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Sony Conference 2011

Sony did an excellent job this E3 in my opinion. It was the only press conference that was good in my opinion. THe two games that definatly stole the show for me was Uncharted 3 which looked excellent! and the new Sly Cooper which made me very happy and I was thrilled to see. When I heard the song I was like yay! and then when I saw Dimitri I thought that it wouldn't have Sly and it was just about Dimitri...and then when I heard Sly's voice I was happy again. They kept me on my toes. Anyway, the 3D TV bundle looked like a really really good deal and I can't decide weather to get that or to just get a bunch of games like Sly Cooper, UC3, MW3, and Battlefield 3. We will see. Lastly, I think that the PSVita is really cool but the Uncharted game looks kinda lame with the touch screen controls. Oh well. Also dissapointed that they did not show the Ratchet and Clank game witch I was definatly looking into. Can't wait for the Nintendo press conference tomorrow and the live stage show.


SUMMER! and E3

So whats up everybody. E3 is coming up and I am very excited, also I'm off of school which is awesome. I made it through Freshman year. Now that I have a lot of time on my hands, im gaming a lot more and I have more time to return to my old unions and join the threads again. I have gotten into renting video games and right now I have Medal of Honor in my possession which is actually a really good game in my opinion. I would also like to rent L.A. Noire and Crysis 2. Also, with the playstation welcome back program I can get Infamous and LittleBigPlanet for free which is awesome because I never played those games. My brother got Portal 2 for his birthday so that means that I have a total of six games to play this summer which will keep me occupied for a long while. See you all in the threads and happy E3!


Calling all Killzone 3 Players!

Hey guys so for my first blog in quite a long time I just want to say that I have been playing a ton of Killzone 3 and it is very fun. I think everyone with a Ps3 should try it. Also, soon I will put up my review for Killzone 3, and while I have not played Killzone 2 to compare I must say that I strongly disagree with Gamespots review.

Anyway, back to why I made this blog. I want to start a clan on Killzone 3 but I currently do not have any friends in it right now and I do not want to just add random people that suck and that I dont know. So I was wondering if anyone that plays would be interested in joining my clan.The clan isgunna be called "Impulse" and our slogan would be "when there is no time to think, you have to act on Impulse." Kinda cheesy i know but its okay. I am up for suggestions though so leave a comment it you want.


P.S. My accound says that I am currently in Gamespot UK but I live in California. If anyone knows how to change this it would be cool if you messaged me or something. Thanks

Well I've Done It Again!

So another short blog today (but when are my blogs long anyway). I have done it again. This is the fourth time in 3 years that I have sprained my wrist. Im pretty ticked because I cant play basketball, which i do all the time, and I cant even play videogames. haha Its a struggle just to type this. It happened in P.E. today when we were playing flag football. I tripped and thats how it hapened. I wont be on PSN in a while so see ya guys. But i will probably still come on Gamespot.


What should I do with my Wii?

So hey guys short blog this time but there is something on my mind currently. As most of you know I own a Wii and a Playstation 3. I love my PS3 and i play it all the time. There are also many many games that look really good and that I want for the PS3. On the other hand I haven't played my Wii literally once since I got my PS3 almost a year ago. I feel like it is a complete waste just sitting there collecting dust. So I want to know from you guys if you think that I should sell my Wii and use the money for something that I will actually use. So if you could help me make up my mind that would be great. Im not saying I will listen to your opinions exactly but I will definatly take it in to consideration when I make up my mind.


Got Dead Rising 2 Yesterday!

So quick blog today, but i just want to share to you guys that i got Dead Rising 2 yesterday! it is a very good game so i will probably be puttin up a review soon. Um but mainly if you have the game than you can send me a message some time through PSN and we can do co-op if you want. Also leave a comment tellin me what you think of the game i want to see what peoples thoughts are.


Birthday Soon and Updates

Hey guys haven't been on in a while like usual. Just checkin in with everyone and sharing a couple thoughts. So my birthday is this wednesday and i got a couple games in mind. Im thinking of getting money and buying Fallout: New Veges and Call of Duty Black Ops.I ditched medal of honor cause i really didn't like the beta. So leave a comment saying if you agree with my two game or what two games you think i should get money for instead. So on my second topic, my union "Extreme Playstation Union" is not doing so well. Now it is almost dead and I just do not have the keep it updated and running. I would like to thank the few people that are retuning frequently and being active for just being active. If one of you guys like javinho wants to take over the union just message me and i will hand it over. (Im only giving it to one of my current officers) Although i don't think there is much that anyone can do to save it but you guys could give it a try. I will be updated some stuffs later and cya.


My Bracket is Up

So i just finished making my greatest game villain bracket and my winner was Bowser of course. Any mario fan would vote bowser. It came down to Bowser and Dr. Nefarious. I love mario and ratchet games so of course i voted for them. If you haven't made a bracket yet than you probably should cause they take about 5 min and they are a lot of fun.

Thanks- Chedder221

1 year on GS!!! for a while now...

Well i was just lookin around and i realized that i have been on Gamespot for a whole year now!! Well actually since June 27th. Oh well so im a little late haha i have not been as active lately just because im getting kinda bored, there ain't much to do around here. Oh well, but anyway i just felt like there had to be a blog about this. It seems like such a short time since i joined GS and also joined my very first union. My first union was the Nintendo All-Stars so thanks to all you guys for making me part of the community.

In other news, after playing the Medal of Honor beta i decided that I do not want that game over Black Ops, so I went to gamespot and preordered Black Ops. I will get the beta soon and make my final decision. I also will be getting either Fallout: New Vegas or Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2. Im still debating that. I also having a birthday coming up in September which is right around the corner.

Can't beleive it is August, school starts in 9!!!!! days for me!!!!!

Im gunna be a Freshman and im in High School!!!!

so cya guys


Internet Works Again

So just my luck right when I get video games back, the power goes out. Then after about an hour it comes back on, but the internet don't work. So that is why I haven't been on gamespot in a week and why I haven't logged on PSN in a while. It wasn't too bad though because I still got to play my new games.

I have about 20 stars in SMG2, but I haven't been playing it much. I reached Act 3 in MGS4 last night, and I have played a TON of Fallout 3. I must say, out of the three Fallout is the best. I love it in every way.

So my internet works again but my wirless is still messed up so I still can't log on and I still can't play the Medal of Honor Beta which I have been waiting for forever.