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I can see where you are coming from Assassins Creed 4 came and it breathed new life into a franchise that was starting to lose its touch but continuously doing the pirate theme shall wear off not saying I didn't like the idea in 4 I think it was the best since 2 but I am always up for a new more different type of game and playing with other people could be cool and also it is the first proper Assassins Creed on the next gen systems.

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No way it had games for everyone and the hardcore gamers must have loved the selection with the likes of

GOW 1 and 2,Okami,Silent Hill 2,MGS2 and 3, Ratchet and Clank 1 to 3, Jak 1 to 3,Sly 1 to 3,GTA3 Vice City and San Andreas,Bully,Klonoa 2,Shadow of the Colossous, and various other titles.

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New franchise altogether their track record with new IPs is second to none.

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Unlikely TLOU was a masterpiece.

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Good: Great controller,Amazing Graphics,Your PS Plus Subscription carries over from PS3,Some solid PSN Games

Bad: Lack of games but hopefully that shall change in 2015.

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One I am keeping an eye on has potential to be decent.

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Sure do

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Fifa has been miles better for the past few year PES keeps getting built up as the next one could return it to it's former PS2 glory but it never does. Fifa though feels a more complete package and after playing the recent demo I was impressed with the outcome so I shall probably be getting that on release.

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Overatted: KIllzone a very average first person shooter.

Underatted:Dead Space main series apart from 3: Loved the first 2 but 3 felt flat and adding co - op was a bad idea.

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I just think the game is repetitive seems the mission structure ends with you defeating a boss then next mission plus the gameplay is nothing original.