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Pre ordered Beyond Two Souls

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Yesterday I managed to pre order the upcoming PS3 exclusive Beyond Two Souls. From the producers of Heavy Rain Quantic Dream are hoping to make another groundbreaking game and to show the old PS3 still has some life left in it.

I tried to also pre order Watch Dogs but apparently something went wrong I don't know what.

Ratchet and Clank film in the making

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Having just heard about it on the Official Playstation website it seems that Rainmaker Studios are working with someone called Blockade Entertainment for CG stereoscopic animated film starring Playstations duo Ratchet and Clank and is expected to be in theatres for not a while yet in 2015.

Here is a link to a video teasing the film.

Any thoughts on this are you happy or do you think it could be another videogame based film disaster.

The next Mario would have to be something special to make me get a Wii U

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I still love Nintendo but to be honest lately I think some of their decisions have left me a bit unsure of the direction they were going. I loved the announcement on A Link to the Past 2,Yoshis Island 3DS and other big 3DS games but I am looking at the Wii U and thinking do the mai reason I got a Wii was because of Mario Galaxy because it looked just looked so awesome at first glance and the end product was possibly the greatest 3D Mario game ever. Now I am thinking can the topple it on Wii U and to be honest I don't see how they can but they toppled Mario 64 to my surprise.


I mean in all honesty I perfer games like Mario Kart on the handhelds and the Paper Mario series seems to have hit a brick wall as well. Also I think playing Super Smash Bros on the go could be pretty cool as well and with a new Zelda on the 3DS on the way things are lookinng even more unlikely as well because that was totally unexpected as well as Mario and Luigi Dream Team and Yoshi Island 3DS.

I mean the only game I'd be actually pumped for is Zelda in 2014 but I don't see the main reason to get a system for one game and I have never really cared for Pikmin. Also with Sony probably having some heavy hitters out to like InFamous Second Son,Metal Gear Solid, another LittleBigPlanet,another Uncharted more than likely and who knows what else.

Plus with games like Beyond Two Souls coming out and The Last of Us,Batman Arkham Origins I can't just buy a system for one game. I mean I hate to say this but I think the Wii U will be one console I might just end up missing altogether because I doubt Nintendo can topple Galaxy.

New Zelda and Yoshi game arriving on 3DS

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Announced today Nintendo have revealed what looks to be a proper Zelda game and not a remake for the 3DS. Rumors are going round that it is probably a sequel to one of the best games in the series in A Link to the Past and from the early signs this could be another great entry into an amazing series.

Also revealed was another Yoshi Island game for the 3DS. The 3rd in the franchise and while the first one was simply amazing the second was less memorable but still fun. This one should be just as fun.

Also mentioned was a release date for Mario and Luigi Dream Team and also 8 brand new levels for the 3DS remake of Donkey Kong Country Returns. Also a Mario Party game was mentioned for 3DS as well.

So it looks like being a good year for the system after the amazing start to the year it has had with Fire Emblem and Luigis Mansion Dark Moon. More big name titles look to be on the way.

Water Levels that I actually like

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In is one of those things that there is always an exception to the rule and that even has to be included with Water Levels. They are a pain in the rear but also they are some very good levels in games. Here are some of my favorites.


Hydrocity City: Sonic the Hedgehog 3: I can't believe Screwattack had this level on in place of the Labrtyhn Zone. Me I think this level is great. It has alot of loops and you can run over water as well if you are fast enough and somewhere in Act 1 if you have Tails and a Magnetic Shield there is a bucket load of rings at the very top of the level.  A very fun level in my book.


Aquaria Towers: Spyro the Dragon 2: This in the very first world in the game and one thing I complement Insomniac for is making beautiful controls for underwater sections in games. You get to use the SuperFlame to take out robotic Sharks and also when you have beaten the level and got the Tailsman a new part of the level is virtually there to check out as well. Insomniac nailed this part of a level extremley well.


Lakebed Temple: The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess: Love it or hate it Nintendo did a much better thing with this temple than the pain Water Temple which still is a pain even now. I just love the way how that switching the staircase can alter the area you go into and once you have the Clawshot the level becomes even more fun to explore. While Twilight Princess wasn't the best Zelda game it had the best Water themed Temple in the game well in my opinion anyway.


