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I am just gonna be a console gamer from now on?

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About a month back many of you were shocked at the fact that I surprising traded in my 3DS and many were thinking he's crazy. I seem to perfer playing my games on the big screen TV and some of the games that have been released on handhelds haven't really touched the console game counterparts on certain handhelds.

In my opinion the best Zelda game on a console is Wind Waker whereas my favorite handheld Zelda is The Minish Cap but when I did a countdown of my top 10 Zelda games it was only 7th in my list. I am not saying that's bad but you have to compare it to the big 3D Zeldas on the consoles and many fans favorite top down Zelda including mine A Link to the Past. I am sure the new Zelda game will be good but I am not sure how good it will be.

A series that took a massive whack when it hit the handhelds is Paper Mario. 1 and 2 were amazing achievements,Super Paper Mario was a tad dissapointing but overall a solid game and now Paper Mario Sticker Star. It just lacked something I had this game down to be a truly outstanding title but boy was I wrong, Itwasn't bad but it was was good either.

I mean it's not just Nintendo related games Ratchet and Clank,God of War and Uncharted all highly appreciated Sony titles while good can't mix it with the best PS2 games espically not Uncharted because the Vita is utter garbage.

There are certain series that haven't been affected like Sonic because 2D is still better despite the recent success of Colors and Generations and they were ither versions of those games on the handhelds but not as good as their console counterparts.

I was possibly massively harsh looking for critcisms of the system before and I apologize but to be honest I wasn't playing it that much but I just think that maybe I should focus more on the consoles. I didn't hate the 3DS maybe I just perfer playing consoles instead of handhelds. The GameBoy,Advance,DS and 3DS are good systems but maybe some people perfer sticking to one sort of system type and that is consoles for me.

I mean check my reviews of Mario 3D Land,Mario Kart 7 and Luigis Mansions they were good games but I think maybe I just want to focus on console gaming.

Resident Evil how do you recover after number 6

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This gen in my opinion has no game series been hit hardest by the last gen than Resident Evil. It gave us tense gameplay,puzzles and most importantly atmosphere in the earlier games. Yes the voice acting was cheesy but that's what made them so memorable.

After Code Veronica and Zero which are fine games in the series but it obviously needed a direction change to keep up with the time and Mikami and his team ccame up with RE4 which focused more on action and tightened up the game with amazing controls and some massive bosses. Whilst many old school RE lovers gave it a hard time for not being scary and the inventory system and ammo being everyway. Other people who knew it needed a change applauded it for the change  because the franchise needed it and many other series copyed it's control scheme. RE4 was not only one of the best games of the generation but all time making it on many Top 10 Games of All Time Lists.


We knew after that it would be a while before we saw the next main installment we had an on rails shooter for the Wii. The first footage we saw was Chris Redfield running away in like an open alleyway in a warm part of the world. In 2008 the game picked up pace and many were highly anticapting until 2 big decisions raised doubts. That series master Shinji Mikami would have no part in the game he sat it out and co - op play. As Capcom did release many trailers there was no way it was gonna meet expectations because of that. So what happened when the game came out.

Well it was okay but the game was not a candle on RE4. Many hated the co - op play it took the suspense out of RE and also the game had a poor inventory system, the bosses despite being big were some of the worst in the series. I mean I can't recall many bosses in the game being good at all. Overall it was still okay I guess but it should and could have been better.

So fast forward to 2012 and it looked like RE was back on track with the well recieved Revelations on 3DS many thought it brought the atmosphere and suspense gameplay back to the series. Many were encouraged on what the next main game in the series would be like. It wasn't pretty.


Resident Evil 6 launched worldwide October 2 2012 and got mixed reviews in many areas including here 4.5 and whilst I was skeptical I tried it for myself I thought the game was a complete mess. So many button prompts like Melee Attacks made the game boring. 4 different campaigns to make it longer no of them enjoyable and how many times there were quick time events made it embarassing. The game was a mess from top to bottom. Many thought it couldn't get worse than 5 well it did. Whilst number 5 had flaws and was a dissapointment it was still a solid game. RE6 on the other hand felt boring,lacklustre and felt like Capcom didn't even try. They just shoved 4 campaigns if you count the last one and said here you go RE6 enjoy.

After RE6 a number 7 has been mentioned but not revealed and to be honest I think Capcom needs to go back to the drawing board take a good look at themselves and think how can we make RE good again for the next generation.

If any of you guys have an explain or just want to comment on how you felt the RE series has done this gen then feel free.

My top 10 Multiplatform games of this gen.

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This gen the consoles have had their fair share of exclusives but also the multiplatform games for both to enjoy haven't been bad either. Here are my top 10.


10.Mass Effect 3: Despite having a poor ending Mass Effect overall should be looked at as a series with interesting characters and some amazing game abilities. The last section on Earth I thought was actually very enjoyable.


