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An all time low by McShea Bioshock Infinite Reviewed again

Tom McShea the guy that gave Skyward Sword a 7.5 and The Last of Us a 8.0 but this is an all time low even for him as he reviewed Bioshock Infinite a game that came out way back at the end of March a 4.0 whereas the reviewer before him gave it a 9.0.

Now I am sorry this is just mad and I am sure he is doing it to get the users chatting about it. Me I gave the game a Perfect Score 10 in fact it's my 2nd favorite game of the year. I just can't defend the review at all it is apalling and anyone who thinks a game is worth that score is as daft as he is. Seriously what game was he playing.

Plus loads of people in the media in websites like IGN,Gametrailers and various magazines across the world all the reviewers probably do get a chance to play it but did he miss it or is this some sick joke.

The same week he gave Beyond Two Souls a 9 he can give Bioshock Infinite a 4. Now I haven't played Beyond Two Souls and with mixed reactions in the gaming media I doubt it will even come close to being better than Bioshock Infinite.

Bioshock Infinite will probably be given awards across various websites and magazines this year making Gamespot and McShea in particular look a right idiot.


Agreed, McShea is a cancer in the game reviewer community. he is entitled to his opinion but he is supposed to be a provider of facts to justify his reviews which he never does and disgraces all who waste their time listening to his garbage.