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I think System Wars would be a better place for a discussion of this topic but my opinion is I am just unhappy with the design of the consoles controller and their poor decisions in the market.

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I don't care just as long as you can play games with a proper controller and not a tablet like controller.

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I think it looks great the only problem is it's a Wii U game and I wouldn't get a system for just 1 or 2 games given its price tag but it seems more interesting than the new Smash Bros does.

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Very much so the ones on disc and the ones I have downloaded.

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Won't get a 9 so an 8 possibly.

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Still number 2 it laid the foundations for what the series was supposed to be and hasn't been topped.

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I think that you might be making a mistake buying Ground Zeroes because you might get the wrong impression about MGS.

Not true. Ground Zeroes is the very essence of what Metal Gear Solid is all about. A soldier sneaking into a heavy guarded base.

Ground Zeroes is so superb in it's gameplay and brief in it's story parts that it's worth giving a shot. If you like it, go back and read/play the old games. MGS and MGS3 are my two favorite video games of all time. MGS2 and MGS4 are great but introduce some perplexing plot points.

Either way. I'd recommend Ground Zeroes to anybody who likes action or stealth games.

I aren't saying that I am just saying it because of it's length with the likes of MGS3 and other having much more length and also story as well but if he ends up liking Ground Zeroes he would want to play the likes of MGS3 or 1.

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I don't think either of them can be called overatted just well designed games. The first one had such a great atmosphere and feel that you were the Dark Knight himself but the bosses did suck especially the last boss.The Challenge Maps add replayability though and Riddler Trophies something to go for.

The sequel whilst not as atmospheric just felt like a better game in itself. I felt the bosses were improved, the game had side missions and getting the Riddler Trophies are tougher in the sequel.. Also you got to play as Catwoman to for a bit. I actually gave this game GOTY in 2011 for these things.

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Probably the Phantom Pain I think that is the only one that has a chance. Uncharted peaked at number 2 and I don't that Ocarina will be topped and probably the next big Mario game won't come out till 2016.

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I don't think SEGA could afford to do that with Sonic since there are alot of fans of Sonics in the world.