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Work till you can't work anymore...

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I've been not here for a while. I've been so busy... I worked so hard that i never even got time to sleep, so finaly i got sick and had to rest.:lol:

Now i am doing fine and hope to be here as much as i can. :roll:

Hope you guys missed me. :P

Life after Avatar...

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I've got a simple question for everyone of you guys there.. What will be life after Avatar? I know nothing is going to change in your life, but what will you watch from now on? That laughter that Avatar brought, do you think that it can be replaced? And finaly what are your feelings after Avatar is over.:cry:

Inter kick off there Season with first practice session under Jose Mourinho.

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Internazionale taking part in there first practice session.:lol:

Mourinho greets the fans. Go Mourinho!!! FORZA INTER:!

Our Captian!!! FORZA JAVIER!!! ;)

Maicon jokin with Mourinho. :P

Toldo catching the ball with a smile.8)

José Mourinho with Massimo and Angelomario Moratti.:idea:

Handshakes with our president. :shock:

Cambiasso and Crespo:)

Bolzoni our future!

FORZA INTER!!!:oops: