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I had fun with it, but I can see the multiplayer being a bit uneven. There will undoubtedly be someone in a game that's a much higher level that has found better gear and weapons and will have a significant advantage. Couple that with the fact that you can't pick up any dropped weapons, and I could see people complaining about that.

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Tebow could make himself into a decent TE if he wanted too, he's just too stubborn.
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He gets good separation on whoever is covering him. People (not you) need to give the guy some freaking credit.Chutebox
He runs some great routes, and also has some speed which helps. I thought he looked fantastic yesterday, save for that muffed punt.
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Since this hasn't generated much buzz, I'll unstick this. If we need another thread when the season starts we can put one up!
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You already have 1 topic, you don't need another.
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Football season is around the corner which means that hockey isn't far behind! Pumped for the season, just got my new Winter Classic jersey to wear this season!
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The system is broken when we have to individually report every spam thread instead of the mods checking our outcast board once a day to take care of it themselves.monkeytoes61
I do when I'm around...which isn't all the time, that's what I'm trying to say.
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Seems that the mainstream rock has died down a little. Still plenty of alternative rock and other types around.
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Not sure why this really matters. Everyone involved in that is either dead or about to be dead in like a month anywayJML897
Probably why they declassified it now...
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You should've been here when we had tons of spam last week. Wow...The-Apostle
We can't be here all the time. I try to stop by here and there to help out, but if you see something, report it. That's why we have the reporting system ;)