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I haven't been on here in ages.

I have no idea what i'm doing, where i'm going or how i'm doing it. It's been, lets see here, 3 or 4 years since i've been on here? Yep, some websites just lose their momentum after a while i guess. Kind of sad, this used to be my homepage for a while. And looking back, all the posts and blogs, make me sound like a stupid little kid, and that was only 4 years ago. My how time flies and changes.

Mario Marathon comes to a close!

Well I've been following the mario marathon for a while, 100+ hours, thats 4 days and 4 hours and over 111K money raised For the childs play charity. In case you didnt know, childs play is a charity for kids stuck in hospitals, and they get video games to play.

So, what did i do? Well since i'm all on my own now and actually own a debit card, i donated for the first time. And honestly, even a little bit along with thousands of other people, it still felt good. only $10.... i'm on my own, not rich.... but still every little bit helps. I'll post an image up in my images that shows i was there to :P

Honestly 4 days of mario, those guys are just good people XD and if you are reading this and have ever given to any charity ever, than thank you. You are a good person helping for a good cause. As long as its this kind of stuff..... helping.

If you put money into breast implant or viagra research....... revaluate your goals.

As for helping out the people who need help, feel proud. Even if its just a little bit you can give, its better than nothing <3

Gamers unite.

Yea....... time to mi1kshake!

Okay so my last post was... pretty pathetic. I was pretty depressed. Looking back, if I wrote something like that I would kick myself in the balls. And i did write that. So please, everyone, enjoy thinking of me trying like hell to kick myself in the balls. Nice little mental picture for you.

Moving on, chicks man. Reason for that last post.

I hate relationships XD

I started listening to The nearly deads, courage my love and blacklisted me. All bands with girls as lead singers and using my femme fatale team in ultimate marvel vs capcom 3. All the girls i need in my life XD

Moving on to an even better note, so pumped. E3 is days away. All this pre E3 stuff is making me more excited then ex-gf's >:3

Metal gear rising reveangance, Dead space 3, Resident evil 6 and hoping for some even more announcements. Maybe even a kingdom hearts 3 announcement. Not kingdom hearts 3d........ the actual next game.

Hmm what else. I made a twitter. and playfire. Both kind of more exciting then this site..... seeing as how this site doesnt get much action. Kinda like me when i had a gf. ooohhhh. That was actually more of an insult to me.

But hey. Who cares. Not this guy. See right here > < that space right there. Thats the amount of **** i currently give XD. Not one shall be given on this day.

I hope i have given you enough to comment about.... with our broken comment system. Have a field day. noone usually does anyway. So by all means.... all 1 person that reads this. Comment 50 times. I still wont feel important because it always says 0 XD

I haven't made a blog post in a long time

Perhaps I shoud make one. Seeing as how it will be a year since I have made one in about 23 days. Hmm. But I don't know what to say. Everything has just been........ so forced. Its hard to relax........ hard to even find a reason to get out of bed in the morning. I hate complaining, I honestly don't even have it that bad. Yet here I am. Typing this. And for anyone who wants to see it. Just kind of tired of it all. Literally. My insomnia. after having no effect on me for all these years is just exaughsting me nowadays. How is everyone? All my friends........ anonymous friends..... over the internet. Some of which i actually care about more than anyone I could meet. I don't know what to write.... What do you want? What is it that you want to read? Im pretty sure it's not this. I probably shouldn't even post this. This isn't like me, so why am I doing this? A lot of questions I really wish i had the answers to.

Breakthrough memories in gaming

I just randomly thinking. I know, me thinking right? Everyone hide haha. But as for another reason to hide I got my lisence today. Everyone tell everybody you know to get off the road, i'm legal now. But onto why I started this, I can remember some of the important moments in my gaming life. For example, my first system that I actually played was the ps1. And my first game, buzz lightyear. I had played games before that but thats what setup the gamer I am today. That was young for me. I was five, maybe six. After that came the ps2 system. First game was a yu gi oh game. Yu gi oh was a huge phase for me. As was pokemon. Took up most of my childhood. I think the name was duelist of the roses.....? Not entirely sure. But then there was games off and on. Never really had the time to play games. Way to much energy asa child. There were a few games that I played and enjoyed but the real game came when I played resident evil 4. First resident evil game and the first game that I actually enjoyed ona deep deep level that many gamers seek. This game burned through hours of mine and my friends time. Then my ps2 broke and I bought a gamecube. Naruto and paper mario and the thousand year door marked my maybe two months of gamecube before i bought another ps2. This served as my worst investment, I played it for a very short time before I caught wind of Resident evil 5. I preordered it and bought the ps3. With resident evil 5 still a week away i bought the first game for the ps3: mirrors edge. I beat it and played it until the arrival of resident evil 5 then i played that. No internet yet so i played everything with the AI and accomplished my first platinum trophy. Thats a sum up of the important gaming moments from early childhood to the present. Which reminds me of a quote from kung fu panda that I like. The past is history the future a mystery but today is a gift and that is why they call it the present. Good movie. A lot of those kid movies are way better than most adult movies. But as a closing I saw Taken recently. Excellent movie. highly reccomended.

