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JR's Retro game of the Week

Ok, so ive been playing a lot of retro games lately, digging out the old consoles and pc titles, ive decided to showcase my retro game of the week that i have been playing, feel free to comment all you want.

The game ive been recently enjoying again is one of the greatest console rpg's of all time.Zelda - A link to the Past

This is one of pioneers in console action based rpg's and easily holds its own still despite being 19 years old. Everything about this game just exudes greatness, the story, the music, the gameplay, the boomerang (lol). This is easily one of my greatest games of all time, and believe if there was a gaming hall of fame, this is a game that wouldnt just get into it, but break the doors down.

Zelda 1Zelda 2

As i say feel free to comment, positive or negative :)

Wii Sports Resort Review

Firstly the Wii motion plus unit, it adds a fair weight to the Wii remote, although you get used to it in no time really, does add a lot of accuracy to the Wii remote that the sensor bar alone simply isn't able to handle, so although Nintendo really should of put this in when the Wii came out, fair play, the unit works and does its job to a high degree. Praise for Nintendo.

Now for the bad part of the package, this game although offers fantastic value for money, offers you, the individual very little reason to purchase it, me having a girlfriend makes this great value for us and we thoroughly enjoyed playing this so far and will continue to do so.

The graphics and general presentation of the game overall is pretty much similar as Wii Sports from when it first came out. Its nicely polished, has easy to use menus and very user friendly. The package itself comes with 12 games in total, but there are only 10 brand new ones, and bowling and golf make a return in similar fashion as well.

The game greets you by taking you though a very easy to follow video presentation in order to assist you connecting the Wii motion plus unit, which is very nicely done and very easy to follow (my girlfriend got it on in seconds), it then takes you through the initial process of actually getting on to the Wii Sports Resort island, which is fairly fun, you basically jump out of a plane and move the Wii remote in various angles to adjoin yourself with other Mii's to create formations in the air, until eventually your parachute opens and you land on island, very clever idea.

Once you get playing the game itself you soon get your favorites' (ours being archery), firstly the AI is similar to Wii Sports where you gain ratings as you improve in each particular event or game, till you eventually reach pro level, as per Wii Sports. But I soon came to realize that unfortunately with this game, that the AI isn't balanced in each game, for instance the Table Tennis AI has a steep rating curve as oppose to the Swordplay AI for which I continued to beat the computer over and over again without ever actually trying.

All the events use the Wii Motion Plus in different manners, the Frisbee actually feels like you can curve it round, and the events are nicely done even if it is very hard to learn how to throw it the way you want it (I still haven't mastered it), the table tennis is excellent, spinning the ball is easy, whip the remote up for top spin, down for back spin, it's basically Wii Sports Tennis mark 2 but feels very nice and it's really quite enjoyable. The bowling and golf are almost identical to the previous renditions except for the new 18 hole golf course.

The way the 2 returning sports utilize the Motion Plus is where you will notice it the most, the spin and swing in golf is much more refined, and the bowling is a lot slicker, applying spin to the ball is simple and effective. The archery (our favorite) I personally believe is the best done sport in the whole package, simple controls and 4 player with 1 Wii Remote make this the ideal event for a party if you don't want to play bowling or golf from the originals, its challenging and the various environments and difficulty levels for which you can go through means this has ample replay ability.

The one event I really didn't see working, and it doesn't was cycling, having watched my girlfriend take part in this event, it made me wonder if I ever actually wanted to play it myself, for which I haven't, for the simple reason that I brought a simple sports game, not Mario and Sonic Olympics. The controls require you to shake the Wii Remote and Nunchuk up and down in a running ****fashion but pace yourself so you don't run out of breath on the game, who ever came up with this idea must not get paid very much, because it's pointless.

Overall the whole package is very well presented and well worth you're £40 as a whole if you're like me, and have someone to play it with. But the lack of a second Wii Motion Add-on means that we will still have to purchase and addition unit at £20 in order to utilize the whole package to its full potential. Very disappointing, for this reason I cannot grant Wii Sports resort the high mark it deserves because that's what Wii Sports was all about, having fun with your friends and family, you simply can't get everything out of this without spending additional money. Maybe Nintendo should consider releasing a 2 Motion plus bundle.

is sad

Because i just decimated my staple puller! Had that since i started this job, now the week i leave it breaks! :) i been going to the gym alot, maybe its paying off.

Current Affairs

Other than trying to pack my bags to go to turkey next week I thought it was time for another Blog post as its a saturday morning and besides gaining my kicks from shooting random terrorists with electricital powers until my eyes bleed I decided to write this.

Ok yes yes, im playing inFamous, its a pretty good game, and although bits could be better, my thirst for superhero violence and evil damnation all things righteous was quenched.

Anywho, i may write a review on it so more to come on that. Basically I fly to turkey a week on monday, so im stuck in quite a predicament, with nearly having infamous done, do I start sacred 2, probably best not to because i have the memory of a goldfish even at the best of times.

E3, what a show, all 3 shows brought something to the table, even though I felt the nintendo conference felt pretty similar to last years, galaxy 2, and the new wii sports looks pretty cool, Microsoft, i really liked the look of project natal, but i really dont see how its going to be succesful to be honest, it will never replace the control pad because of multiplayer games, the sony conference i was rather impressed with, MAG is probably the highest on my radar of everything I saw at E3 to be fair, followed by the likes of Assassins Creed 2, Modern Warfare 2, FF13, Nier, Bayonetta, MGS Rising (it might make me dust off my 360), the list could go on. But i was quite impressed with E3 as a whole, so well done to everyone involved and cheers gamespot for some exellent coverage.

Anyway, im off, i got a suitcase to pack, lol! WOOP WOOP! :)

E3 has annoyed me!

For giving me so many more titles that i need to buy! lol! Simply cant afford to buy all the mint titles ive seen at e3 this year.

Final Fantasy 13 and 14


Warhammer 40K - Space Marines

Lost Planet 2


Assassins Creed 2


Crysis 2

Where will it end ARGHHH!

March - As it happened

Well its been a mixture of emotions this month, had concussion for pretty much all of it, football related injury at the start of march which left me with one useable eye and a heavy concussion (clash of heads in the box - im a keeper) meant my gaming this month has been serverely hampered to pretty much fifa to take it easy on myself, but all good now and im soon catching up.

Was planning on reviewing street fighter IV, but theres that many i genuinely dont see a point, just done a short review on the PSN title Brain Training, its a short enough game so didnt require much of a review. So check it out, only a minute or two.

Just started playing dead space, and UT3 on ps3 for the trophies, although i enjoy UT3 anyway. Dead space, hmmm im not sure what to say about it, i heard everyone going on about it saying its dead good, but its pretty bland in my eyes, it pretty much tells you whats gonna happen and where its gonna happen, dont get wrong its still fun, but its not the game i thought it was going to be.

Im still addicted to street fighter IV and Killzone 2, though KZ2 has taken a back burner since i decided to play a few titles ive brought but never played properly.

Anyway, adiós for now, more to come soon.