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Sold GTA5,Beyond Two Souls Demo and 3 other games

No doubt the main headline of the blog might strike you with some surprise but I sold GTA5 today after beating it and putting about 60 hours of gameplay into. I tried online it was flat in my opinion but overall the game was great but not something I could see myself playing again so I traded it in and got money for it.

Also this week one of the PS3 late Exclusives Beyond Two Souls had a demo out and it was pretty good it seems different to most games and I know many will moan about it being an actual movie like the game before it but for me it looks really interesting and I want to play the full version a week on Friday when it hits the UK.

Now  from the GTA money and from a couple of other games I traded in I decided to give Dishonored another try. I thought normally second time I do better with a game and hopefully it shall be the same with this. Also got Tom Clancy Splinter Cell Blacklist as well and a PS3 Exclsuive that has just come out Puppeteer. It looks like a very original platformer like say LittleBigPlanet and with it being a game like that I had to get it and I shall probably be playing that tomorrow.

Anyway I just thought Id give you a quick update on what I was doing gaming wise.