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I have looked on my Nintendo Wii and I can not find legend of zelda A Link To the Past. Has it come out on VC yet and if not when is it out.
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Does anyone know when Super Mario Kart or Paper Mario are gonna be on the Virtual Console. I never played Paper Mario on the N64 and I really hope Super Mario Kart comes out for the virtual console.
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Super Mario Kart SNES and Mario Tennis N64
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The next gen machines are just about here XBox 360, Wii and PS3 and the handhelds PSP and DS. Which machine is gonna come out on top.
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The PS3 is on the way and what you think of the PS3 compared to PS2.
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I have 3 consoles and a handheld.A DS, Wii, Gamecube and PS2. To me the PS2 is still going very strong and is my favourite console ever. I think Sony are trying to hard to top the PS2 because there is no way it can match it's standards. It is the best console.
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The DS is way better than PSP. Nintendo have always made good handhelds and this is one of the best.
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I have seen the review of TP and it  gets an 8.8 which is lower than WW and OOT. I reviewed this game and gave it a higher score than WW. Do you think the score was harsh cause in magazines I read it gets 96 or 97%. Why in some magazines has it got a 96 or 97% but only got 8.8 which I think is harsh a 9.5 would have been a fair score or 9.3 what do you think TP deserves in terms of a score and is 8.8 harsh.
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I think the Zelda series as a whole is brilliant. The TP game to some fans was better than OOT but to many they claim OOT to be better and I haven't played OOT but I think the game is really good of what I have seen from OOT it sounds great. I will say that Zelda games are staying the same not getting worse and not getting better they are staying the same which is good.    
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Defentienly Super Smash Bros Brawl the last one was ace and if it's online this will be ace.