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My Top 10 Games of All Time

This has been long overdue I think and I think you the fans deserve to know what my top 10 favorite games of all time are. Now a word of warning expect more than one entry per franchise for some. At the end I shall also list some that didn't quiet make the cut. So ready or not lets begin.

10. Mass Effect 2: Kicking off the countdown is my favorite franchise second game and my favorite game of 2010. Mass Effect 2 featured alot of new characters,possilbities and new foes. You gathered up the finest squad in the Galaxy to take down the Collectors and pass through the Omega 4 Relay. In terms of pacing and ironing out the problems from the firstt game this ened up being a masterpiece.

9.Sonic the Hedgehog 2: In terms of sequels this is like the perfect sequel Sonic 2 holds many memories for some and some consider it the best because it was the first one they played but for me it was stuff introduced. The Spin Dash,2 Player Split Screen Vs Mode,Tails and of course the moment you collect 50 Rings with 7 Chaos Emeralds and become Super Sonic. While Sonic 3 and Knuckles is probably more ironed out this introduced so much to the franchise that live with the fans through the years.

8.Uncharted 2 Among Thieves: Continuing the sequel trend Uncharted 2 improved in every way over the original. Six Axis controls well dropped for moving across certain ledges. Grenades were easier to use and a solid multiplayer component to boot as well.The game by many is considered one of the best of this gen and it surely makes it worth it to own a PS3.

7.Super Mario Bros 3: Ages ago this was top but other games have come into my life and dethroned it. Super Mario Bros 3 returned to the proper platforming with an arsenal of power ups like the Hammer Bros Suit,Super Leaf and even for one level Kuribo Shoe. Secrets a plenty and mini games too a perfect return and this propelled the plumber to stardom.

6.Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater: In my opinion the series was awesome overall but number 3 just has the best bosses,best characters,soundtrack and best moments. If it's the shootout against The End or the Shagohod fight. The game oozes with quality and the intro is just legendary.

5.Resident Evil 4:Forget what old school fans say RE4 is god in my eyes no game in the series touches it. It reinvented itself with more dangerous foes and a better focus on action. Whilst there were scares they were few and far between. THe game had a great pacing and overall even when finished it had  extras to play that were fun. Trust me I'd rather have a Chainsaw wielder over a slow zombie any day of the week in RE.

4.The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time: Manys favorite game ever but my number 4. It introduced fans to Hyrule in 3D with a great overworld full of activity and bosses bigger than anything you'd seen before. Plus the soundtrack and puzzles make it a legend in it's own right but for me it just quiet do enough to be number 1 and number 4 is a great position so hopefully fans won't rage.

3.Super Mario Galaxy: If you think the Wii sucked and refused to buy one well shame on you this Mario game rewrote the platforming genre and gave it a good kick up the backside. With power ups like Bee,Ice and Boo Suits being very clever for certain levels old returner like Fireflower and Invinciblilty Star or Rainbow Star whatever you want to call them returning making it fun to use.  An excellent soundtrack and plenty of varreity Mario Galaxy sits as one of the all time great games. Your nuts if you have missed this. Oh and the soundtrack rocks as well.

2.The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker:Criticised for it's look many forgot about that when they realised it was still a Zelda game in fact the graphics were colorful and didn't seem to be outdated as many followed like Okami and Viewtiful Joe. With a massive overworld and plenty of sidequests the Wind Waker is amazing and if you think it's a kiddy game have you seen what happens at the end. A kickass intro and flawless soundtrack really help too.


1.Super Mario World: This is when the console wars started 1991. Sonic the Hedgehog had burst onto the scene with the original Sonic the Hedgehog what did Nintendo have in reply Super Mario World. A game that many consider to be the perfect platformer. The game feels to have a great sense of speed with Mario running to show of the SNES power and one of most popular power ups in the world of gaming the Cape Feather which if you possess the skill can go for an entire level in the air but what really clinched it was Yoshi. The little Green guy became an instant hit because he could eat anything and with different colored Yoshis or Koopa Shells could Spit Fire,Smash the Ground,Fly and the secrets and Special Road. Also being told your A SUPER PLAYER must make you feel like a platforming god. The game has aged so well it's still fun to play even now. THE PERFECT PLATFORMER and possibly THE PERFECT GAME.

