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It is sad that this has happened but I don't think people are to surprised because the last gen they got lucky with the Wii and DS combo it was new. Touch screen has been a big thing for most uses. The developers couldn't use the capabilities of a Nintendo system maybe that's why they have decided to jump on the PS4 and XBox1 train.

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Yeh but hopefully the likes of Destiny,Far Cry 4,The Evil Within and Assassins Creed Unity can end the year well.

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So InFamous was never a game on the PS3 then.

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Funny how people have to use the Japanese sales to try and to make the PS4 look like a bad seller to the Wii U but everyway else Nintendo is getting battered by the PS4.

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I thought it was a very good game not 10 out of 10 though but RDR was better.

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Nintendo: You can go on about their hardware but the amount of AAA games is second to none.

Naughty Dog: A company that knows how to get the best out of a console and make some very memorable franchises.

UbiSoft: They have made some amazing franchises and have had some top games in a variety of genres this and previous gens.

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Hard to say really because at the moment whilst the Nintendo fans will say the PS4 has no real quality games Sonys next year looks pretty strong plus they shall be getting games like Assassins Creed,Far Cry and MGS the Nintendo won't.

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No I won't because I own them on my PS3 and they are only gonna be on that system I play them on like The Last of Us.

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I loved both the Gamecube and PS2 but I have to say the PS2 was an overall better package for me. The games like MGS,GOW,Ratchet and Clank,Jak and Daxter,SOTC and Okami were just brilliant. Plus backwards compatability as well why didn't Sony do that with their later consoles.

Gamecube was a clear second whilst it started slow for me having a game like Melee sucking hours into that and Mario Kart made it a worthwhile purchase as well as having RE4,WW and Metroid Prime and plus the remake of the original RE Soul Calibur 2 was also good and the Gameboy Player so you could play GBA games like Metroid Fusion,Superstar Saga and Super Mario Advance games made it a brilliant console.

Never cared for the XBox hated the controller and wasn't a big fan of First Person Shooters.

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Glad you love the game I really cared for the likes of Joel and Ellie and the things that had happened. I like that the gameplay is not all shooting. Stealth and being clever is one thing that I love about games. A brilliant game no matter what Playstation you play it on.