9.Far Cry 3: With one of the best antagonists this gen in Vaas Far Cry 3 gave you a great sense of freedom with the ability to drive cars,hunt down enemies and just plain mess around. The visuals dare I say it look pretty awesome too.


8.Assassins Creed 2: The most improved sequel of this gen had to be somewhere. Taking on the role of fan favorite Ezio Auditore as you seek to gain revenge on the Borgias who killed you family. With some great combat and interesting characters and massive overworld it was an experience to don the suit and take down the enemies.


7.The Walking Dead Season 1: Me personally I went into this expecting to be bored but the characters were just so likeable and unlike previous Episodic games this one just made you want to play the next one after certain cliffhangers.


6.Super Street Fighter 4: The king had returned and the ultimate fighting game SSF4 featured new characters and even more Ultra combos. A solid online mode and plenty of characters to pick everyone had a chance well unless you played cheap Zangief players online.


5.Bioshock: A game that was a 360 exclusive if you don't count the PC Bioshock moved onto the PS3. Rapture was one hell of an immersive area and taking down the Big Daddy and taking the Little Sister was very satisfying and the plot twist towards the end wow.


4.Red Dead Redemption: Along with Ezio, John Marston has been one of the best main characters in a videogame this gen. Rockstars take on the Wild West you couldn't have predicted it would be a mindblowing game. Shootouts,Taming horses the lot and the ending. Best Ending This Gen


3.Batman Arkham City: You never get good superhero games nevermind great ones but the Dark Knight got 2 and Rocksteady built on an already making a superb sequel adding more supervillains and better boss design,side missions,improved combat and Catwoman. The ending Rocksteady had guts there too.


2.Bioshock Infinite: Yes I know I will get hammered here but Bioshock Infinites Columbia I felt was better than Rapture. The character Elizabeth has to be one of the best AIs around. Going around on Skylines and having powers like Possession and Elizabeth able to bring turrets and such into play. Bioshock Infinite was a complete package and quiet simply one of the best games this gen. 



1.MASS EFFECT 2: The sequel trumped the original in so many ways possible. In charge of your own ship you called the shots gathered the best troops in the galaxy and even got to romance you squad mates. Also it marked the debut of another big antagonist The Illusive Man the leader of Cerberus. The best part though has to be the Sucide Mission by far even though it's a cakewalk now. Doing it the first time through was so memorable.

So there you go my top 10 multiplatform games of this gen. I have other countdowns or things to blog about in future from this gen such as,

Top 5 Villains of this Gen

Top 10 New IP's

Top 5 AI partners

Top 10 characters of this gen

I hate it when a game comes out people call it the best game ever after 1 week

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I have heard this all week people saying all this and it hasn't even been a week yet but people claiming The Last of Us to be the best game ever made. I just think some people jump to early on the bandwagon.

It's okay saying it's the best game on the PS3 because it is one of them but for me it's about my 3rd favorite game on PS3 behind Uncharted 2 and Mass Effect 2 but people need to give games like this time and maybe after maybe a month or so to where the game is in comparison to some of the best ever.

Games like Super Mario World,Resident Evil 4,LOZ Ocarina of Time,Metroid Prime all still highly playable and still fun now they are always in top 50 or 20 games lists.

My favorite game from this gen is though Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii because it did something completely new and different but still giving the fans the high quality platforming that people asked for. I will be honest for me since 2009 Uncharted 2 has barely been touched as my favorite PS3 game but I think I would need to give The Last of Us maybe a bit more time before calling it the best game ever.

The Last Of Us Best Game Ever: Not even close for me

Best PS3 Game: Not quiet.

Selling the 360 after only a week & The Last of Us beaten

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Yes this isn't a joke but I have to say I made a big error in getting a 360. Most of the games seem to lack my interest. Even Gears and Halo are pretty weak when you compare them to Uncharted,The Last of Us,LittleBigPlanet,God of War,MGS4 etc. They are mostly shoot,shoot shoot.

Speaking of The Last of Us I have beaten it and in my opinion it is the frontrunner for GOTY. Is it the best game on the console. I am gonna say not quiet but it certainly deserved the high praise it got but I actually just slighlty perferred Uncharted 2 a little bit more.

I loved the Ellie character more than Joel but not as much as Elena Fisher and I perferred Drake over Joel just my opinion. Overall it's easily one of the best games ever made.

The Last of Us 1st Impressoins

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Yes I went to my local game shop to pick up The Last of Us. I bought something called the Ellie Edition which has so much cool stuff like an Art Book,Poster,Online stuff and plenty more but I guess you don't want to hear about that you want to hear about the game and whether it merits all it's high praise so far.

In short yes it does The intro was incredible and so far I have only just met Ellie in the game but the stalth and being able to use other equipment in the area to take down the enemies and the amount of ammo seems to tell me that you will have to conserve it and only use it in desperate situations.

So far I love the characters,the graphics, heck I just love The Last of Us it is so good I have come off for half an hour just to write a blog about it.

