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New entry :) (some new stuff probably)

I haven't been on GS for a while, just thought i'd make a new entry out of boredom, well, umm, i recently got a wii, after 41 hours i am at the final dungeon in zelda, got stuck though, i'm gonna do the thing i do where i stop playing for a week and then usually i can figure it out. It works. Umm, i've got a few new games lately, ffIII for DS, awesome remake, i never got to play the original so it's cool to me, got death jr and ape escape for psp, really awesome games, u know, good stuff. WEll i guess that's it...

I finally tasted my hair!!!!

Yeah so today i took my hair and i can fully fit in my mouth. I've been working to this goal for a while now for people who haven't read my previous entries. Anyways, about 7-8 months of growing and guess what i finally discovered my hair taste like....NOTHING!!!! What a waste of time, but hey, it was fun...ish. Yeah, i'm done.

Some stuff to say (interesting isn't it)

So like, i noticed my top 500 reveiw emblem is gone, hey that was mean, anyways, yeah, i haven't been on GS for a while so i thought i'd check in on stuff. I've been kind of busy, mostly friend related subjects, yeah, like, stuff, so yeah, i'm bored. So like, i decided to grow my hair out to see what it taste like, i'm pretty far, i can touch the tip of it with my tounge, another month or so and i should have a pretty good taste range, yeah it's weird i know but hey today some really hot girl complemented my hair so i was like, oh yeah, i get to see what my hair taste like, and i get complemented by hotties. Yeah i'm happyish.

Top 500

That's right, i am officially in the top 500 Oh yeah, me reviews is awesome. Anyways, i was sick from school a few days lately, and my friend called me and said we had all this really hard stuff. My other friend called and i said i wasn't looking forward to tomorrow, he said why, i said, cause Daniel said all the crap was had was hard, my other friend said, it wasn't hard, Daniel is just not very smart. So now i'm kinda happy knowing i didn't miss to much. Anyways, there was also this one girl who thought i liked her. We were really good friends for a while, always high fiving and such. I was always really nice to her, but i guess she didn't know i was like that to a lot of my friends because she came up to me the other day and said. I like someone else so i'm sorry but it can't work out right now. I'm like, uhhh, okay, whatever, acting like i did like her just so she wouldn't like stupid, although, it must have made me look pretty stupid, but oh well. Something really annoying happened on my cell phone today, normally there is this letter that comes on if you have a message. It was on, and flashing, i checked my text message inbox, and my voice messages, none, it was so annoying and didn't go away until finally i got a text message from one of my friends, after i read it it disappeared, weird stuff man, weird stuff. Anyways, i guess that's the end of this, gee, it turned out kind of long, oh well, LUNAR OUT!

Whew, finally back...

My computer was out of comission for about a month so couldn't go on GS. Gee, that was hard. When i came back it was weird, i had 30 PM's, several of them saying that people are tracking my contributions, i also noticed that they brought back the friends emblems, i have a popular one. I also am in the top 1000 reviewers, pretty cool, i also changed my avatar, it's still Kingdom Hearts II Sora, just a different pic of him. I seemed to  have missed a lot lately. So  many new game releases, new info on a bunch of stuff, and there's a DS lite? It looks pretty cool. The weird thing is when i first got a DS, my mom would always call it DSL to kinda make fun of it saying it sounds like the internet company DSL, now the DS lite, is abreviated DSL, weird stuff, anyways i'm back so hi.

3 games for DS, no cash :(

Nintendogs, lost in blue, and lunar DS, i'll probably somehow save up for nintendogs and since they're released later i'll get LiB and Lunar for christmas maybe.

I got Final Fantasy X-2

I haven't beaten the first one yet so i haven't played it yet, my bro was just going to the store to buy games so i came along and got it to save the trip for when i beat the first, besides, i'm close to beating the first, just a few more bosses.