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Even if the Wii U ends up doing badly it will still be okay for the Big N

A blog I thought I wouldn't be doing but I am sticking up for Nintendo. Sure the Wii U might not be my cup of tea and it hasn't won me over but even if it doesn't do well at least Nintendo weren't afraid to try something different.

I mean unlike Sony and Microsoft pushing graphical capabilities it isn't really doing much but Nintendo are at least trying to push gaming to the next level. In my opinion  loads of people gave the Wii a right bashing but to me I thought some of the games towards the end of it's life cycle were actually quality titles. I mean I am laying Kirbys Epic Yarn now and really enjoying it.

I mean Nintendo won't be going 3rd party because they will still make profit from the handheld market and maybe the Wii U is missing just that killer appearence to convince consumers to buy one. I mean it has been a bad year but who knows the titles coming out could be some right belters. I am not saying they will be.

Nintendo made a massive profit with the Wii and DS maybe this time they maybe got caught out they might go back to basics after the Wii U but they can wether the storm because unlike say SEGA the Mega CD, 32X and Saturn were massive dissapointments and cost them a lot of money and when they finally made the underatted Dreamcast the damage had been done through past systems. I think even the GCN made a profit. For alot of the PS3 lifespan they were in the red.

Nintendo might not have a lock on the console market this gen but the handheld market the company is dominating it's crushing the Vita. So while the Wii U is not my cup of tea I will give Nintendo the guts for not just upgrading their graphics at least trying a new way of playing games.

Plus most of their system seller could very quickly change that.