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My fanboy evolution!

Fanboy-anism= the act of being a fanboy and believing like a true fan

You see, i cought that disease back in GUNDAM days...

It all started when i got a gundam game... which i actually forget the name of... when i was gripped on forever to be known as a fanboy. After that one game, i purchased EVERy gundam game that came out previously, and i got my eye set on my first antagonist= protagonist game, which i forget the title, but i remember it has something to do with ZEON, or the evil faction in the gundam series... YOU GOT TO BE THE BAD GUY!!! i remember i played that game for like a year straight, every year. Up untill the faithfull year of 2007, that is.

2007=the launch of the xbox 360. There was one thing that made me buy the 360 over a handfull of ps3 games, and it was not halo. It was indeed, mass effect. I remember playing an OXM demo and checking out a trailer of mass effect... i was AMAZED. so, i finally got my hands on that game and played, you won't believe it, over 500 hours worth of mass effect! Later on in 2008 era, i got halo 3, which did not appeal to me seing as i didn not have LIVE.

Well, as it turns out, in 2009 i was WAY overhyping mass effect 2, drooling over the same trailer, over and over and over again... then in the blink of the eye i had that game in my xbox 360! Truth is, i was AWED for the first 2 hours. The reason for that is because my 72' panasonic from 1992's color split, in other words, blues seperated themselves from yellows, which looked HORRIBLE, like some 3d movie without glasses on my humongous TV. My friends started getting into Halo 3 at this time ( a lil late, lol) and this person who goes by the gamertag of Mace Windu the, who i know from the island i live on, got me super addicted to halo 3.

I never played halo 2 because i wasnt alowed to play M games at the time, HA, so i never got to sample that online experience. But halo 3 had something trully epic about it... the campaign trully shined as bright as Sol and the multiplayer didnt seem like much at first. Then i subscribed to LIVE GOLD for a year, and OMGBBQ!!!!! I became a true halo fanboy. Now, instead of seeing me on gamespot like you used to, im usually looking for maps on and overhyping halo reach... which i hope can BEAT the hype!

in between mass effect and halo add battlefield, i just didnt like COD because of ACTIVISION and their cheapness, so i strayed to a more realistic shooter.

so there you have it, i am officially a fanboy, but not the OMG COD SUCKS! kind. So, you can catch me over at under the name of IvoryCharlie

Good Hunting readers!


halo reach beta: my review and predictions

Well, sorry i was absent from posting for a while... finals are coming up next week and the halo reach beta came is just in the nick of time... so, seing as i cant post a review for halo reach, heres the review for the beta:


controlls: 7/10


frame rate:9/10



customization attempt: 5/10

game modes: 8/10

Overall, this beta is great, was great, and will always be remembered atleast by me. Individually, i hate how they mapped the armor abilities on the controller, it throws off what made halo 3 great; BUMPER JUMPER!!! Except for the controlls, the armor abilities are decent... armor lock is good, but you can get splattered while you engage it which leaves me with some WTF moments, like me going into armor lock in invasion and a tank splatters me so the elites win... invisibility is a fail, they should remove the map jammer, as it screws with the person invisible more than the person who is not, and for some reason, the reticule turns red and auto aims on the invisible target... not nice, jetpacks are perfect, and sprint is a tad too wierd, as if you have an energy sword, it has to "redraw" after sprinting, even though it is already unsheathed. customization=fail because everyone was expecting something more, like forza style emblems, custom paint jobs, rather than just shoulders and main, and i thought that the customization for armor would go way deeper, like visor color, how dirty or scratched helm is, etc. then again... this isnt fable 3... frame rate and graphics are nice, although, it does get a bit choppy when you try to reload or when 3 grenades go off simultaniously infront of you, or a tank shoots. so honestly, im looking forward to halo reach, but they have huge potential with the customization, they better not blow it.

