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Dust yourself off PS3

So i've finally started giving my PS3 some attention after having it for a few years now. I've decided to play some DC Universe Online and for an introductory MMO, it's treating me alright. It's not as robust as WoW or Guild Wars (of course), but for a n00b like me, it's good for getting my feet wet. I'm still not comfortable pairing up with randoms...though that's with any game...but i would love to goof around in the hero world with friendly folks from GS. Hero or villain --- it's all good for me. I also decided to invest in Tokyo Jungle. I'm still in the very beginning of the game, but it seems like a darn good game so far. I have done just enough to mate for the first time and i've claimed 2 territories so far. I'm excited to see the animals that are unlockable. I'd love to run around the town as a dinosaur. I'll probably continue playing it in between my time on DCUO.