I knew Sony wouldn't let me down

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Sony delivered in their press conference that made even XBox fans think twice. The PS4 is looking like it shall be the console to beat next gen.

The console will take used games and Playstation Plus Subscribers from PS3 will carry over to PS4. It is awesome news as well as some of the downloadable games mentioned. It's like the developers are saying we want to  be a part of the PS4 let's work on making games for that instead of the XBoxone and Wii U.

The price seems solid the Launch game sound pretty good too and the joypad whilst nothing original it shows Sony are focusing on what the fans want and care about. They don't care about fancy controls or special capabilities of the console. They are basically giving fans what they want which is a reason to own a PS4.

I am sure that their first party exclusives from the PS3 will make a return as well like God of War,Uncharted,Ratchet,Killzone,LittleBigPlanet and who knows maybe even the Last of Us to name some.

Right now I can safely say Sony your console will be the first I buy next gen. Maybe not straight away but you are in my opinion gonna be pretty tough to beat next gen.

I now officially own a PS3,Wii and 360 now?

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After the big criticism I got from many members in my last blog I am just gonna state that I used the money off my 3DS and titles to buy a XBox360 brand new with a 12 month XBox Live Subscription. The Gears trilogy,Forza 4,Halo 3,4 and Anniversary and Darksiders 2.

I am also interest to check the shop channel because I am still hoping Banjo Tooie and Kazooie are aviliable. Question my decision all you want I am satisfied with my purchase because I have no plans for a PS4 for a while and I won't be getting a Wii U at all since I don't like the look of it and the games they are bringing out are trying to get people to buy it hoping Mario,Zelda will bail them out again.

I have a ton of games still to play on PS2 as well so I have alot to enjoy.

I am selling my 3DS reasons why

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No I am not lying I am officially selling my 3DS in the morning with all my games listed and here are some reasons.

1. The lineup has been lacking: Apart from Mario,Luigis Mansion thats it the system has lacked some AAA titles and whilst some are coming out later I just don't think I can be bothered anymore. I have had this thing for 2 years and haven't bought much after over 2 years. For the 2 years DS I had Mario and Luigis 2,Mario Kart DS,Tetris DS,Sonic Rush and Adventure,New Super Mario Bros and Zelda as well. Also there is no backwards compatability.

2.The controls made my fingers slip: The anologue controls made my fingers slip at times and it was so difficult to control the character in certain games. I mean the PSP controls were awful seriously.

3.3D: In my opnion since I heard about 3D not just on systems but in all ranges of media I have never been impressed by the effect. It really doesn't affect me either I just perfer to play games as they are.

4.Handhelds: Now way back in 2002 I bought a GBA with Sonic Advance in March and 7 months later I traded it in for a Gamecube to get games like Mario Sunshine,Melee,Mario Kart and LOZ Wind Waker. I did though get the Game Boy Player because it sounded really cool to play GBA games on your big screen TV. Games like Sonic Advance 3,Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga,Sonic Advance 2,Yoshis Island. I mean the DS was a great system with some stellar titles.


My mind has been made up I am trading it in therefore I won't be picking up Zelda,Mario and Luigi 4 or Yoshis Island. Sadly for me I think Nintendo is going downhill and that is something that really pains me to say.

What I am interested in seeing and hearing about at E3

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I am very much interested in a few things this E3 and some things could either blow me away or dissapoint me who knows but here are some interesting things I hope to keep an eye on.

Playstation 4: Me personally this is the console I will most likely be purchasing first come the next generation but I am interested to know more about the system itself. The games that could possibly be announced. Another Uncharted,Ratchet possibly who knows. This console looks to have alot of promise hope Sony don't blow it.

The Legend of Zelda Wii U: Whilst I don't own one if there was one series that would push me to get the system it would be the loveable Link. Will we hear anything about it. Aonuma and his team have been whispering about how they want to change it up a bit will this be the one to show it off.

The next 3D Mario game: After space where can you go the Wii U has really yet to take off but if there is one series that could get it off and running it could be the flagship series Mario.

Super Smash Bros: Nintendos Brawler is going to be on 3DS and Wii U could this be any bigger. The best game to play with friends. Who will be in it, could it have cross platform play like the Vita did to the PS3 who knows but one thing you do know is it's coming.

Sonic Lost World: After watching a small video of a level on the 3DS I am fairly optimistic that this will continue the Blue Blurs good run. Will we see more old things returning. Keeping a close eye on this.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Pain: We will know more where this game is headed PS4,XBoxOne hopefully. Where will we see Big Boss and what impace will it have on prior entries in the series.

The Ratchet and Clank movie: I think I have heard that this upcoming movie for one of Sonys best loved series will maybe show a little teaser off it. Little information is known. There is a small thing I do know and that is Chairman Drek is gonna be the villain.

Upcoming 3DS titles: Mario and Luigi Dream Team,Yoshis Island,Link to the Past 2 and possibly many more games as well.

So these are some of the things that might eventually be there and hopefully we see or hear more about them.