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Reading through all my old blogs... Wow, I've changed alot

Um... well yeah. It almost stings me reading through my old blogs. They suck. Don't know if I'm back or not, but I guess I just stopped by again. Used to really want alot of posts here... 47617, now. Oh well.

So um... hey :) I don't live in a box with a fox, anymore. Still spend an enourmous amount of time online and stuff, just not hither, heh. :P Been pretty disappointed by the NHL playoffs as of late... I see that I have a very nice banner, still, other than Ottawa and Chicago gettin' a wee bit too close there. Changes, hmmm... Well growing (MUCH) closer to the Lord (basically my last blog was before I really even commited to actually becoming a follower) has led me to go to Bible College next year for personal an spiritual growth, then on to heading into a 4 year path in Geographic Information Systems... finished my last track meet ever with only long jump, because that's all I qualified for. Not that I was bad or anything, and actually, after an entire year of sitting on the couch (cuz I quit full out track and only participated in school track), I did a pretty awesome job. Kept up with everyone, was a forearm's length behind 2nd place, but got 4th for the 100m, and although I had to go pee in an extremely swift fashion and my bladder was starting to weigh me down, I still manged 3rd in the 200m... but only top 2 make it, so I only got LONG jump. My last meet, on my very last jump, I shocked myself by being able to still jump quite far with 5.49m which is just over 18feet. Not sure how that's possible cuz I practiced it like 3 times, but only strong practiced once, lol... but yeah. :)

What else is new? I don't even know, but I see that we can link to YouTube accounts now. That's cool, cuz there's no way I'd link this to my Facebook haha :P So... well... yeah. Not sure if I'm making a comeback to GS or nor, because the thought of what I used to be disgusts me at some points... and in other ways impresses me. I left this when I was 16, and hey... I'm 18. I'M AN ADULT! Hope I'm better. Here's a picture of a mongoose.


He'll bite your neck right off your neck.

Also, if any metalheads are still following me, this Lashmush album is pretty good, I think. Newgrounds is a great place to find any type of good music you've never heard before. I don't even know if it's actually called following on here, but yeah... Instagram has gotten the better of me. *cough*follow lionwholikestoeatfreshcoconut*cough* Sorry, I have a bad cough.

But yeah. I'll probably come back. Maybe. Really the only game I've been playing lately is Skyrim. Such an amazing game and if I get to into it, I still get addicted. It's crazy how amazing that game is. I remember bugbag was so excited for Skyrim and I hadn't played TES before, so I was like meh... come hither Uncharted 3!... but now that I've played Skyrim... maybe I like it better, I mean what? Uncharted is the best, right? Oh... ok...

I doubt many will read this, but...

Well I haven't done this in a long time, and it's been build and built up in library, but I figure there's too much unrecognized good music to pass up telling you guys about. Way too much. This can't go to waste... this is the best I can do to get it out there. :P I've heard alot more greatness sine last blog, so I will share it. :)

Start it off with Artas.

Okay, I'm just gonna put them up, with no creative sayings this time, lol. :P

Little Ease

Winds of Pestilence


The Browning (My Mass Effect Song, reminds me of Mass Effect all the time)

MinstreliX is amazing...

The Betrayal


Thirst For

And back to others...

Peg-Leg Stomp!



A little bit stranger, but in no way less amazing, is Access Denied.

Norther is also great...

Going Nowhere

Closing In

I obviously love Kalmah, but I found another great song by them, recently...

Doubtful About It All

And Lunarsea is also great.

And last, but not least, I adore the beginning of this song! The rest is great, too.

Decoding Reality

Hope you enjoyed. :)

Thoughts on Mass Effect 3

On the 6th I got Mass Effect 3 after pre-ordering it, although I never downloaded the Prothean. But whatever, he still comes up in the game, anyway. But I thought this game was great. I did like the idea behind Mass Effect 2 better, with the team building and suicide mission, but the Mass Effect 3 story I did think was better, and also quite a fair bit more emotional. There were a few glitches, I found. Only one of them froze me in an elevator and went loco on me. :P So yeah, it was pretty clean and the combat I still liked, alot. I schtickied lots of Brutes. :P But now as I see it, I come to a dilemma...

For video games, I am torn... Who is better, Elena or Liara? I now find that I am tied between both... For those who like Chloe of Tali, I see how your choice would be easy, but I'm different. :P I can't decide! D:

But I know who not to pick... BANSHEE! D: Hate those things! :evil: Marauders were cool, tho :)... but anyways... I must say there were things in this game that impressed me so much. Like walkin through the tube of non gravity... Loved how disorienting it was.

So yeah, Timothy Shepard (mitu, I wasn't thinking of you when I named him) :P, with his handlebar mustache and short blonde hair once again returned to my liking.

Hackett out.

Embrace the Storm

It's beautiful, yet eerie at the same time. I dunno, I just really love this song and it reminds me of great things. It's like Creeping Beauty sort of thing. I guess I just wanted to see if you guys liked it.

Embrace the Storm - Stream of Passion

Try it :)

I Have No Buisness With the Trout

My nostrils kinda hurt when I cut them off with a saw. I should probably not do that again. It hurts. The time is coming for the Rangers to rise and then fall into a garborator. Sixteen times I was laughed at, and seventeen femurs climbed their way into the monster's stomach, and you think it's a coincidence? What a shamrock you people drink with spoons. I think the sun hurts my eyes, and my gaze now sets on the last pack of purple peanuts. It's over, they say, but I do not believe them.

Girls are good, but fresh fish is bad. The trout took my eyes, but I have no business climbing into his cave... UNDER WATER! Swimming through this molasses is rather difficult. It's like my hockey game on the highest level. Fat seeds of the mug. The bulldog's face drips into my mouth, and it tastes like saliva. Takes away my pain.

Sausages were always quite tasty, but I really liked watching crocodiles tickling my father. It made me feel like my dog was still alive. People were nice to me, and I was a frog. I was a bazooka in an anthill. My favorite food is good. In the sink, there were flowers, so I took a pan and France happened. So now, dear children, stop what you are doing and listen to the abyss. The sound of rectum picking monkeys and chonologically enhanced fresh dolphin hunters. Take them, do not.

But no, the trout is not my bro homeski, but I respect his depression methods.

And... um...


So hope you all have a lovely day picking flowers and thigs and stuff. :)

All Star

Daniel Alfredsson... he... just... picked bad players for the hardest shot in the skills competition, that's all. Obviously Shea Weber was a great choice, but you can't take Stamkos and Edler out of it for you and your teammate, Jason Spezza. They better prove that they can shoot harder than atleast 100, cuz Stamkos and Edler sure can. I think the skills competition should be chosen by others, and also that the elimination shootout should have everybody in it. Just a few adjustments, y'know.

But anyways, for those who do not know what I speak of, here's some new music. Best is last. :P

Fairyland (May not appeal to you, but I like it)

Come to think of it, maybe none of these will appeal to you, unless you like HEAVY ROCK! :P Not metal, tho. More industrialish technoish heaviness. Okay, to get it out, it's Celldweller, Fiend and Blue Stahli. Enjoy. :P

But first, here's an alternative song. :) Clockwork

Pursuit of the Hunted

Narrow Escape


I Can't Wait

Takedown (Sounds like it should be on a sport video game soundtrack, and I think it is, but not sure which one.) :P





ULTRAnumb (Craziness!)

And, these are not new to be, but they remain my all time favorite songs, so here they are. :) Unbesiegt///Scarlet to Snow

And also, Underworld Evolution Song! :o

So that's my blog :)