Cosmic Cove Galaxy:Super Mario Galaxy 2 : The best Water Themed level in the Mario franchise in my opinion. The Cosmic Cove Galaxy is extremley unique because you can hit a switch which actually freezes the level and the second Star is just as fun as the first. It is basically a sidescrolling section except at the end where Mario use the Drill Power up to make the Water appear so you can reach the star. Also I love how in Mario Galaxy the music changes once you go underwater.


Aquariam Park: Sonic Colors: When we finally get a good 3D Sonic game we get possibly the best level in terms of Water from the Sonic series. With beautiful music,the ability to run on water and hear the old retro Bubble Sound when underwater makes it memorable but what makes it even funner is using the Drill Power Up underwater you no longer have to worry about how much time you have to survive underwater. Plus by constantly jumping you can get out of the water. The only part I hate is that robot is a pain with those lasers at the end of one of the levels but even that doesn't stop me loving this level.

So these are some water levels I like any in particular you like from games you have liked.

My memorable moments from this generation from games

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There have been some truly outstanding games this gen and also some epic moments which either come from a section of the level or a massive suspected ending or just downright the story twist. Here are some of my most favorite moments from this gen.

Revisiting Shadow Moses: Metal Gear Solid 4: This was special because at the start of the area you are playing it as like a throwback to begin with from the PS1 days but it all turns out to be just a dream Snake has. Throughout the area other moments from the game stick in your head where at one point Otacon says time to change disks Snake and of course the Cry Wolf battlein the snow. All those past memories come back to fans I am sure.


The Sucide Mission: Mass Effect 2: Without a shadow of a doubt this mission requires alot of epic moments and it's not called the Sucide Mission for nothing because you could lose you team mates and it requires you and all of them to work together. Also make sure you have everyone onside because if not you will losethem in the final push to stop the Collectors.


The Train Section: Uncharted 2: No matter how many times I play this it just rocks and I still find hard in some sections to avoid being taken out by either enemy fire or the helicopter firing at you. Naughty Dog really outdid themselves with this section making it fast paced and epic. No other set pice in Uncharted touches this for me.


Arkham Citys ending: Yes the second Batman games ending was totally unexpected because maybe you thought the Joker was gonna cure himself with the formula but it got smashed at the end and what you see is Batman carrying his arch enemy out into the streets of Arkham with everybody looking. The ending blew me away totally.


Encountering the Big Daddy for the first time: Bioshock: You see this thing with a little girl at the very early stage of the game and to Harvest or Rescue the little girls you have to take down the Big Daddy and  they are pretty formidable opponents.


The 5 Trials: Heavy Rain: One of the characters you play as Ethan Mars and he has lost one son who got run over and another gone missing. To find him you have to accomplish a certain number of trials to get your son back. These include,Driving very fast on the highway,crawling through a ventilation shaft covered in glass as well as dodging electric gates, Cutting of a finger,Shooting someone and finally drinking what is presumed to be poison. Each task starts with how far will you go to save your son. In the end I really felt for this character because it would show what great length he would go to for him to get his son back.


Super Mario Galaxy the entire game: If there is one game I can safely say did it for me this gen it would be Super Mario Galaxy. While 2 was amazing I just felt it didn't blow me away unlike the first game. It showed Nintendo at their creative best and each level first time through was alot of fun to play. Plus with a memorable soundtrack and the best platforming in 3D yet Super Mario Galaxy was just as they would say OUT OF THIS WORLD.


There are many others I could list but these are my favorites because they made me go wow and I just loved each and everyone of these games and when I played these scenes or areas for the first time I was just blown away.

My top 10 Playstation 2 games

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I have done a countdown of PS3,Gamecube,Wii even so I think it is only fitting to do a countdown of my top 10 favorite games to hit the Playstation 2 the best selling console of all time. To make things interesting and give other games a chance I am only gonna allow one game per series to make it fair so it is no all hogged by one series. I won't be adding images because I struggle to input them on my computer now. Anyway I still hope you enjoy the list.


10.Klonoa 2 Lunteas Veil: A game that came very early in the PS2 lifespan and very unnoticed. Klonoa 2 is a 2D platformer set on a 3D plane with massive levels some amazing level design and even some tricky puzzles to keep game fresh and becoming boring. Only a couple of flaws with this game are the length it's to short and the bosses are a pushover. Namco if you are listening stop with your Tekken and Soul Calibur and make Klonoa 3.