To all you skilled Halo 3 players

I am long overdue for this, but i am ready and able to put me, aswell as 3 other skilled halo 3 players, in halo hall of fame. What am i talking about? i'm talking about Vidmaster Challenge, Annual!

April 1st is the date, add my gamertag, IvoryCharlie and post, "i'm in" on the comments if you want to try to beat the epic achievement and forever be remembered as a skilled FPS player. If we succede, i will post the video in my fileshare, and, with luck, we will all get recon. if not, well, we'll reconvene in a month or so and beat vidmaster challenges in ODST. Thank you to all of you who consider accepting this near undefeatable challenge, but i have faith we can do it. first 4 people to answer are invited for an all nighter/all dayer tryin to get this achievement.

hope to hear back from all of you,


PS. GT is IvoryCharlie, so either post a comment or send me a message on XBL for any questions.


PSS. Deja Vu is also an achievement i'm craving, If you prefer Deja Vu, say, I'm in for deja vu. majority rules, ok?

Yo, i got bfbc2

i honestly think battlefield bad company 2 is the best shooter i've ever played, competing closely with halo 3. Yeah, i got back into halo 3 to improve my skill with headshots (team swat playlist FTW) and it truly worked. in every shooting game, i can now pull a 360 and headshot you, just for you to see a killcam of me pwning bad. only exception is proboably team fortress, i find the aiming hard to get used to.

Another topic of discussion, also relating to the xbox 360 is the HD remake of San Andreas. I haven't played that game in 6 years, im inlove again. Download it off of XBL bfr the 800 msp deal ends, i guarantee ull be satisfied.

one last thing -do ya think fable or max payne are worth downloading onto my new 60 gb harddrive? i have the msp (1600 exactly) i want to get them, but i don't now if i think they'll be worth it as much as san andreas. thanks for the suggestions if you answer.

Dude, wheres my game?

WTF AM I PREORDERING STUFF FROM AMAZON FOR! its in Miami right now (cod6 that is) and DRagn age only came today

excuse my Os, my keyboard is messed up.

anyways, im nt going to get left4dead2 simply bcs l4d was better. Why? i played l4d2 demo and the graphics SUCKED. the only improvement is the deagle and more variety.

my gamertag is IvoryCharlie on xbox live, i want to play sum of u so add me so i can destroy you in cod

where are preorder codes located

ok, lets make this short and simple; i preordered odst from it came in the mail, with no code on the box or anything! where is the code, or, should i preorder my games from gamespot instead of amazon because they false advertise...

my top mosty anticipated games of 2009-2010

while, there were a LOT of games which i was highly anticipating and i got ripped off instead. *coughs*madden10*coughs* but, here is my predictions of the games that will be good... or shallow in the future.

1.Assasin's Creed 2- i really have mixed reactions about this game. sometimes developers start out with an awesome game, but then in its sequel, they put so much stuff into it it seems like work to play it. but, my forecast is that:

80% chance of it being awesome

20% chance it will be lame

2.GTAIV:TBOGT- well, i am a big gta fan. thats not to say that i didnt like a few of the gtas. if you ask me, TLAD was okay, and it recieved too much bad critisism, but it seemed like a little bit like it just wasnt done.... which is what brings me to TBOGT. TBOGT will most likely not have airhockey or armwrestling, or bike races, but i'm almost possitive it will have dancing minigame and helicopter races. basicly, its a different perspective on the gta story, with a new antiagonist and all. it will definantly be worth the 20-15-10 dollar prices (i say 15 and 10 bcs sometimes there is a sale, thats how i got tlad) but what i am hiding under my sheets about is another male nude scene... and seeing as the commercial shows a guy saying "wheres my pants"... well... lets just hope for the best, and not another godfather 2 like obscene game. heres my forecast:

40% chance of it being too gross for me to buy

30% chance of it being good

30% chance of it being just another addon with nothing dynamic about it

3.COD6-well, lets just get this straightened up. i thought cod4s single player sucked, but its multiplayer was to die for. and don't hate, you know it's true. even if your the most skilled player, you will not be able to finish off the one shot one kill mission as its rediculous on veteran and thats the only thing which stopped me from getting mile high club. they attempted ragdoll, but i would love it if it was like riddick where you could blast and humiliate the bodies of dead people all you want without you just shooting dirt... cod6 promises all i wanted from the origional (cept ragdoll... dam them....) including custom kill streaks and 2 upgrades on one weapon. on the first one it would just piss me off that i couldnt eqwuip my favored heavy machinegun withdesert camo, with my favored grip and something which they didnt add to tha game, extended clip sizes! they could even add an army of 2 style, pimp your gun sorta thing,who needs camo!

90% chance of it being expertly crafted awesome uber game of the year meterial

10% chance of it being bad and controlls are sloppy

4.mass effect 2- OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! thats all i gotta say. even though i havent really thought about buying it yet, i know its going to be an awesome game. improved graphics, improved combat (or what they SAY is improved combat, but looks cheap and bargain bin) and new squadmates... even though i will miss having wrex and garrus in my squad...all look awesome in the vids ima say this is a must buy for everyone that appreciates a good story.

%1 chance of it being shallow

99% chance of it being better than any game would hope to be

5.bioshock 2- the origionalwould have been the best game ever if it didnt have that loony aiming system and choppy voice acting, but the feel of the game is just awesome and i loved the plot twists. bioshock 2 looks as if it hasnt fixed anything from its origional copy... but playing as a big daddy will be kick ass!

50% on both sides of the coin, awesome or terribble

My game awards!

yep, well, yesterday i posted my music awards... which only got 1 comment... so, without further adue, here are my awards!


Good awards!


Best story- Mass Effect

Best Side story- GTA lost and damned

Best graphics- killzone 2

Best RPG-KoTOR 2

Most recreated game (wich sells atleast 100,000 copies each time its recreated)-pac man

best competetive multiplayer-Halo

Best level creator- TIE: Little Big Planet and Farcry 2

Best multi player- TIE: Halo 3, gears of war and gtaIV

my favorites!!!: saints row 2, gtaIV and farcry 2

bad awards coming tommorow... if i feel like it

My music awards for 2008 (overdue alot)

good awards


best rapper-Nas

Best rockstar-ACDC

best album- Untitled, Nas

most improved-Rock City (they got signed by konvict)

Best dancehall artist-TIE: Movado or dr.evil? leave a comment to say who you think won.

Best ridiculous song- stay far from we, Dr.Evil

best beat-Paper planes, MIA (even though song sucks, remixes are good)

Most remembered rapper from the 90s-TIE: 2pac, Eazy-E, Biggie; post in coment who you think should win.


bad awards :twisted:


Worst letdown for an album- Tha Carter 3, Lil wayne

quickest top star rise and drop- lil wayne

most hated used to be liked singer-Chris Brown

most retirements for a world famous singer-Jay-Z

Most gay hatred expressed in a song- Dr.Evil, JA NO LIKE GAY NO


there you have it, those are my music awards for 2008, in december i will make awards for decade (music, games, politics, movies, etc.)


March madness

Well, the way i tagged this blog post says it all... Basketball season is back! We won our first game 28-24, they almost caught up to us... we had to go into overtime it was so close... My team had so many ball hogs and kids who do not play their positions... I didn't score a single point because i had no picks, no open passes, and no space to drive. I bet if i team up with someone, i wont be getting tripped and i'll actually have someone to pass to.

In other news, I watched the finale of T.I.'s road to redemption, pretty sad how much a 15 year old boy lives his life as a rapper, gets arrested 32 times, THEN realises what he's doing is bad... peace T.I, cya in 30 years.

ANOTHER unreleated thing is that an old time enemy, gelani, was on the other team, i definantly shut down that rivalry, bloked every 3 point he had.