Friends here on gamespot


Well I just got thinking, when I'm stuck bored I think and when I think...... thinking happens. So I was thinking about friends. I don't hop on gamespot every day, sometimes for lengths of periods at a time but when I get on it becomes interesting because of friends on here. Friends with friendship. Yay friendship. So a little shout out to some people

Triniplayer- If i have the right one, leader of the resident evil virus outbreak union. A very interesting guy, and the first person I messaged and ended up as a ranking officer in my favorite union which he so humbly looks over. He really is a leader, not only to the union but to me. His beleifs, however breifly ive seen, shows leadership and I would follow as the officer. Overall cool guy and keeps having me go deeply back into gamespot with his union. Off topic, his union is kinda dead/dying...... if anyone wants to take a passing glance and maybe talk...?

souleater289-Was cool..... then kinda dissapeared from the union. Just know I had some of my most interesting conversations going back and forth with him.

Tarikm92f- I think I see him the most in my comments and in unions, even if he just sees that i posted a blog clicks in and skips it all just to post a comment, he makes me feel like someone just mayyyyy be reading them. Kinda makes me feel accomplished in a weird way. Good guy, when he comments he agrees on views and even when he doesn't agree we discuss it, usually giving me something to talk about and him making very good and valid points, showing intelligence and good debating skills. I recognize him as a friend, along with the others listed here.

Wolfman_chopper- One of the few people keeping the board alive, although our conversations rarely cross, hes respectable. Nearly everywhere, which shows hard work and determination. Perhaps a little deeper, even though he probably doesn't acknowledge me I both see him as a rival(friendly as possible) and a friend on the union, again being REVO. Actually everyone revolves around that union here..... odd.

I have many other friends that are worthy of shoutouts both on and off line but perhaps in a later blog. For now, I'll just hang around see if anyone reads this and probably go through the ghost union s'more.

Annoying commercials

I'm watching tv and I have seen the same commercials five times in the last ten minutes. Commercials are annoying.
The ads say its a 3 hour movie premiere but its really a one hour reality show with 2 hours of commercials. That and k-rock. The music station. Its 3 quarters commercials. Good music, you just hear one song then listen to five commercials. Some commercials are good but not worth watching. Then there are just horrible ones. Subway! 5 dollar foot long....... your about to get 5 dollar my foot up your ass in a second. And cheerios. The bee. It needs to just shut the hell up and honey my cheerios. I don't eat them to hear him talk. Then there are the pointless commercials. "IT WILL IMPROVE YOUR LIFE, IT WILL MAKE YOU JUMP WITH JOY SO CALL NOW" then it repeats the number five times. Yeah thats great but what the hell was it? Leads to confusion. I end up calling thats what i call music 23 for what i thought was a viagra commercial! Oh, my shows back on. Alright, its about time. Ten minutes to type this and my show is just now coming on. Well, I'm gonna go watch it. Actually nevermind. Its a commercial again. :evil:

What makes a game?

I recently made a what makes a movie post, and now I'm wondering, what makes a game? After reading something that reminded me about past video games, I just sat and thought, thought about where all of them went. Now with the system wars and massive competition, games seem to be flying out at random just to try and boost the system. But my opinion, my gut feeling says no matter how good the graphics, no matter how good that HD is, you cannot, will not, and most likely never will impress me in games with anything more than a great story. For me, a game is nothing without a proper story supporting everything else. Everyone seems to be to rapped up in more blood or better graphics or drowning the game in tons of DLC. I'm not saying games should be void of these factors, I'm simply saying they should not sacrifice the storyline for such trivial things. It doesn't even have to be complex, in fact it can be to complex, sometimes simple is the way to go. Although for my career in life, I want to be the storyboard person, my facination with writing and my highly intelligent brain, I wish to make a story that makes a reaction out of somebody. For example, MGS4 and Infamous, both got me highly involved to the point of getting choked up. Choked up, not crying, I don't cry. And I want to see that in one of my future games. Books, movies, games, I'm always picky for a very good one that I see rarely and yet there are some breakthroughs that I look back on. And the reason I see them as legends was the story. I also prove that by liking the old games. I would throw away some of the high def blu ray ps3 games just to get a chance to replay some good ol classics, back when story was thought about. But I'm being a critic, I'm not saying nobody has good story anymore, there are still some out there that have good ones.

What makes a movie?

Yesterday, I saw Gran Torino for the first time, very good excellent, but not what I'm here for. I really am starting to wonder about how movies are seen now? For example, Avatar, that thing was three quarters special effects. I'm not saying its not good just getting to a point. Movies use millions of dollars in explosions and cool effects and yet here comes a movie with little special effects, little explosions and no over the top super powers or anything. In a nutshell, I'm asking is it really getting to the point where movie directors look for effects such as visual wonders and painting the screen with cg blood because they think its cool and get rid of the story? A plot, the main reason I see a movie seems to be being sacraficed for modern technological show-offs. I'm not saying todays movies aren't void of good stories, I'm just saying they seem to be losing momentum. Then I delved deep into it and really got wondering. I am now seeing so many good movies that its making everything else look like crap? I don't know if I'm comparing them or judging them dependently. I mean...... its kinda hard to put into words but here goes. When I see ninja assassin I don't go holy crap bruce lees fight went better than that I just say it sucks, not basing it off of anything and yet had I not seen better material would I still think it? Then as my closing ..... Jennifers body. Holy horse $h!t that is one of the worse movies ive ever seen. It wasn't even for effects, no, the movie traded a good story for full blown sex appeal. Thats all it is.