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Up All Night

My sleep pattern has become WAY off track. I find myself staying up until 4 in the morning and getting up with just enough time to get to class at 2 in the afternoon. It's starting to wear on me...making me look older. I always wanted to look older, but not feel like it. Starting to become a 21 year old with the stamina of a 36 year old facing a midlife crisis, lol. Can't have that AT ALL. :P But it is the weekend soooooo, maybe one more night will not be so bad. ;)


It's been a loooong day, and I really didn't even do much besides class. I did play a little 3DS and went on a Swapnote binge. But eh, that's life. I do need to call up the band and make sure we are all ready for this performance on Thursday. We are finally moving up in this city. Not too much longer before we are famous... Well, at least in our own minds. :P

Hop In, Hop Out.

Yep. First time here in A WHILE! Just wanted to stop by and see what I'm missing...and apparently it isn't much. :P Well here's some good news. I will be 20 on April 1st! Yesss!! And this isn't an April Fool's joke, ^_^. And lastly, if you really want to get in touch with me, follow me on and ask me a few questions on Happy gaming, everyone!


It's interesting on how I can stay away from Gamespot for more than a year and a half. Oh well, I wanted to come through to see if I recognize some old faces on the boards and check out the new people :) I might be on here and there from time to time...but as I am busy with college, that'll be few and far between lol. And if you need my friend code(s), please do not hesitate to ask because boring nights can be made better with pwnage on Mario Kart and Brawl. ;)

Keeping the hope (and gaming) alive!!!!


Man it's been AGES since I've been on here!! I truly miss everyone here in the GameSpot Community and I should visit more often....

Life has just been busy and it's has taken up A LOT of my time...(Now that I drive and have a GIRLFRIEND!!) :DSo my time on the boards has been at a standstill. But I will be more regular than I have been and I'll check in more often..

I'M BAAAAAACK!!!! lol :P

Woohoo!! I'm BACK!!

Yeah I'm finally back. Projects were due left and right and I had no time for this site at all. Also I was practicing for the Battle of the Bands (which is tomorrow!!) and we are defending champions so that means A LOT of practice. I see that GS got a pretty nifty facelift. I like, I like. So with all that said, let's get to posting....

Go Ninty, Go Ninty, GO!! (Controller Unveiling)

So much hype was put behind this controller and Nintendo practically swore this was truly gonna be a revolution. And then it happened. They finally unlocked the secret we've all been waiting for. A remote. Yeah, a remote. But don't put it down though. It's possibly the coolest, sleekest, and sexiest controlling device I've ever seen. It kinda reminds me of the Ipod and all those different colors.....just wow. So what do you guys think???

 for {product/platform} screenshot 2

 for {product/platform} screenshot 4

Oh yes...teh sexy! :D

Still Hype and Still Part of The BAND!!!

Last night Hillside won again!. We played East Alamance and beat 'em 40 to 32. Well I didn't march that day because I was sick the last days we had practice. But since I was over my sickness today, I went to the game to watch it and hang out with the band. Man I might as well have been marching because I stood with them in the stands, participated in the chants, and did the moves, too. I had so much fun. And since I wasn't dressed for the occasion, I was treated like VIP almost. Everyone was talking to me and stuff (Just like they always do but more than usual) and asking how I was doing. Some knew what I had already and told some others and they avoided me like a leper. Someone even thought I had SARS! Now what the hell or who the hell would they get that from?!? People and their rumors.... But anyway, they got over that and stopped with the playing and we all had a good night.


The sickness has come!

Man I am so sick. It started about two days ago when it seems to just be my allergies acting up. I told my parents that I was coming down with something, but they said it was nothing and kept sending me to that dirty school with nasty kids. Then my condition worsened this morning. In first period, it started to really act up. I called my dad and told him to take me to the doctor. The doctor came in and checked to see what I had. I knew I was sick but an ear infection, red throat, and the common cold at the same time was a little too much to deal with. So now I have to stay home for two or more days (not that I'm complaining) and do nothing but I am contagious. But there is one problem. I probably can't march in the game Friday because I have to attend early morning practice that week and I may not be fully recovered by that time. Also, I would have to learn the new breakdown and music, and since I don't have band this semester, I don't know all of it. That really sucks because I'm at the front of the formation. Not much I can do about that though.

Later days.

The Philly trip has been.....

Cancelled! Yes the trip to Philly for the HBCU Invitational was cancelled. I found out about it from my friend last night and they made an announcement this morning in early morning practice. I don't know how many people were pissed off at the news and what made them even madder was the reason of why it was cancelled. Some idiot in the sports department at Cheney University was embezzling funds from the account that was used to pay for us to go up to Pennsylvania. When the Chancellor of the university found out, he froze the account and now they don't have enough money to bring us up there and accomodate us. This just prove that there's always a dumbass trying to ruin someone else's fun. Ok. Now that I got that off of my chest, I feel a lot better. In better news.....


I've been waiting for a long time to go back. Even though I loved my summer break, it was just too long. I did all the fun stuff, but now I'm bored. I can't wait to see how many people changed over the summer! That's always the fun part. :P