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Stronghold 2 (con't)

Also in November of 2005, Firefly studios came out with a patch. A patch that would fix everything wrong with Stronghold 2...(well almost, still now archers allowed atop the moving seige tower, but anywho) It is now undoubtedly the greatest Castle Sim ever and Officially dubbed " The Second Greatest Real Time Strategy game i have ever played." Sorry Rise of nations...

Battle for Middle Earth 2

Well, I didn't think that BFME2 would be this good. I play it so much that i often dream of it in my sleep. I shall with great caution dub thee "The Greatest Real-Time Stratagy Game I have ever played." PERIOD!

Rise of Nations Vs. Age of Empires 3

No contesto! Rise Of Nations Beats AoE3...AoE3 is a nice looking game, but based on the demo, its just not as good as age of empires 2:Age of Kings... Rise of Nations is without a doubt the greatest Strategy game i have ever played, it should be called Age of empires 3... because it builds off of age of kings(AOE2), but adds some really nice elemets such as conquer the world campaigns using napoleon and alexander the great, and so on. you can name infantrys and citys and calvarys and make roads & trade routes. On the other hand, walls are always nice, for when you are in a defensive mood... which RON is lacking and AOE has had all along. But in the end Rise of Nations has taken the AOE Legacy and has become what Aoe should have done 2 1/2 years ago...

What is needed in gaming...

Last night and pretty much the last year or so, i have found myself lacking a game that i could just play, that wasn't repitious... After you've play all your games 1,00 or more times, you know all the flaws, like for instance Stronghold:crusader. The games tend to be short, or repititious, the Ai is dumb...kind of thing. I wish there was a type of AI that would grow with you as you played a strategy game. so that the challange grew. Follow me, you start on easy, and you being attacked, the thrill is there early on, but as the game progresses, or should i say stays the same, the challange is gone. If there was an option for the ai to learn, "get smarter" as you played, the challange and thrill would be the same throughout and you would be force to get better as well... it would be like playing yourself almost... but of course, i always win...haha.
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