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@Coseniath: Oh nice....good info. I appreciate you guys helping me with stuff.

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@Coseniath I will have to check the AA because that might be the case. When the game is optimized via Geforce Experience ( which pretty much sets it to ultra ) I get those dips which drives me nuts, so I had to set everything to very high for a smooth 60fps..I will play with it a little more.

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Judging from your CPU, your mobo wouldn't have a Z68/P67/Z77 chipset, so I guess overclocking wouldn't be an option.

Jumping from Sandy 2,8GHz to Ivy 3,4GHz would give you somewhat an upgrade but if you are going to give $230 for such a low upgrade is worse than from i5 giving $100 more for an i7 in gaming.

So if I were you, I would go for i7 (i7 3770 or i7 3770K) or I wouldn't upgrade at all.

Second, your cpu is a sandybridge quad core. It shouldn't have any problem in running smoothly any game atm. Why do you want ot upgrade it?

And third. If you plan to do any upgrade at all, UPDATE THE BIOS.


That's what I was afraid of...I don't want to spend that much money for a small upgrade, so thanks for the info.

The reason I want to upgrade my CPU is because I was ticked that I couldn't run FC4 on ultra at 60FPS dips into the 30's and I figured my CPU was holding me back. But it looks like I should wait for my tax return and do it right.

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I currently have the GTX 970 GPU and love current CPU is the i5 2300 ( 2.8 GHz ) and my MOBO is socket type 1155. I am looking to upgrade the CPU and the i5 3570K is at a good price right now on Amazon...I compared the benchmarks but being a novice they are just numbers to me.

Is this a good upgrade? Will it be what I need to max out most games? Or would it be better to wait for some of the i7's to come down in price?

Any advice would be appreciated!

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Balls....lucky you! Me, not so lucky

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@PredatorRules said:

As I understood you can OC the CPU but you can't OC the RAM - so that's not a problem.

Definitely upgrade your CPU to 5370K if you have the money for it, if you have another 25$ you could pick 4670 with a MOBO, but if you have extra 60$ you could even pick 4690K with a Z mobo, so yeah it's all about the budget.

:O. Broadwell i3 with unlocked multiplier? haha :D

He can overclock even his current CPU but I am not sure if the mobo will allow it.

All Intel CPUs can be overclocked even those without -K in the end cause they have unlocked multiplier if they have turbo.

His CPU has a 28x Multiplier that can go as far as his turbo allows it and when his turbo is 3,1Ghz, his multiplier can go up to 31x.

So he can o/c his CPU to 3,1Ghz without problems and this will be just 200MHz slower than stock 2500K.

I am going to have to read up on overclocking a CPU....never done it lol

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@Coseniath: The email from EVGA just says GTX 970 Supercocked ACX for $339.99

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@PredatorRules said:

@chikenfriedrice said:

I currently have A 660TI and I am thinking of upgrading to the 970.

The question I have is will this be a significant upgrade from what I currently have? And will my processor hold me back? I have an i5 2300 ( 2.8GHz ) or do I need to upgrade that as well?

Advise would be appreciated!

If you could manage to OC that i5 as close as you can to 4Ghz you'd be all set to go, about the 970 definitely take it.

What's your MOBO module? you might save couple of bucks, you might even own a Z mobo and you're not aware of it.

I bought this refurbished Gateway back in '11 and moved everything to a new case and upgraded the GPU to the I am not sure about the MOBO, I will have to get the specs on that when I'm home.

I checked and it's probably having H67 chipset, but just to be 100% I need the exact module so I could check for more details if it supports the K version CPUs, if so all you'll need to do is buy a brand new CPU without spending more money on the MOBO, something like the i5 3570K

Here is my MOBO