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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Why is this little, crazy game so addictive?! I have spent countless hours playing teeny, tiny battles again and again and again. I have had this game for about a year and a half. I might set it aside from time to time, but I always pick it up again and play for hours. Perhaps it is addictive because of the item and skill collecting. You're always trying to find that one last skill.

Ring King

Oh, my God. My current level on GS is Ring King, right? I had a dream last night in which someone appeared who was supposedly the original model for Ring King. Apparently, the game in my dream wasn't just a boxing game, it was a game centered around a main character. He was very goofy and had a mustache. There was a bubble near his head containing a single check mark. I assumed that this check mark meant that he or his game received a poor rating from critics.

minish cap in review

So, I beat the last boss in Minish Cap about a week after I got it. I really liked it. However, there was one annoying collecting activity that bothered me. I might have ignored it, but there seemed to be a lot of emphasis on it in the game.

You have to collect special shells to use in a shop full of miniature statues. You can't just buy the statues. You have to gamble the special shells. The more shells you put up, the more likely it is to win a statue. Every time you bet on a statue, you have to scroll through a dialog, perform an action, and watch a short animation. It quickly becomes more work than play. The shells aren't used for a darn thing other than obtaining statues.

Furthermore, I don't quite understand the concept of statues as unlockables in video games. I'd rather have new characters, regular art work, usable items, video clips, music, etc. There are little statues to unlock in SSX3, which is odd enough. Unlockable statues on the GBA SP seem like nothing more than teeny, tiny, almost random graphics. Of course, each little statue was accompanied by a hint or tip, but still...

If you ever play this game, either anticipate the little statues and decide to go crazy collecting shells, or decide at the beginning not to worry about them.

Overall, I would totally recommend the game to other Zelda fans.

Minish Cap

I'm very pleased with Minish Cap. When you shrink, you really shrink! I think running around as a character only a few pixels large is really cute. I'm totally shocked that my husband picked this game for me because I didn't even know that he was listening when I talked about it. Apparently, he went to three stores to find it and had a to ask a tiny kid what the new Zelda game is called.

Sometimes, though, I wish I could scroll through Link's tools with a single button rather than always go to the appropriate menu screen every time I need a new tool, which is frequently.