Honourable mentions

Metroid Prime: The best Metroid and a very immersive game.

The Last of Us: Naughty Dog delivering another masterpiece with such strong characters and gameplay mechanics.

Sonic 3 and Knuckles: Perhaps the Ultimate Sonic Experience

The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past: Return to form after Zelda 2 introducing the Spin Attack and Master Sword.

So those are my top 10 games of all time whats yours and apologises for Mario and Zelda dominating the top 4 they just are the best franchsies in the world.

2 Pre Orders made

Yesterday I made 2 pre orders for games I am sure will be big blockbuster hits this Fall.

First up is GTA5 the series has 3 protagonists a massive overworld and a new online feature called GTA Online which sounds very interesting.

The other is Batman Arkham Origins and it is not gonna be made by Rocksteady. A new cast will voice Batman and Joker,it shall have loads of villains and even a multiplayer mode. The game shaall hopefully be like the 2 previous games before it.


So those are my pre orders probably my last ones for this year.

My Awards for this gen part 3

The concluding part so this shall be it here are the runners and winners for these awards.

Best PSN Game

Contenders:The Walking Dead,Braid,Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light,Limbo,Castle Crashers

Winner: The Walking Dead Season 1: This game did very well and won many plaudits with great storytelling,superb acting and instant decision making. What made it even better is it carried over into over episodes tp give you a very engaging experience.

Biggest Dissapointment

Contenders: Capcoms overload of DLC,The PSN being hacked,No Last Guardian,The Vita,

Winner: The Last Guardian: Whilst the Vita can pick up in the long run The Last Guardian was comfirmed very early in the PS3 life cycle and after 5 years or so no word on release and not much footage at all only one quick trailer. That's all some seem to think it's dead in the water while some still live in hope it will happen.

Best System:360,DS,Wii,PS3

Winner: PS3: Not trying to be biased but Sony started slow out of the blocks in 2007 with not many games pushing you to get one and in 2008 LittleBigPlanet and MGS4 pushed fans into considering getting one. In 2009 2009 overload with Uncharted 2,InFamous,Ratchet and Clank A Crack in Time Killzone 2 and Demon Souls. The trend continued with GOW entering the next gen and Heavy Rain and it was complete when ME2 made the jump as well as a multiplaform game. The PS3 still has now big hitters like The Last of Us, Ni No Kuni and still to come Beyond Two Souls.

Best Single Player Campaign

Contenders Mass Effect 2,The Last of Us,Uncharted 2,Red Dead Redemption,Bioshock Infinite

Winner: The Last of Us: While Uncharted 2 has the train section The Last of Us oozes quality and has alot of great voice acting and gameplay styles to keep it feeling fresh. It technically is like the big bow out for the PS3. With many calling it the best of this gen. The Last of Us single player edges Uncharted 2 marginally.

Best Soundtrack

Contenders:Mario Galaxy,Mass Effect 2,Red Dead Redemption,Uncharted 3,Metal Gear Solid 4

Winner:Super Mario Galaxy: The brilliant score and amazing level deisgn made for some beautiful old remixes from Mario 3 and 64 but also some new ones like BattleRock Galaxy,Buyo Base,Good Egg Galaxy and my most favorite Gusty Garden Galaxy. Some of these tunes can get stuck in your head and are very difficult to get out. I felt it had a slighlty better score than the sequel so that's why it maade the cut and the sequel didn't. JUst my opinion.

