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Gamers are like ISIS. You insult them, and they'll hunt you down and saw off your head. Remember that video where someone sliced an EA employee's throat, then slowly cut off his head with a rusty butcher's knife? Well I do! It's high time we put an end to the insanity! Gamers: quit abducting journalists or developers and sawing their heads off!!! END THE MISOGYNY!!!!


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YEAH!! Take that Divinity!! That sure showed them up!!....wait, wut?

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Huh, no wonder it seemed like Metro 2033 looked better in some parts than the redone version (before this patch) in that one comparison video gamespot put up (or was it gamespot?). Sucks that the console versions don't have tessellation--Metro has always done an amazing job with tessellation. I am surprised they didn't just bring it down to 30fps to put those features in though.

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All I know is, that one fucking XB1 ad they constantly are showing on tv isn't helping. It was by far the most dude-bro videogame ad I've ever seen. This one btw:

So fucking corny and childish.

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The first one might post-console release, but the sequels are guaranteed to be on PC. Why is this even an issue? The contract Bungie signed with Activision was already leaked and provided this information. The only reason they didn't go with an initial PC launch was due to the first game of the series needing to be released on both current and next gen consoles. The Destiny sequels will all be next gen and PC only.

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I really don't understand why people bother responding to these idiots in the first place. Just ignore them for fucks sake. Like remember that Borderlands 2 writer that was having a breakdown or something because some douchey SJW on twitter criticized his Tiny Tina character? I don't understand why people validate these idiots' opinions with a response. That just fuels them to be asses even more when they think they're having an impact.

edit: No surprise this is coming from the JRPG community though. I don't trust any fucker who dyes their hair blue or purple, and that community is filled with those kind of nuts.

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Seriously guys you gotta try harder than that.PS2 graphics in 2014 are unacceptable...... Same goes for all that 8-16 bit indie garbage.

There's a reason nvidia and AMD spend billions on RnD yearly. What a joke.......I refuse to waste my time on this crap when Dragon Age Inquisition,Witcher 3 and Bloodborn are just around the corner

Indie developers don't have the budgets to create games with the latest "HD" graphics.

Personally I could give a shit less if this game isn't super amazing looking (my issue is with the game's horrendous camera), but this statement simply isn't true. With modern engines, it's very much possible to have amazing looking games with even small development studios. The Forest for instance is one of the best looking Unity games and it's only made by four people.

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Weird looks like PC's version of Heavy Rain in all but graphics and setting, a game hermits bashed the hell out of for being a movie game with no gameplay but now this looks great to them lmao.

Anyway yes this does look fantastic and I love the way they have put this together, if this was PC exclusive I would actually be kind of jelly...but I will enjoy this on my PS4.

It's just funny to see when hermits finally gets a game that is like what consoles got years ago and bashed to hell for, is now interesting and amazing to them.

Who knew, all this time hermits secretly loved Quantic Dream games.

I fail to see the comparison. It seems like you saw floating text and assumed the games were inherently the same as a result of that, which doesn't seem to be the case whatsoever.

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Looks pretty, and it seems to have pretty decent gameplay elements like the detective work, which is more than I was expecting. Definitely didn't assume this was gonna be in first person. Looks surprisingly good.

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Dafuq is going on with the camera? Looks horrible. I can't tell what the hell is even happening half the time.