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Yeh from what I played I think it's gotten some unfair criticism so you die alot big deal games are supposed to be challenging.

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I think that 3 gets hate because the amount of hype it recieved many were excited because it was a new setting and a new protagonist but most people including me found that main lead annoying and unlikeable and the game had a long tutorial that lasted ages by the time it was done there only about 2 or 3 hours left worth of story left. It's not a bad game it's just very dissapointing.

Number 2 in my eyes had alot of vareity in missions unlike the first game and Ezio was my favourite protagonist of the generation yes even ahead of the likes of Drake and Joel. It just felt like they hit the sweetspot.

Black Flag I felt was a step back in the right direction a well crafted game that I ploughed well over 40 hours in before I beat it and even then I came back to the game to get more collectibles. Also Edward Kenway was a likeable character too.

Now I shall be picking up Unity today and trying it out and see what my opinions are. I can't really say much at the moment

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It always seems to happen with console launches not many must haves till about after the first year but I am sure it shall pick up and the games shall improve just keep the faith.

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About less than an hour ago the game I was playing Dust Elysian Tail closed down by itself and a bunch of information saying about sending error report to Playstation regarding this. I know it also had something similar to this on PS3 because I( had it a few times on their too.

My question is it won't affect me playing games if I did send the error report to Sony because the game I was playing just stopped working and took me back to the home screen and also it doesn't mean there is anything wrong with the console because I played some Velocity 2X for a bit shortly after.

Can I just be put at ease that no important information will be lost and I will still be able to play games online on the console,

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Looks fake.

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Yep it's a good roster very solid.

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I bought most issues from 2003 to the end of 2011 but haven't done since. Sad news though.

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To be honest I was expecting the 3DS game to be bad but it has been getting some postive reviews so much it has made me decide to get a 3DS again.

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Just a quick question is do people still play Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS even though Mario Kart 8 has come out on the Wii U.

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It hasn't been a bad start I mean Velocity 2X was a pretty good downloadable game,Strider was pretty solid as well and of course there was Resogun. You can't just expect the console to fire AAA titles out right of the bat it takes time but it will come.

Looks at the Exclusives and Multiplatforms coming it's way Driveclub,Assassins Creed Unity,Far Cry 4,The Evil Within,The Order,Evlove,Uncharted 4,Batman,MGS5. Just give the thing time a famous line is said. Good things come to those who wait.