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Final Fantasy 13 Vanille's Death ability

At first I had a lot of trouble getting this to work, but after a few pointers is very simple and works everytime. This ability works wonders with the Adamantortoise and Long Guis.

My technique is to have two saboteurs at the beginning of the battle, Vanille as the leader. I summon her Eidolith to make Adamantortoise fall and dismiss it inmidiately. When all three have haste, I change to all saboteurs and while the others are inflicting debuffers I keep using death until it works. If I don't get the rare drop I retry until I do.

Final Fantasy 13 farming spot

Final Fantasy 13 as all of the series are created for an almost never-ending play-time and don't get me wrong, that's awesome. But this game in particular is more never-ending than the others if you are going for 100% trophies. If you are going for the treasure hunter and master's seal trophies, I found a good place for crystal points and components farming. Is right in the entrance of the warrens. The mission where you have to beat Zenobia, but it turns out its just a wimpy Tonberry (yeah right), this mission get you 7 bomb cores and 15000 crystogen points and the target is right in front of the cie'th crystal.

I used Lighting, Snow and Hope for this one. I started with the guerilla paradigm until I got haste, faith, bravery, protect and shell. Also, Tonberry got slow and some times daze, this way I could rest between attacks. Of course, Light was the ravager, Snow saboteur and Hope the synergist. Then I changed to relentless assault to give him all I got. The fight takes me right now 11:48 mins and it gets me 5 stars. Of course my crystogen is almost full, I'm in level 9 because I haven't defeat Orphan yet and I have them all with full crystogens and the weapons: Light Apocalypse lvl 25, Adamant bangle lvl 1, power glove lvl 9 and connoisseeur catalog lvl 1; Snow soul blazer lvl 15, platinum bangle, sorcerer's mark and witch's bracelet all lvl 1; Hope eagletalon lvl 59, weirding glyph and diamond bangle lvl 1 and witch's bracelet lvl 4.

If you have a better place let me know to check it out.

Skyrim: The King of Glitches 1

Well, as all of you already know... Skyrim is the game of the year and also the game with most glitches of the century. I will be posting what are those glitches and what they do and how they affect the game experience. So far these are the glitches I've encountered.

In the Winterhold College radiant quest: The mission you get from Sergius to bring him a random quantity of a random soul gem, if you have in stock or in your house some of those and you try to get them and bring them to him, it won't work. The game won't recognize that you have the soul gems. Apparently you have to find them from that moment on. Also, in the Arniel's Endeavors radiant quest part 3, Arniel will give you a warped soul gem and a fire spell. You have to find 3 dwemer convectors and put the soul gem in it and use the fire spell to heat it for 3 seconds. Probably, you already cleared some dwemer dungeons where you can find these convectors. BIG RED WARNING!!!! Don't use those convectors. If you do, the mission will glitch and won't update after you heated the soul gem in the third convector and it will still ask you to heat it a final time. When you do it again, the game won't recognize that you did it. Use outside convectors or convectors inside uncleared dungeons.

Another glitch and an annoying one is if you wait to do some radiant or additional quests from a faction, you probably will risk to not get it at all. Example, I waited to do the thieves guild radiant quests and additional quests at the end of the thieves guild main quest. When I went to Tonilia to get the Moon Sugar Rush radiant quest, she didn't give the option to do it. That happens in the mages guild too.

Also, in the last mission from the the thieves guild where you have to kill Mercer Frey and take back the skeleton key and the eyes of the falmer. When you take the eyes, you don't get the update from the Larceny Targets radiant quest to take it to Delvin Mallory. In my case, I had both eyes and he didn't recongnize neither of them to buy it from me, but Tonilia did. So, I could sell them to her, so I didn't lose the coin.

That's all for now, so as soon I have more glitches to post I will let you all know.

Silent Hill Downpour: Trophy and objective glitch

Aparently, there is some kind of glitch in the game. First, At the subway shorcut that connects Hillside and Chastain with Pearl Creek closes up at some point and when you try to open the door at the Pearl Creek side, it doesn't open. Second, sometimes when you are doing a side quest or acquire it, you don't get the objective or the update at all. And finally, when you finish a side quest that didn't have an objective in the journal, you have to load a new area and/or wait for the game to save to get the trophy.

Silent Hill Downpour: First Aid Kit glitch

When you enter the apartments northeast of the police station using the fire ladder and the ramps, quickly run to the drawer by the door and open it. The screen will start turning black. Run to the drawer, open and grab the first aid kit. When the game reloads the area, go to the same drawer and... SURPRISE!!! The first aid is still there, but the game recognize you already pick one, so this is a free one ( all of them are free of course), brought to you by a game glitch.

