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Super Mario Kart because of it's awesome Battle Mode and Challenge.

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DKC2 Diddy Quest hands down but Yoshi Island is better than the other 2.

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The New Super Mario Bros games are nothing compared to World or 3 but World is better than 3 which is also one of my favorite games ever.

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I think that sometimes they don't know what they are talking about next to so called other low scorers here it's like GS enjoy giving out these crazy scores. I mean it doesn't do any massively new but it does look a decent game. Shame it's a Wii U game though. Ah well still have DKC 2 to finish.

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Pokemon: How many rehashes of colored games are they gonna do on handheld. Blue,Red,Yellow,Gold,Silver,Ruby,Sappahire,Diamond.

Final Fantasy: Never liked it and never will.

COD: Same game but just under a different game every year

Lego games: Boring and just a waste of time

I can't agree with people wanting Mario to dissappear. I mean the main series still maintains a good standard but they need to stop creating the New Super Mario Bros games. The first 2 were decent the others have been lacklustre. 3D Mario needs to stay. Galaxy 1 and 2 were awesome.

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Neither both sucked but at least Unleashed was playable.

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Another thread regarding how awesome the Wii U is when it isn't even close to the PS4.

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Not much I can say just well worth it.

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Doesn't make good reading for Wii U it's just about overtaken it in less than 4 months.

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NES/Master System

Super Mario 1 and 3,Legend of Zelda,Sonic the Hedgehog,Metroid

SNES/Mega Drive also known as SEGA Genesis

Mario World,Sonic 2,Super Metroid,A Link to the Past,Sonic 3 and Knuckles


Mario 64, LOZ Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask,Resident Evil 2,Metal Gear Solid


LOZ Wind Waker,Metroid Prime MGS 3 Snake Eater,Resident Evil 4,Ratchet and Clank 3


Uncharted 2,Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2,TLOU,Mass Effect 2