9. Beyond Good and Evil: Another game that went totally under the radar but it has been released on the likes of XBoxLive. You take the role of Jade a photographer who has to get down to the case of dissappearences by the Alpha Unit. What is really good about this game is that it takes insparation from Zelda but it does have it's own type of gameplay and puzzles. You can take pictures of things to gain currency and get health upgrades and some of the puzzles are very interesting one section sees you have to use stealth. Another gem gone unnoticed and a heavily rumoured sequel has been in the works for ages but will it see the light of day fingers crossed.


8.GTA San Andreas: The best GTA because it virtually hit the nail in what you could do. The city was huge. You could feed your character,cloth him and even customize a vehicle . No game is the series had done that plus you can swim as well. It's like everything fell into place for this game.


7.Jak 2 Renegade: Any one of the 3 could have made on the list but I went with the sequel Jak 2 Renegade. It was a massive challenging adventure with plenty of humor and also some tough battles. While it does get insanely hard it makes you even more determined to beat it. Plus you can go Dark Jak who is insanely powerful with his own moves and you can ride a hoverboard as well through the city. Overall a masterpiece by the Crash Bandicoot designers Naughty Dog.


6.Okami: Okami came very late in the PS2 lifespan but it remains a masterpiece. The game is full of stuff to explore and a  Celestial Brush that let's you do wonders with. As Amateratsu you have to get rid of the dark evil spreading your world. As you progress throughout the story the game sucks you in and you meet strange characters. What I also like is how it is inspired by Japanase mythlogy. If you haven't played it yet then I suggest you should or your missing out on a bonafide classic.


5.Ratchet and Clank 3 Up Your Arsenal: This is the series that made me proud to own a PS2 and this game is the best of the bunch. Ratchet and Clank 3 sees our heroes return to their own Galaxy to stop Dr Nefarious from turning animal lifeforms into robots and blowing up planets. Ratchet and Clank must require the help of the dim witted Captain Qwark and the ll mighty Q Force to help them. With the most devasting arsenal in the series and high paced action Ratchet and Clank 3 ended a fitting trilogy.


4.God of War 2: I didn't start playing God of War till the collection on PS3 but God of War 2 had without doubt the best weapons and puzzles at your disposel. As Kratos you had been betrayed by the gods and were seeking revenge on Zeus. The series had bigger more beautiful enviroments to explore and also bigger bosses such as the very first boss in the game which is still my favorite GOW boss battle.  Unlike God of War the puzzles felt a bit more fair in the fact in the first you could die alot if you failed them but this was much better. A well excuted sequel.


3. Shadow of the Colossous: In my eyes this is certainly prove of what art is. While most of the area is an empty field the game is more about slying giant beasts with only a sword and bow but that's easier said than done. Each boss is basically a puzzle in itself and that's what keeps the game fresh. Also some won't attack you unless you provoke them and some will. The ending is also a massive big plot twist as well. All in all a game only the men at Team Ico could have done.


2.Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater: The earliest game in the MGS timeline. Snake is sent to defeat his mentor The Boss in the game. Unlike other games in the series you have to rely on things like food and your camoflague to keep you going and to avoid enemy fire. The bosses in the game are very interesting one is like a shoot out with a professional sniper but because of his age he can be beaten more than one way. Another plays with your  mind showing all the people you have killed in the game. All the stuff you basically come across is genius by Kojima Productions plus the Intro is pretty awesome too.




1.Resident Evil 4: Resident Evil needed a change and the legendary Shinji Mikami gave us this. Enemies that were armed and some that were just very creepy like the Regenrators still gave Resident Evil fans a reason to still be on their toes. You were sent to rescue the presidents daughter sounds simple but after that the real fight for survival began. You fought things like big sea creatures,giants,Chainsaw Wielders and even invisable moth like creatures. The game had so many memorable moments like the cabin fight, the Krauser Knife fight and the Electric Room which kept you on your toes. Also you could buy and sell things and even upgrade weaponary to a merchant. Overall Resident Evil 4 as a whole was a masterpiece, Whilst it tonned down on scares it had some edge of the seat moments and some cool boss battles. Also it gave you unlock extras to go back and play it again Seperate Ways,Assassignment Ada and The Mercarnies. Overall Resident Evil 4 is the pinnacle of the RE series in my opinion and the best game on PS2


Honourable Mentions

Sly 2 Band of Thieves: The best Sly game with a big open world.

Devil May Cry: Best DMC game there is

Overall that's my top 10 PS2 games of all time tell me some of your favorites.

