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One I am keeping an eye on has potential to be decent.

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Sure do

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Fifa has been miles better for the past few year PES keeps getting built up as the next one could return it to it's former PS2 glory but it never does. Fifa though feels a more complete package and after playing the recent demo I was impressed with the outcome so I shall probably be getting that on release.

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Overatted: KIllzone a very average first person shooter.

Underatted:Dead Space main series apart from 3: Loved the first 2 but 3 felt flat and adding co - op was a bad idea.

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I just think the game is repetitive seems the mission structure ends with you defeating a boss then next mission plus the gameplay is nothing original.

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A tough one but I shall say Juri from Super Street Fighter 4.

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Yes that's about how I'd sum it up I got bored after a while in playing it nothing said wow to me when I played it all the hype and this is what was supposed to be the next big thing. Sadly it is repetitive and seems to drag on.

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Thanks everyone for the replies. I think I'll give the series a rest then in this case. I went in blind as I do most games since I don't see the point in knowing too much about a game before I go in and it wasn't my cup of tea. I just felt at first glance it was going to be different to what it is. Oh well, plenty of other Playstation Exclusives to get through still thanks again.

@ristactionjakso I love Rogue Legacy. I've gotten through most of NG+ so far but I'm a bit burned out on it at the moment so having a break. Thanks for the input, God of War is on my list but I can only play one at a time. I only got a PS3 last month and I've played The Last of Us and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune so far.

One thing I can say is I have realised Playstation fans really do spout a load of drivel about their games. The Last of Us has been shown as a masterpiece and yet while the story was great most of the game in general was really underwhelming to me, some gameplay elements really ripped me out of the immersion. Having played two Naughty Dog games now one thing I can say is they really need to work on their combat mechanics.

Landing headshots from seven hundred feet away with a handgun is ridiculous, missing one from point blank range is also stupid. There just needs to be something in the middle. Frustrating in both cases, not precise enough to be skilful and not imprecise enough to give you a sense of realism.

If you are going to play GOW I advise you get the Collection because the game is a trilogy and whilst number 1 has some tough sections it is worth it sticking through.

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I always take my games out off my PS2,3 and 4.

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Yeh you are picking a good time because the big titles shall be hitting soon.