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I always take my games out off my PS2,3 and 4.

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Yeh you are picking a good time because the big titles shall be hitting soon.

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Uncharted games are shooting most of the time and whilst they do have some awesome set pieces espically 2 maybe they aren't your cup of tea.

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Next year shall be Wario month or DK Month.

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Now I have heard everything.

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Yes my PS3 is gonna be the console I play most until the PS4 gets the games it needs. Heck I even still play on PS2.

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2.Mario Platformers

3.Metal Gear Solid

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I think it's because of the lack of 3rd party support and the fact they are yet again not gonna get the likes of Arkham Knight,MGS5,Far Cry 4,The Evil Within,Destiny,The next Tomb Raider and of course Assassins Creed Unity.

I mean I would only really get it for Zelda thats all because the Metroid series looks like not getting a new game anytime soon and Smash well Melee was better than Brawl and they will struggle to topple the Mario Galaxy games.

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I think that with the games coming out for the PS4 within the next year the console shall continue to dominate.

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I played it on the PS3 don't really think it's worth getting if you have already got it on that console. Anyway hoping anyone who you all enjoyed the experience because it was my favourite game of last year.