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Sure they're changing their names and not making multiple accounts?
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i tried to change mine too but they charge. it costs 800 ms points.R_MAHIL

I think they charge so you don't go changing your name ever other day. MMO's where you can change your name usually charge for it too. The option is there, but they don't want you doing it a lot or without thought.

How does PSN handle that, btw? Just curious.

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[QUOTE="Bassboy9764"]If you are a Mass Effect enthusiast then definitely get it. For 400 points is cheaper than most DLC packs out there and the quest itself was a lot of fun. It will only last 30 minutes, but you can drag it out to 45. It also has a lot of replay value. It was very well designed and easily one of the best quests in the game.Legendaryscmt

It was one of the worst missions in the game. When I downloaded it, I expected it to almost be like one of the main missions, with some cinematics, etc, etc. Bring Down the Sky felt like it was halfway between main and optional, and it was disappointing in the upmost. Skip it, you don't need it, spend the MP on something better.

Shacks - you know anyone with the game and the DLC who's got tastes similar to yours? Looks like this is one of those "your mileage may vary" issues.

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I think Gamestop stopped offering the extended warranty on the 360. Not sure about elsewhere. - will be looking for confirmation...

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There's been a rumored price drop of $50 off the Elite and Pro for a while, and an $80 drop on the Arcade/Core for a while now. September 7th is the alleged date.

Right now we're getting very close to the holidays (allegedly some places are *already* putting up Christmas stuff!), with a lot of big-name titles on all systems coming out very soon. While I wouldn't put money on the exact date of a drop, just remember that price drops are an inevitability, and right now the odds are very good the rumors are true. Note too that the price of the 360 just got cut in Japan, and the price of 360 accessories just got cut in Australia. - Team Xbox. Just like any pro-(insert system name), remember to take their news, rumors, etc., with a grain of salt. - reporting a rumor initially brought up by Arstechnica.

I'm hoping MS is going to finally start getting seriously aggressive with the 360's pricing across the board.

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Before folks go calling out greed, remember the vital part of these music games is owned by someone else; the music.

Don't think for one second the record labels aren't trying to get more money out of Activision and EA, and that whole industry would love nothing more for you to get your music via subscription and to pay more than the standard $.99/song pricing we're used to. The "greed" in the games industry doesn't compare to the music industry and the RIAA's horde of lawyers suing whoever they can. If you don't know much about that, you might want to start looking into that... its pretty disgusting.

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I think Sigmund Freud said it best a long time ago when he stated that "...sometimes a cigar is... just a cigar..."67gt500

^_^ nice