin forward to seein em soon

Thats it for now :D

I'm About To Die From A Heart Attack... I'M SO EXCITED!

So yeah.. I'm here blogging from Wisconsin. Apparently I'm here to see my favorite band KoRn at Wisconsin Rockfest or somethin. HELL YEAH! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad to see them playing their good ol' stuff. I can't sleep right now. I'm also seeing em again when their new album breaks next year so I'm excited about that too.

Oh Crap.....

So...turned on my Xbox today. I went to play Fallout 3 and on the the dashboard it said "Open Tray" when it's supposed to say "Play Game". I've heard of this problem before and it was said if you tilt your Xbox to side it will be normal. Tried it didnt work. Opened my tray and put it back played. But whenever I bring up my Pip-Boy the game always freezes.


I put in Gears 2 and it worked perfectly. My FO3 disc insnt scratched.

Oh no. Well, guess I wont be gaining any Bad Karma anytime soon :P

Gears Of War 2 4th Of July Double XP Weekend


There was an update for Gears 2 today. It added 13 new achievements.. Now a total of 79 Achievments.

A reminder that GEARS OF WAR 2: ALL FRONTS comes out July 28. Includes: Every map pack, A DELETED CAMPAIGN ACT CALLED "ROAD TO RUIN" for I think it was $19.99 or somethin

Another reminder the DARK CORNERS map pack comes out July 28 also.

I will be on Gears 2 all weekend so if u wanna play just lemme know

Okay... Fallout 3 Or Prototype?

Okay I'm thinking about getting a new game soon and I'm stuck between 2 games

Prototype: My brother has been nagging me to get it for a long time and it pisses me off. It looks so fun and awesome. The Cons: I dont think the graphics are that great. I heard some parts were really really hard. But still it looks fun and epic.

Fallout 3: Pros: It looks brutal and fun and killing people looks funny. The achievements look really easy to get. I mean 20 G for completing a mission? Thats pretty good. Cons. I dont like RPG games and think theyre boring. I'm kind of skeptical.

Which would you reccomend?

All The CDs I Own ( There's Nothing Else To Blog About lol..)

First I'm Going To Start with my favorite band...KoRn


Korn- Life Is Peachy

Korn- ADIDAS-UK Single 1997

Korn- Got The Life Single

Korn- Follow The Leader

Korn- Issues

Korn- Woodstock '99

Korn- Untouchables Limited Edition

Korn- Take A Look In The Mirror

Korn-Did My Time Single

Korn- Live & Rare

Korn- Greatest Hits Volume 1

Korn- See You On The Other Side

Korn- The Other Side

Korn- The Other Side Pt. 2

Korn- Chopped & Screwed

Korn- B- Sides

Korn- Untitled

Korn-Evolution Single

Korn- Family Values Tour 2007



Slipknot- IOWA

Slipknot- Vol. 3 The Subliminal Verses

Slipknot- All Hope Is Gone: Special Edition CD/DVD



Deftones- Around The Fur

Deftones- White Pony

Linkin Park:

Linkin Park- Hybrid Theory

Linkin Park- Meteora

Linkin Park- Minutes To Midinght

Linkin Park- Live In Texas


Sevendust- Home


Ultraspank- Ultraspank


As I Lay Dying:

As I Lay Dying- As I Lay Dying

As I Lay Dying- Shadows Are Security

As I Lay Dying- An Ocean Between Us

As I Lay Dying- This Is Who We Are (DVD)



Prodigy ( Not the rapper)

Prodigy- Greatest Hits 19??-2005 ( I forgot I knew it was 19 somethin)


Metallica- Ride The Lightning

Metallica- Master Of Puppets

Metallica- ...And Justice For All


Slayer- Reign In Blood

Pig Destroyer:

Pig Destroyer-Pig Destroyer

In Flames:

In Flames- Colony

In Flames- Whoracle

That doesn't seem like alot of CDs to me.

just a random blog cuz I had nothing to blog about:lol: