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Super Paper Mario realease date

It's come out in the US and it coming out in Japan soon. Problem for me is there is no date for the Europe realease date. I am hoping it's not long. It looks awesome and I really want to play it. I can't see it being long though. I like the way you can flip and go from 2D to 3D it looks fun but there is no date for Europe and I am desperate to play it. It is hopefully no to far away.

Mario Spinoffs

I am a big fan of Mario and am looking forward to his future realease games Mario Galaxy and Super Paper Mario. I am goning to talk about his spinoffs titles and I am wondering whether they will be a new Mario Spinoff on the Nintendo Wii.


When the SNES came out he was in one of my all time favourite games Super Mario Kart and to me that has been a huge sucess and is now online on the DS in Mario Kart DS. He also has had an RPG series and some good ones as well. Although I have never played Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario I have to say they look very good titles I have played the Mario and Luigi RPG games and Paper Mario 2.

He made three more spin offs on the N64 in Mario Golf, Mario Tennis and Mario Party to go with Mario Kart and Mario RPG series. These were very good titles as well and even though I didn't play them at all I will hopefully get to play them on the Nintendo Wiis Virtual Console.

He made another 3 spin offs in Mario Smash Football, Dance Dance Mario Mix and Mario Baseball on Gamecube.  On the DS another Spin off title Mario Slam Basketball and two Mario vs DK games one on DS and one on GBA.

Now the Nintendo Wii has come out I think we will see Mario Kart, Mario Tennis and Mario Golf. Mario Party 8 I think is coming in late 2007 and also Mario Smash Football Charged I think is coming mid 2007. I have seen lots of different Mario spin off titles  on every Nintendo console since the SNES. I think there might be new Mario spinoffs on the Wii. I am not saying they will be but I just feel they might be because he has had more spin offs on every console he's been on. I think some of these Mario spin offs can be even better than the ones before and hopefully they will be good for the Nintendo Wii.

The reason I like Nintendo

Nintendo are my favourite in terms of games Mario and Zelda and Smash Bros and Mario Kart and others are top games. I like Nintendo now and I always will do. The to me have a great handheld in the DS and great console in the Nintendo Wii. These are much stronger systems than the GBA and Gamecube. Nintendo Wii is really great and so is the DS. The Nintendo Wii is I think better also than the N64 but all time the SNES had some great titles and so did the Game Boy. I think Nintendo has a very strong line up in the future for it's console the Wii and DS. I am proud to have chosen the DS and Nintendo Wii as my two Next Gen systems and I am having so much fun with them.

Reason I think the Nintendo DS and Wii are the best

Nintendo Wii was launched about 4, 5 months ago and is selling so well that lots of Nintendo fans can't find one. In the worldwide sales The DS is selling alot and it's got some amazing titles. Mario Kart DS, New Super Mario Bros, Mario and Luigi Partners in Time, Metroid Prime Hunters and more. With Zelda Phantom Hourglass coming also it could be amazing. The DS is doing just as well as the Wii. The PS3 and PSP are struggling against them

The games have been decent Wario Ware, Zelda Twilight Princess, Sonic Secret of the Rings, Wii Sports and more. The Virtual Console has titles like Mario 64, Zelda Ocarina of Time, A Link to the Past and Super Mario World are on it. There's more big titles to come for the Virtual console. Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario, Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario Kart and other top titles and the Wii has massive games coming up like Smash Bros Brawl online hopefully released late 2007 or Early 2008 and of course Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3. Pokemon should sell loads as well along with Super Paper Mario.  Later in the long run Mario Kart hopefully online, Mario Tennis online and Mario Golf and maybe even a new spin off for Mario in the future who knows.They might even be able to make a new Zelda game as well for the Wii.

 The Wii and DS are dominating in the gaming market worldwide and new audiences are coming to Nintendo and enjoying themselves. The PS3 sold well in the UK on launch day but that was only because there weren't enough Nintendo Wii stocked on launch or else they would have sold more. The PS3 is a shocker to me it's a poor console and nothing is decent about it. The DS and Wii are going to be the things to have and been a Nintendo fan I am thinking they have got a double winner with the Wii and DS. The rate the Wii is selling in about 5 months they will have overtaken XBox360 if it continues like this.

