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Well it looks to me like four zombie/horror games were highlighted this year. THese would be Cursed Mountain, Dep Space Extraction, Resident Evil, and Silent Hill. Someone is going to have some disappointing sales. I don't think the market is big enough for all four of these games at once.

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[QUOTE="Dycras"]Like Miyamoto said, if theyd spend all their time to make trailers and crap to keep you all from whining, the game wouldn't be able to come out as soon as it will be.sremick
Right, because it's really hard to screencapture some gameplay bits, stitch together the good ones and slap music behind it. Get some lackey intern to sign an NDA, give him the latest build to play with and have him do it over a weekend. This isn't some Steven Spielberg production here. The above is all people need and were asking for.

You obviously have never done this type of work nor have you ever seen it done. You don't just slap something together for a presentation, especially not for E3.

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Madworld didn't fail in sales just because it didn't beat No More Heroes sells deosn't mean it fails in sales.


i think madworld already sold over 100 k in the first month. No more heroes took 2 years to get to 400k?...i can bet Madworld beats NMH in a year tops.

NMH has only been out 1 year.

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Stupid Game Stop.

I went sunday to pick up HOTD: 2 & 3 for twnety bucks. Due to Game Stop's policy of taking the games out of the package, the clerk had to go back and get the disk and put it in the box. When I got home and put the disk in, I realized that Game Stop had screwed up andgave me an Overkill disc instead. Needless to say, I am pleased.

Stupid Game Stop.

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Sims 2:Pets is my worst game. It's a complete waste of time and money. I don't care for Wii Play, but I ddn't buy it for the game. Like Jaysonguy, I justcan't get into Twilight Princess. Every time I turn into the wolf, My eyes glaze over.

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I think Guitar HEro is a great game. However, I like Rock Band 2 just a bit more.

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Ms. Pacman



Wizzard of Wor

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Oh, another thing. We are not talking about whether the Wii appeals to everyone. We are talking about whether the Wii Appealsto HARDCORE gamers.:evil:

Gamers that won't get up to eat for a great game

Gamers that are detirmined to get a 1000/1000 gamerscore

Gamers that won't stop till they get 100% Completion

Gamers that WILL finish the game on Insane, Veteren, Very Hard, Impossible Difficulty

THAT's what THIS is all about


There are not enough of this type of gamer out in the world to make a game geared specifically for them. All games have some casual componet towards them, they have to.

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By the definition put forth by some posters here, Okami is just a collection of minigames.
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Isn't this like saying Okami is nothing more than a mini-game collection?