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All Movie reviews and game footage!!!

I am doing movie reviews for movies i have watched now, and i just finished Alpha Dog, which was amazing. but anyway i am doing all my movie reviews on IMDB now, and my URL is: and my xfire page is at:

enjoy biatches


Games I need to play

I have been playing the hell out of Borderlands, and havent been thinking about much else. but a lot of good games are still coming out or are out already. Any opinions are welcome. btw, ill be playing the single player of these games, not the multiplayer:

  • Modern Warfare 2
  • The Force Unleashed
  • Dirt 2
  • Dragon Age Origins
  • Assassins Creed 2
  • Just Cause 2
  • Mass Effect 2

Let me know if there is anything else i should check out

Im in the process of getting the saboteur, and playing ninja blade as of the moment(horrible graphics)

Another boring well rated game.........

I thought this was going to be an interesting or at least fun game, but it wasnt that fun at all really. The RTS style of the game was very standard. The graphics are amazing, but the story as well is a bore. It takes too long as well to do everything and youre enemies are constantly attacking you making it real hard to make any progress..............

Dont play this game. its a complete waste of time. Im tired of all of Lionhead's games like Fable, Fable 2 and this trash. I can only take so much cutesy stuff till i want to play a REAL game. Ill go shoot some stuff now

Starforce S***

all i can say is wow. starforce really did suck! i got the demos for King Kong and The Blazing Angels, and they needed to install "libraries" before you play, and even if you do, it tells you you still cant play because it CANT find the file! maddening! And then on top of that my sound went kaput, and i had to put my vista install disk in and repair, and unistalll programs i had removed before and install Deus Ex 2. Im glad no one uses starforce anymore, because its real bad.


Deus Ex

I really tried to play Deus Ex. I got kinda into it, but then it just got kinda unimpressive and i realized how dated it really is. There were times in levels (since they leave a LOT to the player to figure out) when i would go around doing many different things in a base for about a half hour, and then realize that i wasnt even doing anything pertaining to my current objectives. These days, its hard to bare glaring issues like these. WEll, i am going to play a bunch of demos i have, and then rate the games to let you know how the demos were! Ill play the demo of Breed first.


Indigo Prophecy

Oh my. Another game i WANTED to like, but because of its problems i was not able to. The problem i had with Indigo Prophecy within the first half hour was

1. The quicktime scenes are way too hard and fast, and you dont really know whats going on

2. I dont know if its vista or something, but the game ran horribly and anyone can see my PC far surpasses the even the recommended requirements. The game ran like a bad slideshow.

3. I read a user review from the user Mann_Slaughter and it seems that the game isnt that fun anyway.

As i remove this from my hard drive, i am trying another highly regarded game, Deus Ex. I got about 30 min into it and then at the time i think i started playing another game, but now i am going to try and get into it and hopefully have an enjoyable experience as all the people who regard it as the best FPS ever. If not, ill report back in my blog


Cryostasis = Frozen Mediocrity

Ugh. I started to Like Cryostasis. The creepy atmosphere, tense enemy encounters, and the interesting story had me for a little while. I then got to the 6th section of the game(there are 18 in all) and i had to do a mental echo. So you have to pick up a wrench, bring down a ladder, go up it, go up another one, and then flip a switch so this door will open and the guy you were with wouldnt die. Sounds pretty simple right? well for some reason i couldnt flip the switch, and i kept dying over and over again, so i just lost my patience. I then realized that so far it had been a pretty linear game that kept you going in one direction the whole time, and enemy encounters werent that intense after awhile, and the game just lost its intensity. Too bad, cause i wanted to like this game. Im going to try Indigo Prophecy and ill report back soon


Necrovision Stinks

I tried the demo for Necrovision, and wasnt that impressed, but thought if i gave the game a chance, it could be alright, kind of like a different version of Painkiller. It turns out its way too hard, has poor hit detection, runs poorly, and really only looks ok. The loading times are also pretty long, so it makes it that much more of a pain to play. I am going to try Cryostasis again and see how it goes, It seems to have been a hit and miss with most of the users. We will see

Yet another Old, Hard game

Ugh. I tried going back to Freedom Fighters again, but i can see why this game hasnt aged well. The enemies are way too many too overcome, the sound is only ok, and the gameplay really isnt that captivating. Well at least i gave it a try, but its not that fun of a game.

prototype Thoughts

I really cant stand to play Prototype any longer. I really like this game, but more often than not, i am finding myself with a completely red screen saying i died. Now i am not very bad at videogames, but this is just insanity. I have stopped at the part where you have to destroy this huge monster, Elizbeth Greene. You have to keep taking out her appendages, and it just keeps on going and is very VERY frustrating. I applaud anyone who finished this game without gritting their teeth in frustration. NO MORE DYING!!! im going to go play Bioshock or something now, and its going to feel like a walk in the park after Prototype atleast :)



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