The Wii might not have the graphics of an XBox360 and PS3  but it is selling so well and the titles are fun. The Wii is going so well hopefully it could be the best seller soon. The DS is just  amazing.

old games I think would be great online

I have been gaming for a very long time now and have been a big fan in going online in games. Mario Kart DS is good online but I am talking about games I wish that have been out for like  a few years would be online.

Super Mario Kart This would be a great title to put online and it would be a hit. I know it might not happen but this would be a great game online for Nintendos Virtual Console.

Smash Bros Melee The thing the Gamecube lacked was online for this game it would have been perfect. The favourite game by many on a Nintendo Gamecube console 4 player battle or 2 on 2 or 1 on 1 battle would be awesome. An online tournement for this would be great but I am just saying it as an idea

Tetris Game Boy Version. To me the Tetris on DS was a bit of a dissapointment and hopefully many would agree the first game would be a great game and would be awesome online honesty one of the best games on Game Boy it would be awesome.

Street Fighter 2 Turbo. Street Fighter to me is one of the best series in fighting on any console I rate it second best behind Smash Bros. The would be a lot of people playing this game and an online tournement would rock as well.

Mario Tennis Mario Tennis on the N64 without the power shots this would be great and it would be a huge hit. If Mario Tennis is gonna be on the Wii then they might put the game online.

 What do you think. If anybody has any ideas for very old games that would be good online then say because this is just something I thought about because these games are really great titles for their consoles.

Super Smash Bros Brawl impressions.

I have only played Smash Bros Melee and liked it so much it was the best game on Gamecube to me and it' sequel is looking better than the last one. I am very excited about this game. It does look as though this is going to be the game to have a Nintendo Wii for. It is possible it might be online which would make it stunning and so fun. I hope it is online cause Smash Bros is to me along with Mario Kart the best multiplayer games around. I am so looking forward to this game.

Super Paper Mario

Mario first game on the Wii is Super Paper Mario. At first I wasn't sure if it was gonig to be any good but over the last few days I have to say this is looking like a great title. I am a big fan of Mario and I get just about all of his games and I am looking forward to this. It is looking Impressive.

Nintendo Wii, XBox 360 and PS3

Now that all three consoles are here its going to be great to see which console is the best. The Wii has a remote and the Virtual Console where you can Download old classics like Super Mario 64, Zelda Ocarina Of Time and Super Mario World and more classic titles. The PS3 is the most powerful of the Next Gen consoles but hasn't really got a big name title like Wii when Zelda Twilight Princess was a launch title for the Wii. The XBox 360 has a great controller and lots of games out and it had a year head start can Sony and Nintendo catch up.

They will all have big games coming out later in the year Halo 3, XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii, Mario Galaxy and PS3 Metal Gear Solid 4 are all big name titles this year. I think Nintendo has started really well and I think they are going to compete very hard and could possibly be the winner. PS3 has good graphics but the price is a put off for me and I am not an XBOX fan. I like the way Nintendo is going with the Wii because the Wii can not compete with the PS3 and XBOX 360 in terms of graphics but is doing something different and  but it has been very popular and hopefully it will continue. 

Mario and Zelda games

I have been playing games for a long time and to me Mario and Zelda would have to be the best 2 gaming series around in that time. I have played many of the Mario games but Zelda is a series I have got into the last few years. I have played the Zelda games as much as Mario and Zelda is great. I think that games like Wind Waker that get criticised for the Cel Shaded graphics is wrong.

Wind Waker is just like OOT but with Cel Shaded Graphics. It plays well enough and the gameplay is all that is important and thats why I rate it a good game. Graphics might not be what every fan wanted but it was a great game. TP is another game that got criticsed by Zelda fans of the series. It is just like OOT but with better graphics. The two games are similar but play very well.  I don't think Zelda games are losing the great gameplay they are brilliant and will always be. The name Legend deserves it's part in the title because it is a legendary series

Mario games are the same Sunshine was way to easy but Mario 64 set the benchmark for 3D games which have not been bettered. With great games like Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World as well as doing other things with the series like Mario Kart, Tennis and Golf. I think that Nintendo and Mario are amazing.  Mario Galaxy is coming soon and the trailers to this game look amazing.

I personally beleieve these 2 characters are great for Nintendo and as long as they make Mario and Zelda games they will be the characters for Nintendo.