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US Presidential Elections

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Just a short post...I voted early and i was happy to see someone who was not a typical politician on the ballot Roseann Barr  All i can say after seeing that is Roseann for President 2012

Game library rewind

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So i finished ME2 on insanity mode and for the most part, it was tolerable. I think there were about 3 stupid hard i mentioned in my last blog, the other one where you had to go on the collector base the first time and are confined to fight on a small platform while enemy after enemy is thrown at you with armor on top of shield on top of barrier on top of regular health...and you with only enough shielding and health to suck up half of an enemy's ammo clip. The other hard fight is the last boss. The boss himself isn't all that difficult, it's just the surrounding distractions that will screw you over. After some trial and error, i learned a couple of well placed nukes really did the trick. So with that done, i decided to take a step back in my library and pop in Eternal Sonata again since my previous play through walked out my door when my first 360 got stolen. I honestly have no reason to play this game since i'd already gone through it once before, but i'm so damn curious about these 8 achievements that i'm missing that seems to be worth about 870 points of the entire achievement score. So i'll go through the game again and have fun with the bizarre story, maybe i'll understand it a little bit better this time.

Gaming out of my comfort zone

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So i decided to re-do a Mass Effect 2 playthrough. I've played through it twice already, both times on casual mode. I was able to unlock most of the achievements (all but 2 actually) and i was pretty satisfied with that. For some reason, I just recently decided to go for the last 2 achievements. Surprise, surprise...the last 2 achievements just happen to be playing the main game on insanity mode and playing the Shadow Broker dlc on insanity. Considering i pretty much play most games on easy or normal now, i didn't think I would be getting through the game any time soon. I have to say, so far, i've only run into a few road bumps. My AI teammates have had several moments of stupidity (i think they like the sensation of a bullet between the eyes), and i've had a few moments of enemies hiding between dimensions until i walk up on them and they shoot me in the back of the head. With the exception of Kassumi mission that has you fighting as one of two gunners, i've been getting through pretty well. Hopefully this will be an accomplishment i can put under my belt before i break the game disk over my knee

Oh Microsoft - Why are you getting my money?

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So i'll keep this short. I'm trying to figure out why i'm paying Microsoft all this money per year for XBL gold when they just turn around and hit me left, right, up and down with advertisements? It seems like a better business practice would be to let people who have XBL silver play online and do all the online stuff gold members get to do (netflix anybody?) but have the advertisements for the silver accounts. That way, the people that are paying money for gold memberships don't get bombarded with pointless and annoying ads. Just an idea that's been swirling around in my head. Carry on.

Guild Wars 2 Beta Code Giveaway

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Come and get it. Anybody that wants to play the new Guild Wars 2 Beta, go ahead and post a response here in this blog. The first 12 people who respond by Saturday's end will get a code to play and see all the new and creamy goodness that's in store for players. Once you get your code, just follow the instructions below and enjoy! =================================== To get started, please take the code provided and enter it here: This step is critical! If you have an email address associated with ArenaNet (by participating in the last beta test in March, or if you have a Guild Wars 1 account), select Yes on the registration page and log-in with your previously created Guild Wars credentials. If this is your first beta event for Guild Wars 2 or you do not have a Guild Wars 1 account, select No. Follow the onscreen instructions for setting up an account. Once youve completed the beta key registration process, you can expect an email prior to the event detailing how to download the client. If you have any trouble, please visit: ===================================

Almost 2 months

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I almost went 2 months without posting some kind of a blog. To be fair, I have a really good reason. What is that reason? I'm not willing to tell yet. Why not? I'll explain when the time is right. A couple people know already, but we'll just leave things with them for the time being. Until all the pieces fall into place, I'll just say nerts to you all.

I am sad :(

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So it looks like GS has gone through some additions as well as some subtractions. Congrats to CBS for acquiring the Giant Bomb crew. It's nice to know those guys are just a stone throw away now. I am, however, sad that within the addition of old (and new) employees, we have lost some very prominent employees. Stanley, Magrino, and Marko (relatively new) is no longer with the GS crew. All 3 of these guys have been major contributors of the site in their own way. It sucks feeling like you've lost a good friend after investing so much time with them. Hopefully all of them are able to land on their feet (or perhaps land a job with Giant Bomb *crosses fingers*) and we hear from them again.

So tell me...

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How are people enjoying Mass Effect 3? Is it what you were hoping for? Is it what you expected? Would you recommend it to newbies? Would you recommend it to veterans?

Podcast goodness

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So i've been doing a lot of podcasting lately. Mainly focusing on HotSpot and Giant Bombcast. Recently, I just started listening to a new one: Jay and Silent Bob Get Old. I must say, it is a very f*cked up podcast for those that don't know of Kevin Smith and Jason Mews. I've done maybe 4 or 5 episodes of it so far and each time, i've found myself laughing so hard that my abs hurt. It's a lot of personal story telling in front of audiences around the world. Most, if not all of the stories are terribly uncomfortable. For those of you that can stand a good dick joke, i would recommend checking it out.