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@Metamania: @behardy24: I guess we will see if my story is less frustrating then lol. I always assume that the first game in a series is always the experiment. They try stuff out and see what works, then learn from their mistake. Of course, i know this isn't always the case. But i'm sure i'll be able to power through both games without throwing my Playstation out the window

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@behardy24: I still have to start my copy of that. I think i'll just play the first and second one on easy so i can get through the story.

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@Allicrombie: That show is my guilty pleasure. I hate to say i watch it, but every time it comes on i find myself watching it

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@BranKetra: Well let me know. I honestly have nothing to play right now. So i'm doing some marathons on Netflix

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@The_Last_Ride: I have nothing else to play right now. I should go back and finish Gears 2...but meh

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@The_Last_Ride: Yeah, and the Bastion easter egg. There was another one i wasn't too sure about, but it was cool finding meat boy and his gf

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@The_Last_Ride: Yeah. Shame on me for letting my mind go to this...but it really had me focused on furry porn the entire time o_0

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I finished Dust finally. I think it was just under 8 hours. The gameplay was awesome, but man that story was awful

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@BranKetra: If i'm not mistaken, Dust is supposed to be a fairly short game

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@Yagr_Zero: I'm actually trying to play through Dust right now. I'm having a hard time not seeing the whole furry thing as i play it