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Will GTA5 live up to it's massive hype or will it fall short?

There is no denying the hype this game has been getting from sites,magazines and other media. Grand Theft Auto 5 is expected to be the biggest most open world game Rockstar have ever produced.

With stuff like underwater parts,3 playable characters,customiasble vehicles and the newly added GTA Online which won't be avaliable to play until October 1st.

Whilst I will agree I don't think a game like this deserves massive hype it's getting but I can see why it gets it because GTA3 was groundbreaking when it came out. I will come on record and say I have enjoyed playing GTA3,Vice City,San Andreas and 4 with San Andreas being my personal favorite.

Are they the best games in the world? Not for me. Are they enjoyable games? Yes I do enjoy playing them and I hope GTA5 will be the same but will it be GOTY?  I am gonna say unlikely in fact I am thinking Watch Dogs will be better and even then they have to dethrone The Last of Us.

Yes I have pre ordered GTA5 tomorrow and I hope to get it will it be a good game definetly will it be one of the best games ever depends on the person you are really.

I won't lie though I have been looking forward to it and it should be a very enjoyable game.