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Might purchase a psp...

Might Purchase a PSP system.. but im unsure if i should get the PSP Go and download a few games or buy a PSP 3000 bundle...

any thoughts?

Modern Warfare 2 PC

Started playing Modern Warfare 2 for PC, and despite many complaints from other PC users regarding the multiplayer i happen to really and fully enjoy this game in every and all aspects of it (so far).

This game rocks... nuff said

Get it!

Getting Xbox Live in about a week

Getting Xbox Live in like a week, not even. My gamertag will probably be Jestertony1, and i dont know a whole lot about it so post here whats the best out of it and is it a good deal to buy that live pack (12 months of live, $20 off 360 Game, and more) for $59.99? Also put down your gamertag so i can face ya.

Spiderman 3

I cant wait for the new Spiderman 3, but what im wondering is if i should get the collectors edition or not..... with the collectors edition you can play as harry (new goblin) and fly around the city. Im more excited about the movie itself though. So if u can post and tell me whether i should or not buy the collectors edition or not?

A new emblem i recieved went away, then came back, then went away?

Latley a new emblem, "old school", Keeps popping up one day and then the next, it dissapears!! I dont really care about emblems but its really starting to bug me and i wish it would just stay. If you know any solutions then post. Try checking tommorow and it might be there, and then you will see what im talking about. 

Got Tiger woods PGA 07, and RR7 for PS3

I recently picked up Tiger woods 07 and RR7 (Ridge racer 7), for PS3, and have to say both are really great games. Tiger woods can get really frustrating at times when you do everything right but your shot does everything wrong! RR7 is alot of fun and is pretty much the same as the 360's version of RR6. With the online adjustment and tilt controller this game is a much better version of RR6. Once i finish most of it i will write a reveiw. Also recently i rented UL: DK (untold legends: dark kingdom) and it really isnt as bad as the reviews say it is. It is a must rent but NOT a must buy. It rarely ever updates armor and you feel like you are doing the same thing over and over again. But i do like the enviorments and some of the spells are cool. The graphics are between PS2 and PS3 graphics. A definate rent if you have the time but not a buy at all. I almost finished it (i would have except something went wrong when i saved it and i went back 3 levels). I might reveiw UL: DK but im not sure.

Xbox 360 doesnt work in...

My xbox 360 doesnt seem to work in my car. I have 14 inch or so pop-down screen in my car and when i hook it all up and plug it all in it seems to be working. But when i turn it on the green light just flashes and goes off. I think it might have something to do with the power in my car. My xbox 360 works fine it just doesnt seem to have enough power. If you know any solutions post please!

Resistance Vs. Gears Of War


Ive played and beaten Gears of War and Resistance Fall of Man. And i have to say its a close one. I just want to go over some highlights I thought that stood out and also see what you think about these to games. GOW is definatley more bloody and gorey than RFOM. The way the blook spatters on the screen and the chunks of guts and blood after you chainsaw them up. Keep in mind though RFOM has that blood on the screen affect too but the blood is you own witch kind of makes it all different, but still its gorey. So in the disgusting department GOW won. But when it comes to weapon change i have to say i like RFOM better. I dont want to run out of ammo and try to take cover while finding the right gun. In RFOM you can almost pause the game, switch grenades or guns without bullets raining on you. But GOW does have a nice way of just pressing Up, Down, Left or Right and boom you got your weapon of your choice. So RFOM won in weapon change but it was sure a close one in my mind.

When it comes to Next-gen games, visuals come to mind. In GOW the graphics are definatley better but can get choppy at some points and arent really clean. RFOM has the shorter end of the stick but comes back as it has slightly cleaner graphics at times.

Im going to make this last section quick. GOW has nice quick weapon change where RFOM has slow and sometimes frustrating weapon change. GOW = weapon change! RFOM has unique characters and weapons where GOW has pretty much only a couple different enemie types and the weapons dont change that often. The only unique weapons in GOW is the bow, the grenades, and hammer of dawn. RFOM's weapons each have a special like shoot out a force sheild, have homing shots, slow down time for great accuracy, grenade launcher, turrets, and more; RFOM had much uniquer weapons and many more enemie types.

For this last part it does not need explaining. GOW won hands down in use of coverage. RFOM gives you almost no coverage and get frustrating time to time. GOW is all about covering from bullets firing from over your head. GOW wins in use of coverage, nuff said. I would have to say GOW was overall a better game than RFOM, but either way they are both in the top 5 game of the year in my mind. If you have any other comparisons or thoughts post. Well, see ya!


Im playing Resistance Fall of Man, and i have to say its an awesome game. Theres just something i dont like about the menu's, it just doesnt look all greusome and brutal enough for me. I'd prefer a main menu that looks like the cover of the box. The game is lots of fun but there is just one thing about the game that i dont like but i cant find it. It has something to do with the way they die. The guns are cool and futuristic and the grenades are unique. You dont really use the tilt control that much only to ward of enemies that are on you ripping you apart. To me there is a small feeling of Prey in this game, with the futuristic guns and some parts where your in a spaceship like thing. Also the way youll just be bombarded with all types of guys and have to run to each corner for more ammo. I like how you can change weapons by freezing the game (R2), and selecting a weapon. The online play is just as fun. Theres all the classic types like capture the flag but there is also free-for-all where you brutally put into action with 26 other players trying to kill as many as possible. I highly recommend picking this game up if you have a Playstation 3.

Got the Playstation 3!

Finally got the playstation 3 at my Local Wal-mart! I picked up the 60gb version, Resistance, and an extra contoller. Ive wanted one since they announced that they were coming out! I cant wait for this thing to really show what its made of!
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