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@BranKetra: Sure, I have the next couple of days off and all to myself. Just give me a heads up when you wanna get started

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This sucks to hear. I actually enjoy hearing them on the various podcasts. I loved their distinct personalities and actually not being dry and boring :(

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@Allicrombie where are you at? i need some insight on KoA from someone that played the shit out of the game

i'm tempted to go through it again for trophies.

Tell the truth, how overwhelming is this game? I'm trying to keep my quests organized but they are just too plentiful. Every building i walk into has somebody asking me to do something for them

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@Allicrombie where are you at? i need some insight on KoA from someone that played the shit out of the game

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@Metamania: @behardy24: I guess we will see if my story is less frustrating then lol. I always assume that the first game in a series is always the experiment. They try stuff out and see what works, then learn from their mistake. Of course, i know this isn't always the case. But i'm sure i'll be able to power through both games without throwing my Playstation out the window

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@behardy24: I still have to start my copy of that. I think i'll just play the first and second one on easy so i can get through the story.

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@Allicrombie: That show is my guilty pleasure. I hate to say i watch it, but every time it comes on i find myself watching it

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@BranKetra: Well let me know. I honestly have nothing to play right now. So i'm doing some marathons on Netflix

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@The_Last_Ride: I have nothing else to play right now. I should go back and finish Gears 2...but meh

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@The_Last_Ride: Yeah, and the Bastion easter egg. There was another one i wasn't too sure about, but it was cool finding meat boy and his gf