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To upgrade or not... hrm...

My current video card is a Radeon 4670/1g. Right now I'm considering/looking at getting either a Radeon 4850 or 5750 (they're about the same performance wise). Not sure if I'll need a new power supply or not (got a 375w PSU).

From a look at Anandtech, I'd basically be paying ~$100 to get a card that's double the power of my current one.

Now, I know I can look at the 5770's, 5830's, etc., but honestly since I'm playing my current games fairly well, but just want some extra oomph for framerate and details, I think this range would be okay. The 4670 was bought for ~$80.

Is this "enough" of an upgrade? Or should I wait until something more powerful hits that price range? Biggest game for me is certainly City of Heroes, but I'm also playing/buying a lot of console to PC games like Prototype, Prince of Persia (I want to turn the settings up on that!), Batman, Mirror's Edge, Mass Effect, etc. Fable III is a definite buy, I think. These are likely to be my most demanding games.

Relevant specs:

Intel Q6600 quad @ 2.4ghz

Radeon 4670/1g ram

4g ram

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit