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I need to pick up the DLC

I wouldn't. They changed the game mechanics way too much, making dragging borderline useless and encouraging feints way too much (fuckin feinters!!).

I am a god at the game btw. No one fucks with me when I gots my bardiche, and I love playing as the archer: everyone always assume that I am poor, lowly archer that doesn't have a clue what to do when in melee....I shoot em once, then stab the living shit out of them while parrying all their pathetic attacks!! HAHAHAHA!!!

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lol, he couldn't have just said people like free shit? What an asshat.

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So what? The experience will be solid to the end user no doubt.

Not really. Frequent drops between 60fps down to the 30s-40s is VERY jarring and noticeable. I hate to say it, but with that kind of framerate, they should have just locked it at 30fps.

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@Cranler said:

Sorry but this is hardly conclusive.

Sims is one of the biggest pc game franchises.

So is Farmville, yet you're not gonna hear any of us crying because it gets a low review score. I don't think you understand how the game is played. People have to actually be hyped for the game in order for it to flop. People were insanely hyped for Destiny. Like I said, if Star Citizen flops, then you can get on the forums and laugh all you want at us PC guys, but the Sims 4? Nobody here gives a shit about the game and its floppage--hell, many of us are probably ecstatic that it flopped! Maybe it'll actually convince EA to not fuck up the next game.

As for the used game thing. Hardly conclusive? What's there to conclude? You said used games aren't worse than piracy. I provided a very clear example of how they are (companies having to pay for server maintenance on online games for people who didn't give them any money). A non-multiplayer used game isn't any worse than piracy though. Piracy and used games: either way, the developer ends up with no money from the sale.

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So continually buying new games is as bad as downloading free games?

Your indies comment makes no sense. Indies are typically digital only. Can't trade digital games.

Trading/reselling a game=lost sale for developers=as harmful for the developer as downloading it for free.

No difference, it´s just a lost sale.

Meanwhile most of the indies do pass over consoles for many reasons, or they never release their games in physical format.

With used games at least one sale goes to dev, with piracy the dev gets nothing. Trade in gives trader credit to buy new games.

Indies are getting more and more common on consoles. PS 4 has over 100 games now and many are indies.

You keep grasping at them straws will get one eventually :)

Grasping? Saying that used games are as bad as piracy is the epitome of grasping.

Siding with malcovichs nonsensical post shows what a fanboy you are.

Except it's actually worse. Not only do the developers/publishers get absolutely no money from the sale of a used game, but they also have to pay to maintain the servers that people with used copies play on (assuming the game has some multiplayer component); it's the reason EA and other companies started including a pass that only allowed people who bought the game new to play online.

And who gives a shit about the Sims 4!? Now if Wasteland 2, Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, or Pillars of Eternity flops...then you'll have a case, but the Sims 4? lulz

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Meanwhile, your dear Kojima managed to sell you a 4-hour piece of DLC for thirty bucks. This is how your beloved companies appreciate your loyalty.

Wasn't it actually far less? Like 45mins to an hour? I thought the people getting four hours only got it as a result of replaying the same mission over and over.

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@The_Stand_In said:

i5-4200H CPU, mSATA SSD of your choice (up to 1tb), SATA 3 regular HDD bay, Bluetooth 4.0, 16GB RAM, and most importantly a GeForce GTX 760. All in a 59.6 x 128 x 115.4 mm package. i7 version coming soon supposedly, despite current overheating issues after long periods of heavy usage.

So there you have it folks, a PC > or at least = PS4, in a much smaller form factor, though it will cost you.

You can actually even mount that on the back of a TV with the included VESA bracket

Yeah, but the thing overheats like crazy. The GPU is wasted due to thermal throttling. It'll be a great little computer in a few generations, but atm, it's just too ahead of its time.

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I am gonna put my money on Shadow of Mordor. Copycat games tend to have problems, and that game is the most blatant ripoff of AssCreed (which is itself a terrible franchise) I've ever seen.

btw: Wasteland 2!? Really!? How is Wasteland 2 overhyped? In order for a game to be overhyped, I think we should at least set the groundrule that it has to have tv advertisements to qualify. Just because YOU know about the game, doesn't mean it's been hyped to death.

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I actually happen to have that case (Cooler Master HAF 912). It's an amazing case and it's very value oriented (only $50-60). There are plenty of smaller mITX cases like the Silverstone Raven (link) if you want something smaller. See, that's the great thing about the PC: freedom. It's something you console fanboys just don't seem to appreciate. I love the case though! I have a 200mm fan in the front, another 200mm on the top, with a 140mm on the side, and a 120mm as well. Keeps everything amazingly cool.

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I agree, Rome II was a pathetic mess. I hope the next Total War is a modern warfare game, it would be interesting what they'd do with that.

Total War and Modern Warfare aren't compatibile with eachother

They are, but Creative Assembly might not be.

The total war series relies upon formations of large groups of soldiers. This works well with ancient, medieval, and pre-WW1 firearms-based military conventions, but would hardly work as well with modern, squad based tactics. It's better to simply leave that to Relic. They should do an Asia Pacific total war that incorporates China, Japan, Korea, and the Pacific Islands.