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Mushroom Kingdom Fusion: Epic Game

Mushroom kingdom fusion is the most epic game i have ever played it includes Tails , sonic, vinny, samus, arthur, wario, mario, luigi, kirby, link , roll (from megaman), protoman, vile, simon belmont, ryu hayabusa, and more! there are levels from: doom, HALO, FFXII, super mario RPG, super mario galixy, super mario land 1 and 2, SMB1, 2 & 3, contra, Kirby, command and conquer, Raiden Fighters 2, tetris, zelda, megaman, mario, donkey kong, arkanoid, metroid, sonic, shadow, gehenna, nintendo subspace, adventurer's domain, metal slug and more ALL IN ONE GAME! also the music is epic too! more and more will be added to this classic game, in this beta you can go to all worlds and all is open for you to go to any of the levels you want. world 2 is epic sized because IT'S OUR WORLD. at the HQ building (the brown caslte) you can change characters, save, and if you upgrade a character with power ups and swap him out he will keep his power ups. TIP: at world 9 (HALO) you can go around to world -1, there you go to the right to a level caled "old debug" there you can get lives and power ups for your the main menu or at charcter select you can press F10 to costomise your controlls. in all the worlds there are shops were you can spend rupies you collect for power ups and specails for your characters. warning: if you go to a boss (seen walking around the map), if you die then you will be stuck there untill you beat him, thats why you should go to "old debug" to stock up on lives and power ups. So, in turn, MKF is in turn an amazingly epic game. DO NOT MISS THIS EPIC GAME!

download the beta here!!! (0.31) [but now 0.4 is out]