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My takes on recent news.

I figured I might as well - posts tend to get buried before anyone gets a chance to really read them...

PS3 can use old game saves - Great news, and a smart move. Some Playstation games in my library never saw PS2 sequals or rereleases (like Puzzle Fighter). Also, people aren't going to stop buying PS2 games once they get a PS3 (for example, if God of War 2 comes out for the PS2, don't you think a PS3 owner would want to buy/play it also?); good sales, rare finds, etc. Sony will still make money off the games you buy, regardless if its PS2 or PS3.

Making sure you can enjoy PS1 and PS2 games easily is important for Sony because it helps fill in the gaps the PS3 is going to have in its library for the first year or two. That's very smart for them. It also adds value to the system (allowing you to play 3 systems' worth of games) and helps customers retain their previous gaming investments, making it a big plus for someone with a lot of games, or needs a little help deciding to spend $500+.