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I played it on the PS3 don't really think it's worth getting if you have already got it on that console. Anyway hoping anyone who you all enjoyed the experience because it was my favourite game of last year.

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It didn't do it for me it was a really short game and just felt like an add on.

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Not in the slightest a well told story with believeable characters and variety in gameplay make it a game worthy of its praise.

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Since they are a very talented developer I thought I'd ask what everyones top 5 favourite games from Naughty Dog are. It can be from any of their franchises including Crash,Jak,Uncharted and the Last of Us.

My Top 5 are

1.Uncharted 2 Among Thieves

2.The Last of Us

3.Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception

4.Jak 2 Renegade

5.Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped

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Glad you love the game I really cared for the likes of Joel and Ellie and the things that had happened. I like that the gameplay is not all shooting. Stealth and being clever is one thing that I love about games. A brilliant game no matter what Playstation you play it on.

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MGS3 enough said.

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It's always good to have more I mean we have had Lara Croft,Samus Aran,Jill Valentine etc but more is always a good thing.

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Watch Dogs without a shadow of doubt the hype surrounding the game and the talk of it taking open world gaming to the next level.

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Well I think that you like your games and nothing wrong to be collecting old games. I did it with the PS2 even when I had a PS3. Enjoy those games and if you are not a 100% certain on a new console yet hold out. As for the mention of a PS5 coming out soon that is probaably another 6 or 7 years away depending on how well the PS4 is doing.

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Having just spend the last few days playing InFamous Second Son in comparison to the predecessors 1 and 2 my opinion was it feels inferior to both games. I mean it has some redeeming qualities like a big open world but it feels empty and the powers you get like Smoke and Neon the abilities feel virtually the same.

Also I won't say the protagonist Delsin was my cup of tea either he felt a bit to full of himself. I mean don't get me wrong the game was solid and the graphics were incredible but the series hasn't pushed forward with this instalment from the first 2 well for me anyway.

What are your thoughts because the first 2 were cool games this one just felt a bit flat to me.