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Mass Effect 3

I finished Mass Effect 3 and as far as i can tell, i did about as much as i can not including the online portion. I don't want to write a full review, i'll just point out a few things here that stood out to me. I really enjoyed the combat in the game, although i'm aware it's not the best combat system they could have done. There were very few times i ran into any problems while trying to run and gun. It did take me a while to figure out how to fully utilize all of my fighting tools, but once i got the hang of it, shooting and fighting was pretty fun. I liked the way the game looked compared to prior installments. Then again, you'd hope that when building successors in the series, the latter games would look better than the previous games. The characters' facial expressions were a lot better this time around, which is something they should have been better about in ME2. It was nice seeing what certain worlds looked like, such as the new areas on the Krogan home world and the Asari home world. Even the details on the enemies were pretty damn stunning. I had some issues with the sound at times, especially on the Citidel. It seemed to happen the most when i was running to a specific destination and a set of random characters were having a conversation. I'd never really hear what they said, but a mission would pop up on screen saying i needed to fetch something for them. More times than often, i'd go fetch whatever item was posted in my game journal, but i wouldn't have any clue as to who requested what i recovered. I also had some run ins with bugs still present in the game. They were mostly mission breaking bugs, leaving me with some missions not being able to be completed, and some missions where they were prematurely grayed out. A lesser bug that was more funny than annoying was my female Shepard getting her breast violated by a gun. It may have been something the testers didn't think to check, but it wasn't all that serious...just funny to see her poor boob get phased into. My biggest issue with the game was the back and forth nature of the missions. Every time you finished a mission, you had to go back to the Citidel. It seemed to break up the tension of the situation. I really enjoyed going into missions and getting stuff done, but when i had to check in with some jerk back at the Citidel (constantly), it just broke the fantasy for me. I had a few other minor issues with the game that weren't all that bad in the grand scheme of things. I remember a lot of people complaining about the ending. I ended up just downloading the extended cut from the beginning, so i was pretty satisfied of how things ended up. I'm not sure if i'll be up for playing it again with my male Shepard, but it will be a while if i do. Also, to everybody that b*tched about them including a gay character in the game, you all are really trapped exceptionally far in the back of your own closet. I'd suggest going somewhere and sitting on a cucumber and get over yourself.