Game of the Generation

Contenders:Super Mario Galaxy,Uncharted 2,The Last of Us,Mass Effect 2,Bioshock Infinite

Winner: Super Mario Galaxy: This was tough all the games listed had very few flaws but Mario Galaxy won the day because of it's take on gravity and spherical worlds. The amazing ocherchrested soundtrack,level design and power ups gave the game alot of brilliance in many area. Varitey also gave it the edge over it's rivals.

So there you go my awards for this gen hope you liked them.

My Awards for this gen part 2

This I shall be looking at some interesting subjects from the genres. Here are my awards for this gen. Some genres won't be listed because of the lack of games I have played in that catergory.

Best Fighter

Contenders: Super Smash Bros Brawl,Super Street Fighter 4,Tatsunoko vs Capcom,Street Fighter X Tekken,Mortal Kombat

Winner Super Street Fighter 4: It came down between this and Brawl but what Super Street Fighter 4 did whilst being nostalgic it added a huge roster 2 Ultra Combos and charcters to the roster and the community is still pretty strong too.

Best Action/Adventure

Contenders: Mass Effect 2,Bioshock Infinite,Uncharted 2,The Last of Us,Metal Gear Solid 4

Winner: Uncharted 2: A toughy but Uncharted 2 trumps Mass Effect 2 and The Last of Us with edge of the seat thrills a solid multiplayer and great voice acting. The train section alone makes it worth it's money.

Best 2D Platformer

Contenders: Donkey Kong Country Returns,LittleBigPlanet,New Super Mario Bros Wii,Megaman 10,Rayman Origins

Winner: LittleBigPlanet: The fact that you could go wild and great levels and even games if you have played the sequel just shows the brilliance of this game. It's always been one game to put a smile on my face.

Best 3D Platformer: 

Contenders: Mario Galaxy,Ratchet and Clank Future A Crack in Time,Sonic Colors,Sonic Generations,

Winner Super Mario Galaxy: No doubt about it Super Mario Galaxy reinvented the platformer and gave it fresh life with it's take on gravity and spherical worlds as well as amazing power ups and expert level design this made the Wii worth owning.

Best Racing Game

Contenders:Mario Kart Wii,Modnation Racers,Burnout Paradise,Sonic and SEGA All Stars Transformed,Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

Winner Need For Speed Hot Pursuit: Need For Speed Hot Pursuit gave fans what they wanted and what the series has missed a great sense of speed with the ability to also try a police car and deploy spike strips to take down speedsters but the joy came from beating a friends time and showing your skills to the world.

Best Open World Game

Contenders: InFamous 2,Red Dead Redemption,Batman Arkham City,Far Cry 3,Assassins Creed 2

Winner: Batman Arkham City: The original was good but the sequel gave you much more freedom which this time offered side quests,tougher challenges,more gadgets and also better boss. A masterpiece in every sense of the word.

That concludes part 2 the final part will be where I shall be looking at voice acting,most improved sequel,most dissapointing sequel,most dissapointing moment from this gen and my Game of the Gen.

My Game Awards for this gen part 1

This will be a blog split into a few parts which will contain Best New IP's,Best New Character,Best Voice Actor and many more. There is so many so let's get to it.

Best New IP'

Contenders: Uncharted,Mass Effect,Bioshock,Assassins Creed,LittleBigPlanet

Winner: Mass Effect: It was a toss up between this and Uncharted but in terms of an amazing trilogy the series just blew my mind forget number 3s ending the game was a top class trilogy with very interesting characters.

Best New Character

Contenders:Command Shepard,Nathan Drake,Ezio Auditore,Cole McGrath,John Marston

Winner Ezio Auditore: I really took a shine to Ezio it's not just that he has cool moves it's that you are basically with him throughout his entire lifetime from baby to teenager to full grown adult.

Best Sidekick

Contenders: Elena Fisher,Ellie,Garrus Valkian,Victor Sullivan,Elizabeth

Winner: Garrus Valkian: What this guy has the other don't is he is with you in an entire trilogy whereas the others sometimes aren't.Garrus Valkian is one of only 2 members the other being Tali Zorah to appear in all 3 Mass Effect games as part of your team.