Bioshock Infinite finished and Luigis Mansion Dark Moon 1st impression

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Yesterday night I managed to beat the biggest game of the month in Bioshock Infinite and here are some of my thoughts with the game.

I thought the game had an excellent pacing,alot of cool new abilities and some fasinating. I loved the Elizabeth character with the ability to bring things in like machines to aid you in battle and she also found you health and money as well as salt to power up your Vigor which was this games Plasmids. Overall she was a very interesting character and she was always there when you needed her.

Some of the abilities like Elctricity and being able to send back enemy fire and possess certain enemies kept it fresh but some of these abilities mentioned didn't work on all enemies. Attacking people from SkyLines was one of the best features and the atmosphere was just immense. The ending was also quiet good as well it did make sense but I won't spoil it for anybody.

Overall I think so far this year Bioshock Infinite is the benchmark for the rest.

Now onto Luigis Mansion and I can safely say this is a massive improvement over the first game. There are tons of secrets to find. Luigis humor adds character to the game and also the 3D effect looks really good. If there is one minor complaint I have so far it is after certain missions in the same mansion you are called back by Professor E Gadd.

Overall though Luigi looks like he could finally be stepping out of his older brothers shoes.

Bioshock Infinite First Impressions

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Today was the day my most anticapted game of 2013 came out and that was Bioshock Infinite and as you can guess I got the PS3 version since I don't own a 360 and aren't that keen on playing games on PC. What are my thoughts so well let's get down to it.


You are sent to rescue this girl Elizabeth who has been imprisoned for many years in the sky of Columbia and you have to break her out. Sounds simple enough but once you have saved her it sort of like takes a twist like RE4 did that you and her have to escape the city of Columbia. Now unlike RE4 Ashley who is totally useless from what I have heard Elizabeth can look after herself in battle and has some very unique abilities which I haven't come across yet.

Anyway from the get go as Brooker DeWitt the main character you are shot up into the sky and sent to go look for her. It's before long you are attacked by guards and some other enemies like Firemen who fire well you guessed it fire at you. However you have guns and a melee weapon and Vigors which are similar to Plasmids to help you.

The Vigors which I have come across is Possession which possess people or things,Devil Kiss which lobs like firey grenades at people andf I have only just gotten the ability to summon a swarm of birds to attack the enemy. To gain more Vigor you need to look out for salt which gives you the ability to attack.

Finally one of the best things is the ability to hang and use ziplines because you can jump from a zipline and land on an enemy instantly killing them. The ziplines are rollercoaster like rides and just going on one to see the sheer size of Columbia is staggering and the brilliant attention to detail.

So far I have nothing really negative to say about Bioshock Infinite it is one very atmospheric game and full of surprises. Also with it not having tacked on multiplayer means the campaign is gonna be absouletly massive. So far I am absouletly blowin away by this game.

Had a bit of a clear out

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With a few upcoming releases like Luigis Mansion and the highly anticpated Bioshock Infinite I have decided to have a bit of a clear out gaming wise.

Just last week I sold God of War Ascension and got about 25 pound for it, also I sold Driver San Fransico and got a fiver for it and this may come as a surprise to some but I also threw in Assassins Creed 3 in there too mainly because I can't see myself playing through it again and the multiplayer is of no interest to me. In total I got around 48.50 for that altogether meaning in the UK I can purchase Bioshock Infinite and a bit of Luigis Mansion Dark Moon.

Tomorrow I am heading to town even though it has snow some in the UK the roads are clear and I am trading in DMC Devil May Cry and Need For Speed Most Wanted. I am hopeful I shall get a good amount for them.

Now there are games on my radar that I wouldn't mind giving a look in the long run. I am talking about Sly 4 maybe and hopefully Far Cry 3 but not until I have played number 2.

Also I am planning on giving some of my old PS2 games away to place where I go because they want old games and with me having the Ratchet and Clank Trilogy I see no reason to hold onto them. Also from what I have read if the rumors are true one of the next big PS+ free giveaway for Europe is one of my favorite games on the console in Okami which I own on PS2.

I am not getting Okami on PS3 because it will have Trophy support but I shall be honest my PS2 controller isn't perfect and I'd love to see what it looks like on the PS3 as well. I mean I rate the game very highly in fact it's one of my top 10 favorite PS2 games.

So there you go because in my honest opinion DMC just didn't do it for me the original on PS2 was way better.