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Grand Theft Auto 5 beaten plus thoughts

Yesterday I ploughed well over 25 hours of gameplay to beat GTA5 and my overall thoughts were it was a much improved game over GTA4.

I perferred the missions because it had a checkpoint system,the characters I liked all 3 but my personal favorite was Trevor Phillips who just kept making me laugh at times. The shooting was improved and there was also side missions and the game had alot of vareity even stealth at times.

The Heists were the main highlight planning your stratergy and getting the goods. The thing I also felt was well handled was that each character had a certain job and it implented the story very nicely with some superb switching between characters mid mission. I also liked that characters had stats for driving shooting and stamina it showed like an RPG element to the game. 

I also have just recently bought properties to buy Movie Theatres,Bars,Cab Firms and even Airports and sometimes it required you to do certain tasks at times.

Plus it had some fun events that didn't feel tacked on. There was a couple of flaws with the controlling of the helicopter and plane landing sometimes and also sometimes in certain cut scenes characters would use inerapproiate words that might upset certain people because of their skin color and they might take offense by it.

Overall though an amazing game it delivered in my opinion and a top game. No matter what anybody says GTA5 in my opinion was an incredible game. Very interested to see what GTA Online is like