Best Villain

Contenders:Ghiraim,The Illusive Man,Vaas Montengro,Andrew Ryan,Zoran Lozarevic

Winner: The Illusive Man: The boss of Cerberus and a strange sort of villain in Mass Effect 2 and 3 as in 2 he asks you to give him the Reaper Technology at the end. His goal in the series I think is to control the Reapers and use Reaper technoglogy but what I love about the man is he is just so cool and calm always smoking in his base plotting his next move. While you don't actually meet him in person till the end of number 3 his presence is felt.

In the next section of the blog I shall be focusing on some of the genres such as Platformers,fighting,Action/Adventure and also best 2D platformers.

Gonna give Ni No Kuni a try

Since I had credit from selling certain games I thought I would have a try at Ni No Kuni. It is a PS3 Exclusive. What concerns me is it's an RPG and I aren't really a fan of RPGS  but the games look and design has kept me interested in it and I always feel it's worth a look. I hope I will like it from what I have read and heard it is a very good game and one of the big games of 2013.

Will Assassins Creed IV be another dissapointment?

Since 2009 after the brilliant Assassins Creed 2 which is still considered by many including me to be by far the best in the series so far. Since then though the series has dropped dramatically in terms of quality no thanks to releasing a game every year since 2009.

Brotherhood and Revelations followed in 2010 and 2011 and to be fair Brotherhood was actually a solid game and many were happy with it but Revelations came out and well many felt they were throwing them out yearly like COD games. The trend continued but we were excited for number 3 because  it was a new chapter featuring a new character altogether with some interesting gameplay and high sea battles.

Many were dissapointed including me because the first 6 or 7 sequences felt like Tutorials in the game by the time you'd done you were just about near the end of the game. Many people who I have talked to say Connor was a bland and unlikeable character unlike Ezio and Altair and it had some technical issues in the game at times as well. Assassins Creed Liberations was also made that year for the Vita and got poor reviews and sales.

A few months later another game was announced titled Assassins Creed IV Black Flag and while some of the trailers do look good like 3 did are we in line for another dissapointment. I have heard the character is more likeable than Connor but that's not really to hard to accomplish because he was bland and unlikeable. Also you start out as a pirate and become an Assassin according to what I have been reading.

Given that in the last 4 years with every year release the franchise quality has been declining are we gonna see a change and this be up to number 2 standard or will it contiue the steady slope and continue to drop in quality.

My top 10 Games of this Generation

With the generation coming to an end I thought I would do a countdown of the 10 best games I have played this gen. This is just my opinion so if your favorite didn't make the list then don't whine about it.


10.The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword: For our first true Wii Zelda experience we got this which involved WiiMotionPlus,lots of creative bosses and an excellent orchestrated soundtrack. Whilst far from the best in the series it was still top notch.


9.Red Dead Redemption: Rockstars take on the Wild West saw you in the boots of an outlaw known as John Marston doing certain jobs so he could take down bandits who were looking to hurt his family. A great story and a fitting protagonist.


8.Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots: Snake returned in 2008 to give the PS3 the boost it needed an it certainly was worth it with all characters returning from previous games to tie up the loose ends. Also don't firget the Metal Gear Online experience.


7.Batman Arkham City: Following on from the previous game the Joker was sick and he used Batman to get the cure and stop him death. It improved in so many areas like the overworld,combat,bosses and the Riddler trophies were tough too. The Dark Knight was on top of his game in this.


6,Bioshock Infinite: The game came out this year but with the new setting Columbia made it a brilliant atmosphere and flying around on Ziplines. The edition of Elizabeth also made her one of the best gaming allies of this gen.


