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Oblivion :(

Well I got Oblivion yesterday and was happy that my GeForce 6200 series supported it. But when I tried to play it the computer restarted. So I tried again.........and again.......and one last time but no. I am not destined to play Oblivion :(


NeighborlyNeighborly. Yay. Those who are neighborly have a good number of mutual friendships, and the community as a whole is better off for them. Perhaps these individuals, in actuality, live in college dorm rooms, parents' basements, dingy apartments, or other such facilities devoid of actual, physical neighbors. Like, you know, the ones who come over to ask to "borrow" a cup of sugar or to use your lawnmower? Those worthless freeloaders, I swear... Oh, never mind.


I will hopefully be getting Oblivion in the next few days...........

..........can anyone tell me if it's really worth it?