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Crazy moments in Skyrim - 1

From what i've heard about Skyrim, there are tons of moments in the game that just make you smile or facepalm or just take a couple minutes to take a sip of some strong alcohol. This evening, i had one of the smile inducing moments. I was on a mission, trying to track down and kill a werewolf, when who should appear but a dragon. Luckily for me, i've build up a high enough sneak skill so the dragon wouldn't see me. The big lizard just flew right over me and proceeded to attack the werewolf, basically doing my job for me. What really made me smile was the fact that they were battling super close to a giant encampment. So i also got a chance to see a giant get literally flipped around for a bit. I definitely gave the great beasts a big 'hell yeah' when they all did the majority of my work for me.