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Gamespot UK Videos July 7th 2009

Gamespot UK produced videos this week INCLUDE ..

Start/Select - a spattering of game previews


A preview of SCRIBBLENAUTS, our 'Game Of The Show' from E3 2009


A look at NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA 2 on the PS3


A preview of the downloadable TRIALS HD on XBox Live Arcade


A preview of MADBALLS on XBox Live Arcade


Edited out of the Australian office, but a joint production between us both, there's also the first session of the Gamespot UK vs AU Ashes series ... check it out here!


Gamespot UK Videos 3rd July 2009

Holy crap it's July.

No Start/Select this week - we needed a week off in order to move to a different production schedule that would allow poor Guy Cocker to have his Friday evening and Saturday morning's back.

None the less we did manage to knock out a preview of the cutesy Boy and His Blob sequel that's coming out on the Wii later this year, and the aforementioned Guy Cocker got his filthy mitts on an early demo of Left 4 Dead 2, and we recorded an interview with some dude from Valve about it afterwards.

Check 'em out!



Gamespot UK Videos 19th June 2009

I've just realised that it's June already. My how the time flies.

Anyway enough wistfulness. 4 massive videos this week ...

Alrighty then.

Keep it real yo!

Gamespot UK Videos 5th June 2009

Our boys were in LA this week for E3, and here's an edited selection of what they got up to ...

Ash, Guy and Luke did a hell of a lot more than this at E3, as they were helping out with the US video team to produce the mountain of video that comes from such a content packed show, but they still found time to tack together an episode of Start/Select. Aren't they lovely? Yes. Yes they are.

Gamespot UK Videos 29th May 2009

THIS WEEK coming straight out of SOUTH LONDON from the GAMESPOT UK OFFICES ... we have ...

  • A preview of E3 from the handsome gents and ladies from the Gamespot UK offices - Interesting fact - not all of the people in this video actually work for Gamespot, as some people commenting on the video are assuming. Good lord, I wish we had that many people to help us make these shows each week. Most of the people here work for CBS Interactive, Gamespot's mother company, doing jobs as wide and varied as Chief Sub (Nick Hide), Senior Marketing Exec (Shelley John), and Infrastructure Manager (Simon Edwards). Drew Stearne's job title is actually Hairy Scotsman, though. An important addition to any modern office.
  • A Virtua Tennis 2009 Hands On Preview - remember Super Tennis on the SNES? That was the last tennis game I really loved.
  • There's also a rather awesome look at new PS3 music video streaming service VidZone, which allowed me the pleasant task of editing Beyonce videos for most the afternoon.
  • Then of course there's this week's episode of Start/Select, where you can watch all of the above, along with cheeky Guy Cocker handsomely tieing the lot together and offering you some free copies of Virtua Tennis 2009.

Before I part this blog post, it would be remiss of me not to blow my own trumpet for a moment by pointing out that making this week's show very nearly destroyed my sanity. Come Thursday morning, not one frame of the show had been edited, and a combination of the large amount of footage to edit and a series of insanely frustrating technical gremlins meant that I worked pretty much solidly through to about 9pm on Friday night to get everything ready.

Happy trails, dear readers!

Gamespot UK Videos 22nd May 2009

Three segments this week ...

UK Producer Ash Denton is away on a visit with Ubisoft Montreal with Luke this week, getting some good stuff on their upcoming releases, and then they're both jetting off to E3, the lucky sods. Look out for plenty of E3 related coverage in the coming weeks ...

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