Final Fantasy 13-2: Fair Fighter Trophy

This trophy is kind of tedious. The battle is more difficult than the battle with the final boss itself. Well, the battle lasted for like 9 minutes for me. I had all the fragment crystals and the chaos weapons (remember that the crystals makes the chaos weapon stronger), I was fully developed, my monsters were the silver chocobo, mediflan and apotamkin fully developed the three of them. My paradigms were Relentles Assaault, Diversity, Tri-disaster, Tortoise, Tireless Charge and Salvation. I started with Tri-diversity to rapidly stagger Rapastil, then when his stagger bar was about 600% or more I changed to Tireless Charge to maximum damage. Whenever he summons allies, I changed to Relentless Assault to dispatch them quickly before he uses Becheech or something like that is the attack. The point is, the attack absorb the remaining cie'th and become stronger every time it does it. And I used Tortoise whenever he used the Azelph Zero attack, it does a lot of damage and wound damage as well. And finally, I change between Salvation and diversity to heal depending on the gravity of my damage. Also, I had 99 wound damage potions. Believe me, you will need them. A long battle with almost all the attacks doing wound damage... is not a pretty scene. Like I always say, is not the time spent, is the delivery of the final product. And this battle is not about five stars, is about killing him in normal mode no matter how much time it takes you.

Final Fantasy 13-2: Heir to Chaos Fragment Crystal

Again, after completing the game and acquired the Paradox Scope Skill, go to 4XX AF Academia, re-play the level like the first time until you get to Dying World 700 AF. Here, turn on the Paradox Scope skill. You will fight a stronger version of Caius, AGAIN!!!! The curious thing is that every time you have to fight the stronger version of an enemy it doesn't put too much of a threat. But when is the stronger version of Caius, the battle is completely different, even your strategy has to be different. First, in the stronger version fights, you have to defeat him 2 times. His HP are low but your attacks are very weak against him. Well, back to business, use the same strategy as with Serah in The Void Beyond. This time you are alone. You will need the medic, Saboteur and Sentinel. Use Saboteour to attack, debuff and wound of course, this way when the second round starts and he replenish all his HP, he will only replenish the HP not affected by the wound effect (nice and convienent); use the Medic constantly to heal yourself, and the Sentinel to endure the heavy blows like Graviton Core and the combo attacks. It will take you like 9 minutes or a little less, but remember is not about the time is about delivery and no matter how much time you spend on the fight you will get the fragment.

Final Fantasy 13-2: Giant's Fist Trophy

You can acquire this in the Vile Peaks 10 AF when you fight Twilight Odin the first time. You need Noel to at least have 800 attack points and have learned scourge and smite. Stagger Odin and attack him with Relentless Assault to get him to 999% stagger. Time you last attack with his stagger recovery, make sure to use the ability attack, and when you attack him at that point using scourge or smite... Voila!!! 99,9999 hit damage.

Final Fantasy 13-2: Beneath a Timeless Sky Paradox Ending Fragment

After completing the game for the first time and acquired the paradox scope skill, you can re-play from Academia 4XX AF like normal and end up in The Void Beyond. When you are there with just Serah, turn on the paradox scope ability. When you get to fight with Caius, it will be a stronger version of Caius. If you developed the characters like me, the principal role of Noel was Commando and Ravager for Serah you will have a very hard time triyng to defeating him. I was fully upgraded and with the Chaos weapon and 3 times I tried and 3 times I didn't even got to half the HP. But, there is a good strategy. Put as a default paradigm with Serah as a Saboteur and your strongest Sentinel. This will attract Caius attack your Sentinel and you can focus on debuffing him. Of course, he has the ability to break the stagger and dispel himself. But that is also the advantage, you can use dispel on him also when he buffs himself and debuff him again. This way, you don't have to suffer the constant healing and the stronger attacks and as a Saboteur you will wound him. The stagger bar fills very fast this way also. My best Sentinel was the Silver Chocobo fully upgraded. The battle could take several minutes, but luckily you don't need to get a five stars ranking, you just need to defeat him in his stronger version to get this paradox ending. Also, I had double dose just in case, War and peace, Ying Yang, Duelcasting and Slash and Burn. I only used the Stumbling Block, the other ones were the remanents from Noel being in the group.

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