5.The Last of Us: Naughty Dog created this new IP after Uncharted 3 and with it being late in the PS3 lifespan it certainly wasn't just a filler for Uncharted 4 on the next console. Excuting so many different types of gameplay vareity like stealth and action made it worthwhile. Also a very interesting multiplayer component known as Factions sweeten the deal. Also the characters Joel and Ellie are very likeable.


4.Super Mario Galaxy 2: It was a massive surprise when we saw a sequel to the first game at E3 2009 but we didn't complain and the full game was yet another masterpeice. Adding strong level design,new power ups,Yoshi and 242 Stars in total for the completionist made it a very long game. The Green Star Challeneges were in some tough places and beating the Perfect Run as well proves that you are a true platforming master.


3.Mass Effect 2: A game I was very skeptical about paying top whack for but once I played a good 2 or so hours I knew I was playing a masterpiece. You now under orders of Cerberus commanded gathered squad members to help you defeat the Collectors. Loyalty missions were vital to get squad members on your side for the final mission and you could even have a romance with one of your crew. The combat though was a massive improvement and The Illusive Man one of the best gaming villains of this gen.


2.Uncharted 2 Among Thieves: I know there are people out there that say this ain't nothing special well after playing the first game you can see where Naughty Dog improved it in terms of combat,gameplay,more areas and even a solid multiplayer mode. The Train Section is still my favorite section from any game this gen.



1.SUPER MARIO GALAXY: While many say the sequel is better because it adds Yoshi and ups Stars and difficultly Super Mario Galaxy breathed fresh life into the platforming genre. Bringing back what made the Mario games amazing to begin with power ups the most in any Mario game since Mario 3,excellent level design and a rousing soundtrack. I mean Gusty Garden Galaxy is better than any in the sequel. The game totally blew us away with gravity and spherical worlds so you could do alot of things on a certain planet.With so much vareity as well it makes it only fitting that the original Super Mario Galaxy is my favorite game of this gen.


So that's my list what are your faavorite games from this gen Please feel free to comment.


Miyamoto saying alot of things lately are Nintendo feeling the pressure?

Mario and Zelda mastermind Shigeru Miyamoto has been commenting on so much stuff concerning things like F Zero,the Wii U and various other game info. Now I think the guy is a genius when it comes to creating insparational games like Ocarina of Time,Super Mario 64 and other amazing games but I am thinking is the guy starting to feel the pressure.

A topic a few weeks ago about F Zero them having no concrete ideas so that's why they aren't making one but to be honest the last few Mario games have hardly been groundbreaking. New Super Mario Bros 2,New Super Mario Bros U and I don't even see what so different about Mario World 3D.

Also a topic flying around System Wars about him begging for people to buy a Wii U. Now I don't know to much about the headline but I do know the Wii U sales have been poor lately no hiding from it.

Miyamoto isn't the only man at Nintendo getting talked about Iwata many fans want him to step down from the company.

Also if I am being honest nothing is jumping out at me to buy a WiiU.

Mario 3D World: A 3DS upgrade with 4 players

Mario Kart 8: Series seems to be running out of ideas

LOZ Wind Waker HD: Have a Wii and I can play the GC game on it.

Super Smash Bros: Haven't been playing Brawl lately so hows this gonna be different.

Bayonetta 2: Hated the first game massive dissapointment

Sonic Lost World: Looks good but not another to make me buy one.

Pikmin 3: Not played the first 2

I hate to say this but I am really worried for Nintendo. I don't hate them now but I just think the Wii U was the wrong way to go.

New Ratchet and Clank game revealed

Playstations loveable duo Ratchet and Clank are returning to PS3 this Fall in a new title called Ratchet and Clank Into the Nexus. It is rumored to be the Epilogue to the Future series and will ditch multiplayer play for a return to Single Player action. Some new weapons and gameplay elements like Zero Gravity will surely make sure Ratchet and Clank end their time on PS3 with a bang.

Even better is it's not gonna be a full budget price which sweetens the deal. Thoughts on the news are you happy about this.