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Mario and Zelda games

I have been playing games for a long time and to me Mario and Zelda would have to be the best 2 gaming series around in that time. I have played many of the Mario games but Zelda is a series I have got into the last few years. I have played the Zelda games as much as Mario and Zelda is great. I think that games like Wind Waker that get criticised for the Cel Shaded graphics is wrong.

Wind Waker is just like OOT but with Cel Shaded Graphics. It plays well enough and the gameplay is all that is important and thats why I rate it a good game. Graphics might not be what every fan wanted but it was a great game. TP is another game that got criticsed by Zelda fans of the series. It is just like OOT but with better graphics. The two games are similar but play very well.  I don't think Zelda games are losing the great gameplay they are brilliant and will always be. The name Legend deserves it's part in the title because it is a legendary series

Mario games are the same Sunshine was way to easy but Mario 64 set the benchmark for 3D games which have not been bettered. With great games like Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World as well as doing other things with the series like Mario Kart, Tennis and Golf. I think that Nintendo and Mario are amazing.  Mario Galaxy is coming soon and the trailers to this game look amazing.

I personally beleieve these 2 characters are great for Nintendo and as long as they make Mario and Zelda games they will be the characters for Nintendo.