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Holidays are fun

Well im back from my holiday and it was a blast, although I thought we were going to spain we went to an island owned by spain called Lanzerote, it is an volcanic Island and the landscape was brilliant, its high cliffs and sandy beaches were great, but it was a bit to windy for my liking, the temperature was nice as well but I think it was a bit to hot as my back is peeling like crazy. I was there for 1 week and I went with my Mum, two sisters Emilie and Katie, Katies boyfriend and my grandma. The Villa was nice and was right near the shops so we could get food and gifts.

Now on to games. It is E3 time and Im already got loads of games im saving up for but the one game Im defiantly going to get is Animal crossing, and maybe Wii sport resort. I have now unlocked all fighters and arenas in brawl so Im now going to try the on-line mode so if you fancy a fight PM me.

Going on holiday in 1 week.

Well this month is fun, not only did I get brawl on launch day when I was visiting my famile in kent, but in one week from now I will be going on an nice holiday. and now I have got my Wii on-line I can now get my ass kicked by people all over the world. Anyway now my leg is in almost perfect condition I am back to my old annoying self again! I just cant do anything stupid while Im in Spain.

The healing processes is a painful one.

Now my leg is out of that cast I can walk and bend my leg again, although it is very swolen and there is a big painful bruse on the right of my knee, so whenever I lie down It hurts a lot, so sleeping is a pain, along with other things.

Anyway, on to the exams, I have now sat though 5 exams and I found 3 of those very easy, and so did the rest of the schol, and now AQA accidentally printed some of the music details on the back of the sheet, you wonder what do they take us for?, oh well, Im sure our luck will soon change.

Speak to you later.

Im back!

Hello again, remeber me? no? meh, I dont remember you as well. These last 2 Gamspot free months have been a bit...eventfull to say the least.

Firstly my leg. It got dislocated about 2 weeks ago and it is a royal pain in the butt..or leg. And I also made a amazing discovery! If you have those walking stick things they give you at the hospital, then the girls will go swarming around you wanting a go!

apart from the leg, My GCSE's are in 2 weeks. so I will still be the leg cast when Im sitting the first exam, oh well wish me luck!

anyway, Chazer 127 signing off.

Opticians appointment

Opticians appointments are usually casual, nothing scary, But not at the one I go to, Oh no, That twisted freak could pass as the next Mikael Jackson :shock:. so, when me and my little sis went to get our eyes checked out we thought it would be the general stuff, Go in, check eyes, pick specs, go out, No. this time the person started to take the piss out of my little sister and tell her she was dumb and looked like a "cow with a rat stuck on her face" I was furious as he made her cry, I didnt do anything though, anyway I got a nice pair of designer glasses so I will be smarter looking in no time.

what the hell is my new rubbish banner about?

well, I like to sprite, and I like to think, add the two together and you have the project Im doing, nothing fancy right now (because Im using paint) but Im hoping, If I get the script done soon it could be good, and If anyone wants anything to do with it then ask. So far 3 people are helping me out and I could use more. Anyway The hex project, sprite comic and is only 10% done so...just wait and see what happens.


Well my sister is here for five days which is nicve because she lives in Kent, and we were a close familie so the move got us all upset, so to me my Familie is the most important thing to me right now, sorry for wasting your time but I just felt like sharing that...fishsticks!

My PC is back....and has lost everytthing

Got my PC back from my Uncles place and I thought it was going to have all of the files it start with...No, I seem to be lacking Microsoft Paint, Movie maker and other items every PC shold have, so now I got my PC back and I cant work on my little project I have been working on for 2 months...which sucks...Oh well, At least I can play that PC game I got ages ago

half term at last!

Well today is the start of half term so right now almost everyone is relaxing or going out with there girlfriends...well this weekend isnt going to be that smooth, I told my mum I would like to stay here instead of my uncles this weekend so Im staying here...But my sister has got a sleep over party which means anoying year 8 laughing, running and making a LOT of noise...Im starting to regret asking if I can stay home *Sob*

week so far

Im tired, Most probably because at the end of school me and 30-40 other people had to resit an GCSE exam for about an hour, which sucks when you end up staring into space for half the time. But apart from that this week has been Ok so far...Just need to get my Pc back from my uncle soon...Im getting tired of going on my Mums Pc just for the Internet.
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