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There were certain gripes I had with Skyward Sword like the Dowsing and the lack of stuff to do whilst flying a Loftwing but overall I thought some of the temples were actually pretty good. The one with the ship espically and the Ancient Cistern very clever. I also actually liked the Bug item as well.

The game is far from perfect and it's no Ocarina beater but still a game I play again and again on the Wii.

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Street Fighter just because of it balance and gameplay especially Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo.

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Number 3 clinches it for me but the saga as a whole was very good but number 3 had the best bosses and amazing soundtrack plus it really did push stealth gameplay with the different types of camoflauge.

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True that the main aspect of a game is being able to play it the graphics make it look nice but without a solid story or lastability it could end up being garbage. I mean look at the games from the SNES era like Super Metroid and Mario World.

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I think that you might be making a mistake buying Ground Zeroes because you might get the wrong impression about MGS.

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Heavy Rain

Walking Dead

Beyond Two Souls


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If that would have happened the Single Player would have probably suffered and I don't think anyone cares. More people perfer single player to online multiplayer anyway and a 96% average says otherwise.

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I think saying it sucked is a bit harsh it wasn't the best 3D Zelda game far from it but it is still a game worth owning and I aren't surprised the music was ace since the series is known for having top notch music.

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In many people's eyes the ending in Mass Effect 3 is considered to be one of the most dissapointing in gaming with the choices required at the end.

The question is how do you think it should have ended.

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I have never beaten Metroid Prime 2 despite doing 1 and 3

I have never been MGS1 despite beating 2,3 and 4.

I play most games on the easiest difficultly setting.

I haven't beaten Okami yet.

I think Ico is a bit overatted

I mostly go as Ryu or Ken on Street Fighter games.

I played RE4 before any other RE game.